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Suzuki in Chinese / Japanese...

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China líng mù
Japan suzu ki
Suzuki Vertical Wall Scroll

鈴木 is the Japanese surname, Suzuki.

鈴木 is the family name of the founder of Suzuki Loom Company, which later became Suzuki Motor Corporation.

This name can also be romanized as Sudzuki; Suzushi; Suzuko; Susuheki; Susugi; Susuki.

Chinese pronunciation is shown above but this is recognized as a Japanese surname when read in Chinese.


Japan su zu ki
Suzuki Vertical Wall Scroll

スズキ is the Japanese Katakana name for Suzuki (Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturer).

This name can also refer to a fish (specifically a sea bass or perch).

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana , it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin xuě / xue3
Taiwan hsüeh
Japanese yuki / ゆき
Suzuki Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese snow; snowfall; CL:場|场[chang2]; to have the appearance of snow; to wipe away, off or out; to clean; surname Xue
Japanese snow; (female given name) Yuki; (female given name) Mashiro; (personal name) Setsuyuki; (personal name) Setsuji; (female given name) Setsu; (surname) Suzuki; (female given name) Susugu; (surname, female given name) Susugi; (given name) Kiyomu; (female given name) Kiyomi; (male given name) Kiyoshi



see styles
Mandarin líng mù / ling2 mu4
Taiwan ling mu
Japanese suzushi / すづき    suzuko / すずし    suzuki / すずこ    susuheki / すずき    susugi / すすへき    susuki / すすぎ
Suzuki Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Suzuki (Japanese surname)
Japanese (surname) Sudzuki; (surname) Suzushi; (surname) Suzuko; (p,s,f) Suzuki; (surname) Susuheki; (surname) Susugi; (surname) Susuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / スズキ
Suzuki Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (kana only) Japanese sea perch (Lateolabrax japonicus, esp. referring to an adult); Japanese sea bass; (c) Suzuki (Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturer)

see styles
Mandarin bò // báo // bó / bo4 // bao2 // bo2
Taiwan po // pao
Japanese usu / うす
Chinese see 薄荷[bo4 he5]; meager; slight; weak; ungenerous or unkind; frivolous; to despise; to belittle; to look down on; to approach or near; thin; cold in manner; indifferent; weak; light; infertile; surname Bo
Japanese (prefix) light (e.g. colour, color); (surname) Haku; (surname) Takausu; (surname) Suzuki; (surname) Susuki; (surname) Usu
Thin, poor, shabby: to slight, despise; to reach to; the herb mint.

see styles
Mandarin chú / chu2
Taiwan ch`u / chu
Japanese suzuki / すずき    sukizaki / すきざき    suki / すき    kuwa / くわ
Chinese a hoe; to hoe or dig; to weed; to get rid of
Japanese (1) spade; (2) plough; plow; (surname) Suzuki; (surname) Sukizaki; (place-name) Suki; (surname) Kuwa

see styles
Mandarin/ xi1
Taiwan hsi
Japanese suzu(p);suzu / すず(P);スズ
Chinese tin (chemistry); to bestow; to confer; to grant; Taiwan pr. [xi2]
Japanese (kana only) tin (Sn); (given name) Tamau; (surname) Seki; (surname) Suzuki; (given name) Shaku
Pewter, tin; to bestow; a monk's staff.

see styles
Mandarin/ lu2
Taiwan lu
Japanese suzuki;suzuki / すずき;スズキ
Chinese common perch; bass
Japanese (kana only) (See 鮬・せいご,フッコ) Japanese sea perch (Lateolabrax japonicus, esp. referring to an adult); Japanese sea bass; (surname) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (given name) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき    shuuki / shuki / しゅうき Japanese (surname) Suzuki; (place-name, surname) Shuuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (personal name) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (personal name) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき    sugi / すぎ    suki / すき Japanese (surname) Suzuki; (surname) Sugi; (surname) Suki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (personal name) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (surname) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese harunobu / はるのぶ Japanese (given name) Harunobu; (person) Suzuki Harunobu (approx. 1725-1770)



see styles
Mandarin běn jué / ben3 jue2
Taiwan pen chüeh
Japanese hongaku
Original bodhi, i. e. 'enlightenment', awareness, knowledge, or wisdom, as contrasted with 始覺 initial knowledge, that is 'enlightenment a priori is contrasted with enlightenment a posteriori'. Suzuki, Awakening of Faith, P. 62. The reference is to universal mind 衆生之心體, which is conceived as pure and intelligent, with 始覺 as active intelligence. It is considered as the Buddha-dharmakāya, or as it might perhaps be termed, the fundamental mind. Nevertheless in action from the first it was influenced by its antithesis 無明 ignorance, the opposite of awareness, or true knowledge. See 起信論 and 仁王經,中. There are two kinds of 本覺, one which is unconditioned, and never sullied by ignorance and delusion, the other which is conditioned and subject to ignorance. In original enlightenment is implied potential enlightenment in each being.


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき    sugiki / すぎき Japanese (surname) Suzuki; (surname) Sugiki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (surname) Suzuki



see styles
Mandarin yè shí / ye4 shi2
Taiwan yeh shih
Japanese gōshiki
"Activity-consciousness in the sense that through the agency of ignorance an unenlightened mind begins to be disturbed (or awakened)." Suzuki's Awakening of Faith, 76; activity consciousness


see styles
Japanese ryougetsu / ryogetsu / りょうげつ    suzuki / すずき    suzuka / すずか Japanese (given name) Ryougetsu; (female given name) Suzuki; (female given name) Suzuka


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (surname) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (surname) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (female given name) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき    susuki / すすき    usugi / うすぎ    usuki / うすき Japanese (surname) Suzuki; (surname) Susuki; (place-name, surname) Usugi; (surname) Usuki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき    shinnoki / しんのき    shinki / しんき Japanese (surname) Suzuki; (surname) Shinnoki; (surname) Shinki


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき    susuki / すすき    shinrai / しんらい    shinku / しんく Japanese (surname) Suzuki; (surname) Susuki; (surname) Shinrai; (surname) Shinku


see styles
Japanese suzushiro / すずしろ    suzuki / すずき Japanese (surname) Suzushiro; (surname) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese suzuhime / すずひめ    suzuki / すずき    suzui / すずい Japanese (female given name) Suzuhime; (female given name) Suzuki; (female given name) Suzui


see styles
Japanese suzuki / すずき Japanese (female given name) Suzuki


see styles
Japanese reiki / reki / れいき    suzuki / すずき Japanese (female given name) Reiki; (female given name) Suzuki

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Suzuki鈴木suzu ki / suzukilíng mù / ling2 mu4 / ling mu / lingmu
Suzukiスズキsu zu ki / suzuki

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