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China dōng guāng
Japan tou kou
Toko Vertical Wall Scroll

東光 is a Japanese surname that romanizes as Toko.

This can also be a Japanese given name that romanizes as Harumitsu.

In Chinese, this is how to write "Dongguang" county in Cangzhou, Hebei province.

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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Mandarin dōng guāng / dong1 guang1
Taiwan tung kuang
Japanese harumitsu / はるみつ    toukou / toko / とうこう
Toko Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Dongguang county in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州[Cang1 zhou1], Hebei
Japanese (given name) Harumitsu; (place-name, surname) Toukou

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Mandarin cháng / chang2
Taiwan ch`ang / chang
Japanese toko / とこ    tsune / つね
Chinese always; ever; often; frequently; common; general; constant; surname Chang
Japanese (prefix) constant; unchanging; eternal; (noun - becomes adjective with の) usual state of things; (female given name) Hisashi; (personal name) Toko; (female given name) Toki; (personal name) Tsunemine; (personal name) Tsuneji; (surname) Tsunesaki; (surname, given name) Tsune; (personal name) Chiyan; (personal name) Jouji; (surname, given name) Jou; (personal name) Sanpiru
nitya; śāśvata. Prolonged, constant, always, unceasing, permanent, perpetual, ever, eternal; normal, ordinary, regular.

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Mandarin chuáng / chuang2
Taiwan ch`uang / chuang
Japanese toko / とこ
Chinese bed; couch; classifier for beds; CL:張|张[zhang1]
Japanese (1) bed; bedding; (2) sickbed; (3) (abbreviation) (See 床の間) alcove; (4) riverbed; (5) seedbed; (6) straw "core" of a tatami mat; (7) (See 床・ゆか・1) floor; (personal name) Yuka; (surname) Toko; (personal name) Shousuke; (personal name) Katsuya; (personal name) Katsumasa; (personal name) Katsusuke; (personal name) Katsuoka; (personal name) Katsuie
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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Mandarin chán / chan2
Taiwan ch`an / chan
Japanese matome / まとめ    matoi / まとい    masayama / まさやま    touyama / toyama / とうやま    touko / toko / とうこ    atariyama / あたりやま
Chinese to wind around; to wrap round; to coil; tangle; to involve; to bother; to annoy
Japanese (given name) Matome; (female given name) Matoi; (personal name) Masayama; (personal name) Touyama; (personal name) Touko; (personal name) Atariyama
To bind with cords; bonds; another name for 煩惱 the passions and delusions, etc; actively binding (affliction)


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Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう Japanese (archaism) frozen harbor


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Mandarin dāo gōng / dao1 gong1
Taiwan tao kung
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう
Chinese knife work (food preparation)
Japanese swordsmith; swordmaker


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Japanese tokou / toko / とこう Japanese (1) coating; painting; (2) painter


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Mandarin tú gū / tu2 gu1
Taiwan t`u ku / tu ku
Japanese toko
Butcher and huckster; caṇḍāla is 'the generic name for a man of the lowest and most despised of the mixed tribes'. M. W; a butcher and a huckster



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Mandarin dǎo hú / dao3 hu2
Taiwan tao hu
Japanese touko / toko / とうこ
Chinese island arc (geology); forearc
Japanese (See 弧状列島) island arc; crescent-shaped archipelago


see styles
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう Japanese this school; the school in question


see styles
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう Japanese our bank


see styles
Japanese tokou / toko / とこう Japanese (noun/participle) walking; going on foot


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Mandarin tóu gǎo / tou2 gao3
Taiwan t`ou kao / tou kao
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう
Chinese to submit articles for publication; to contribute (writing)
Japanese (noun/participle) contribution; submission; posting (e.g. to a newsgroup or mailing list)


see styles
Mandarin tóu xiáng / tou2 xiang2
Taiwan t`ou hsiang / tou hsiang
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう
Chinese to surrender; surrender
Japanese (noun/participle) surrender



see styles
Mandarin dǎo xiāng / dao3 xiang1
Taiwan tao hsiang
Japanese tōkō
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition



see styles
Mandarin dǎo kuàng / dao3 kuang4
Taiwan tao k`uang / tao kuang
Japanese tōkō
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


see styles
Mandarin dǎo xiāng / dao3 xiang1
Taiwan tao hsiang
Japanese tōkō
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


see styles
Mandarin dù kǒu / du4 kou3
Taiwan tu k`ou / tu kou
Japanese tokou / toko / とこう
Chinese to remain silent
Japanese (given name) Tokou
To shut the mouth, render speechless; close-mouthed


see styles
Mandarin dù héng / du4 heng2
Taiwan tu heng
Japanese tokou / toko / とこう    kanaoi / かんあおい
Chinese Asarum forbesii (wild ginger plant)
Japanese (kana only) Asarum nipponicum (species of wild ginger)



see styles
Mandarin dōng jiāng / dong1 jiang1
Taiwan tung chiang
Japanese higashie / ひがしえ    harue / はるえ    tooe / とおえ    toukou / toko / とうこう    toue / toe / とうえ    azumae / あずまえ    agarie / あがりえ
Chinese Dongjiang River
Japanese (surname) Higashie; (female given name) Harue; (surname) Tooe; (given name) Toukou; (surname) Toue; (surname) Azumae; (place-name, surname) Agarie



see styles
Mandarin dōng hú / dong1 hu2
Taiwan tung hu
Japanese tooko / とおこ    touko / toko / とうこ
Chinese Donghu district of Nanchang city 南昌市, Jiangxi
Japanese (surname) Tooko; (surname, female given name) Touko



see styles
Mandarin dōng xīng / dong1 xing1
Taiwan tung hsing
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう
Chinese Dongxing district of Neijiang city 內江市|内江市[Nei4 jiang1 shi4], Sichuan; Dongxing county level city in Fangchenggang 防城港[Fang2 cheng2 gang3], Guangxi
Japanese (place-name) Toukou


see styles
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) sailing east; eastbound


see styles
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう Japanese (noun/participle) eastbound; (given name) Toukou


see styles
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう Japanese eastern suburbs; (g,p) Toukou


see styles
Mandarin táo zi / tao2 zi5
Taiwan t`ao tzu / tao tzu
Japanese moyuko / もゆこ    momokko / ももっこ    momoko / ももこ    momo / もも    touko / toko / とうこ    asuka / あすか
Chinese peach
Japanese (female given name) Moyuko; (female given name) Momokko; (surname, female given name) Momoko; (female given name) Momo; (female given name) Touko; (female given name) Asuka


see styles
Mandarin táo jiāng / tao2 jiang1
Taiwan t`ao chiang / tao chiang
Japanese momoe / ももえ    toukou / toko / とうこう
Chinese Taojiang county in Yiyang 益陽|益阳[Yi4 yang2], Hunan
Japanese (surname, female given name) Momoe; (given name) Toukou



see styles
Mandarin táo hóng / tao2 hong2
Taiwan t`ao hung / tao hung
Japanese toukou / toko / とうこう    touko / toko / とうこ
Chinese pink
Japanese (female given name) Touko


see styles
Mandarin chéng zi / cheng2 zi5
Taiwan ch`eng tzu / cheng tzu
Japanese toushi / toshi / とうし    touko / toko / とうこ
Chinese orange
Japanese (given name) Toushi; (female given name) Touko


see styles
Japanese tokou / toko / とこう Japanese (noun/participle) voyage; passage; travelling

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Toko東光tou kou / toukou / to ko / tokodōng guāng
dong1 guang1
dong guang
tung kuang

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