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Violin in Chinese / Japanese...

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China xiǎo tí qín
Violin Vertical Wall Scroll

小提琴 is the Chinese word for violin or fiddle.


Japan baiorin
Violin Vertical Wall Scroll

バイオリン is the Japanese Katakana (phonetic Japanese) word for Violin.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana , it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin xiǎo tí qín / xiao3 ti2 qin2
Taiwan hsiao t`i ch`in / hsiao ti chin
Violin Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese fiddle; violin


see styles
Japanese baiorin / バイオリン
Violin Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese violin

see styles
Mandarin gōng / gong1
Taiwan kung
Japanese yumi(p);yu / ゆみ(P);ゆ    kyuu / kyu / きゅう
Chinese surname Gong
Japanese (1) (ゆ is usu. a prefix) bow (and arrow); (2) archery; (3) bow (for a violin, etc.); (1) bow (and arrow); (2) unit of distance to an archery target (approx. six feet); (3) unit of distance for land surveying (approx. eight feet); (surname, female given name) Yumi; (personal name) Yuge; (personal name) Hiroshi; (personal name) Kyuu
Dhanus. A bow; a bow's length, i. e. the 4, 000th part of a yojana. Seven grains of wheat 麥 make 1 finger-joint 指節; 24 finger-joints make 1 elbow or cubit 肘; 4 cubits make 1 bow; or 1 foot 5 inches make 1 elbow or cubit: 4 cubits make 1 bow; 300 bows make 1 li; but the measures are variously given.

see styles
Mandarin xuàn / xuan4
Taiwan hsüan
Japanese gen / げん
Chinese stick-like implement inserted into the handles of a tripod cauldron in ancient times in order to lift the cauldron; commonly used in Korean names, transcribed as "hyun"
Japanese (1) bowstring; (2) string (of shamisen, guitar, violin, etc.); (3) bail (arched pot handle); (4) diagonal levelling wire across the top of a masu; (personal name) Gen

see styles
Mandarin/ ju1
Taiwan chü
Japanese koma / こま
Chinese colt
Japanese (1) piece (in shogi, chess, etc.); (2) (archaism) horse; foal; (3) bridge (of a violin, etc.); (surname) Komazaki; (surname) Komasaki; (given name) Komaki; (surname) Koma


see styles
Mandarin zhǐ bǎn / zhi3 ban3
Taiwan chih pan
Japanese shiban;yubiita / shiban;yubita / しばん;ゆびいた
Chinese fingerboard (of a guitar or violin etc)
Japanese (1) fingerboard; fretboard; (2) (ゆびいた only) finger plate


see styles
Mandarin tí qín / ti2 qin2
Taiwan t`i ch`in / ti chin
Japanese teikin / tekin / ていきん
Chinese instrument of the violin family (violin, viola, cello or double bass); CL:把[ba3]
Japanese (1) tiqin (2 or 4-stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow); (2) (See バイオリン) violin


see styles
Mandarin liǔ qín / liu3 qin2
Taiwan liu ch`in / liu chin
Chinese liuqin lute, smaller version of the pipa 琵琶, with holes in the soundbox, and range similar to that of a violin


see styles
Japanese igen / いげん Japanese (noun/participle) {music} string-crossing (violin, cello, etc.)


see styles
Mandarin sāi tuō / sai1 tuo1
Taiwan sai t`o / sai to
Chinese chin rest (e.g. for a violin)


see styles
Japanese konchuu / konchu / こんちゅう Japanese sound post (e.g. of a violin)


see styles
Japanese gatto / ガット Japanese gut (used to make tennis rackets, violin strings, etc.); catgut; (personal name) Gatt; Gatto


see styles
Japanese uchiwamushi;uchiwamushi / うちわむし;ウチワムシ Japanese (kana only) (See バイオリン虫・バイオリンむし) ghost walker (beetle) (Mormolyce phyllodes); violin beetle



see styles
Mandarin fàn yǎ líng / fan4 ya3 ling2
Taiwan fan ya ling
Chinese violin (loanword)


see styles
Mandarin fàn ē líng / fan4 e1 ling2
Taiwan fan o ling
Chinese violin (loanword)


see styles
Japanese bioron / ビオロン Japanese violin (fre: violon)


see styles
Japanese uchiwamushi / ウチワムシ Japanese (kana only) ghost walker (beetle) (Mormolyce phyllodes); violin beetle


see styles
Japanese saarangi / sarangi / サーランギ Japanese sarangi (violin-like instrument of Indian origin) (hin:)


see styles
Japanese rioron / ヴィオロン Japanese violin (fre: violon)


see styles
Japanese baiorinmushi;baiorinmushi / バイオリンむし;バイオリンムシ Japanese (kana only) (See 団扇虫・うちわむし) ghost walker (beetle) (Mormolyce phyllodes); violin beetle


see styles
Japanese aiorin / ヴァイオリン Japanese violin


see styles
Japanese sutoradibari / ストラディバリ Japanese violin made by Stradivari; Stradivarius violin; (surname) Stradivari


see styles
Japanese baiorinnokubi / バイオリンのくび Japanese neck of a violin


see styles
Japanese baiorinmushi / バイオリンムシ Japanese (kana only) ghost walker (beetle) (Mormolyce phyllodes); violin beetle


see styles
Japanese tsuru / つる Japanese (1) bowstring; (2) string (of shamisen, guitar, violin, etc.); (3) (esp. 鉉) bail (arched pot handle); (4) (also written as 梁) (See 枡・1) diagonal levelling wire across the top of a masu


see styles
Japanese tsugoineruwaizen / ツィゴイネルワイゼン Japanese (wk) Zigeunerweisen (violin work by Sarasate)


see styles
Japanese rioron;bioron / ヴィオロン;ビオロン Japanese (See バイオリン) violin (fre: violon)


see styles
Japanese baiorin(p);aiorin(p) / バイオリン(P);ヴァイオリン(P) Japanese violin

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Violin小提琴xiǎo tí qín
xiao3 ti2 qin2
xiao ti qin
hsiao t`i ch`in
hsiao ti chin

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