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Yoga in Chinese / Japanese...

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China yú jiā
Japan yu ga
Yoga Vertical Wall Scroll

瑜伽 is probably the most common and universal title for Yoga.

In Chinese and Japanese, this is considered a Buddhist practice. 瑜伽 is really a loanword from an original Buddhist Sanskrit word.

Yoga can also be written 瑜誐 or 遊迦. The literal meaning is yoke, yoking, union, especially an ecstatic union of the individual soul with a divine being, or spirit, also of the individual soul with the universal soul.

Note: Yoga is sometimes written incorrectly as 瑜珈 in Chinese. Watch out for that.


Meditation Chant
Om Vertical Wall Scroll

噢姆 is how to write the phonetic way to say "om" in Chinese.

噢姆 is "om" as in the meditation sound used in yoga, Buddhism, and other meditation styles.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin sān mèi / san1 mei4
Taiwan san mei
Japanese sanmai;zanmai / さんまい;ざんまい
Om Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Samadhi (Buddhist term)
Japanese (1) (さんまい only) {Buddh} samadhi (state of intense concentration achieved through meditation) (san:); (suffix noun) (2) (usu. ざんまい) being immersed in; being absorbed in; indulging in; doing to one's heart's content; (3) (usu. ざんまい) prone to; apt to; (given name) Sanmai


see styles
Mandarin yú jiā / yu2 jia1
Taiwan yü chia
Japanese yuga / ゆが
Om Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese yoga (loanword)
Japanese {Buddh} (See ヨーガ) yoga; (surname) Yuka

see styles
Mandarin zhòu / zhou4
Taiwan chou
Japanese ju / じゅ
Chinese incantation; magic spell; curse; malediction; to revile; to put a curse on sb
Japanese (1) spell; curse; (2) (Buddhist term) dharani; mantra
dhāraṇī 陀羅尼; mantra; an incantation, spell, oath, curse; also a vow with penalties for failure. Mystical, or magical, formulae employed in Yoga. In Lamaism they consist of sets of Tibetan words connected with Sanskrit syllables. In a wider sense dhāraṇī is a treatise with mystical meaning, or explaining it; a mystical invocation

see styles
Mandarin guān // guàn / guan1 // guan4
Taiwan kuan
Japanese kan
Chinese Taoist monastery; palace gate watchtower; platform; to look at; to watch; to observe; to behold; to advise; concept; point of view; outlook; surname Guan


see styles
Japanese yoga / ヨガ Japanese yoga (san:)



see styles
Mandarin bā lùn / ba1 lun4
Taiwan pa lun
Japanese hachiron
The eight śāstras ; there are three lists of eight; one non-Buddhist; one by 無着 Asaṅga, founder of the Yoga School; a third by 陳那 Jina Dinnāga. Details are given in the 寄歸傳 4 and 解纜鈔 4; eight treatises



see styles
Mandarin shí wèn / shi2 wen4
Taiwan shih wen
Japanese jūmon


see styles
Mandarin jí shēn / ji2 shen1
Taiwan chi shen
Japanese sokushin


see styles
Mandarin sì míng / si4 ming2
Taiwan ssu ming
Japanese shimei / shime / しめい    shimyou / shimyo / しみょう
Japanese (given name) Shimei; (personal name) Shimyou
Four Shingon emblems, aids to Yoga-possession by a Buddha or bodhisattva; they are 鉤, 索, 鏁, 鈴, a hook, a cord, a lock, and a bell; the hook for summoning, the cord for leading, the lock for firmly holding, and the bell for the resultant joy. Also, the four Veda śāstras; four emblems


see styles
Mandarin dà jiào / da4 jiao4
Taiwan ta chiao
Japanese daikyō


see styles
Mandarin mì jiào / mi4 jiao4
Taiwan mi chiao
Japanese mikkyou / mikkyo / みっきょう
Chinese esoteric Buddhism
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) {Buddh} (ant: 顕教) Mikkyō; esoteric Buddhism; secret Buddhist teachings



see styles
Mandarin zūn shèng / zun1 sheng4
Taiwan tsun sheng
Japanese son shō
Honoured and victorious, the honoured victorious one, one of the five 佛頂, also known as 除障佛頂, one of the divinities of the Yoga school; honored victor


see styles
Japanese youga / yoga / ようが Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (wheat) germ



see styles
Mandarin biāo zhì / biao1 zhi4
Taiwan piao chih
Japanese hyōji
Chinese banner; standard; variant of 標誌|标志[biao1 zhi4]
Signals, symbols, especially those used by the Yoga sect; a mark


see styles
Japanese youga / yoga / ようが Japanese (1) (See 日本画) Western painting; (2) (See 邦画・1) Western film; Western movie


see styles
Mandarin yú jiā / yu2 jia1
Taiwan yü chia
Chinese variant of 瑜伽[yu2 jia1]; yoga


see styles
Mandarin yú jiā / yu2 jia1
Taiwan yü chia
Chinese yoga (loanword)


see styles
Japanese youga / yoga / ようが Japanese (place-name) Youga



see styles
Mandarin xiāng yìng / xiang1 ying4
Taiwan hsiang ying
Japanese sō-ō
Chinese to correspond; answering (one another); to agree (among the part); corresponding; relevant; appropriate; (modify) accordingly
Response, correspond, tally, agreement, yukta, or yoga, interpreted by 契合 union of the tallies, one agreeing or uniting with the other; association



see styles
Mandarin jié jiā / jie2 jia1
Taiwan chieh chia
Japanese kekka / けっか
Japanese (abbreviation) (See 結跏趺坐・けっかふざ) lotus position (meditation and yoga posture); padmasana; sitting with legs crossed and feet placed on opposing thighs
lotus position


see styles
Japanese youga;hame / yoga;hame / ようが;はめ Japanese leaf bud


see styles
Mandarin yù jiā / yu4 jia1
Taiwan yü chia
Japanese ikuka
yoga, cf. 瑜伽; Ugra


see styles
Japanese youga / yoga / ようが Japanese positive (photographic) image


see styles
Mandarin xiǎn mì / xian3 mi4
Taiwan hsien mi


see styles
Japanese youga / yoga / ようが Japanese (expression) (volitional form of verb + が) (See が・4) regardless of; whether (or not)


see styles
Japanese yooga / ヨーガ Japanese yoga (san:)


see styles
Mandarin shàng quǎn shì / shang4 quan3 shi4
Taiwan shang ch`üan shih / shang chüan shih
Chinese upward-facing dog (yoga pose)


see styles
Mandarin xià quǎn shì / xia4 quan3 shi4
Taiwan hsia ch`üan shih / hsia chüan shih
Chinese downward-facing dog (yoga pose)


see styles
Mandarin yǎng wò shì / yang3 wo4 shi4
Taiwan yang wo shih
Chinese corpse pose (yoga)


see styles
Mandarin liù shí xīn / liu4 shi2 xin1
Taiwan liu shih hsin
Japanese rokujū shin
The sixty different mental positions that may occur to the practitioner of Yoga, see 大日經, 住心品; examples of them are desire, non-desire, ire, kindness, foolishness, wisdom, decision, doubt, depression, brightness, contention, dispute, non-contention, the spirit of devas, of asuras, of nāgas, of humanity, woman (i. e. lust), mastery, commercial, and so on; sixty mental states

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Yoga瑜伽yu ga / yugayú jiā / yu2 jia1 / yu jia / yujiayü chia / yüchia
Om噢姆mū / o1 mu1 / o mu / omu

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