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Sun Moon Stars in Chinese / Japanese...

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Sun Moon Stars

China rì yuè xīng
Japan nichigetsusei
Sun Moon Stars Vertical Wall Scroll

日月星 is the shortest way to write a title (or word list) that means Sun, Moon, Stars.

The Sun, Moon and Stars

China rì yuè xīng chén
Japan nichigetsuseishin
The Sun, Moon and Stars Vertical Wall Scroll

This title encompasses all of the heavenly bodies or celestial bodies.

Namely, this includes the Sun, Moon and Stars of our universe.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin xīng / xing1
Taiwan hsing
Japanese hoshi / ほし    sei / se / せい
The Sun, Moon and Stars Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese star; heavenly body; satellite; small amount
Japanese (1) star; any light-emitting (or reflecting) heavenly body (except for the sun and the moon); (2) (slang) (police slang) offender; perpetrator; (3) star point (in go); hoshi; intersection marked with a dot; (4) circular symbol (said to be shaped like a shining star); (5) bullseye; (6) (See 九星) one's star (out of the nine stars); the star that determines one's fate; (7) small dot; spot; (8) {sumo} point; score; (1) {astron} (See 星宿・3,二十八宿,朱雀・すざく・2) Chinese "star" constellation (one of the 28 mansions); (n,n-suf,n-pref) (2) Singapore; (surname) Hotsu; (surname) Hoshizaki; (surname) Hoshisaki; (surname, female given name) Hoshi; (female given name) Hikaru; (female given name) Hikari; (female given name) Tina; (female given name) Tiara; (personal name) Seiji; (surname, female given name) Sei; (personal name) Sumio; (female given name) Sutera; (personal name) Jou; (personal name) Shin; (female given name) Kirari; (female given name) Kirara; (female given name) Kirameki; (female given name) Kira; (female given name) Akari
Tara, a star; the 25th constellation consisting of stars in Hydra; a spark.


see styles
Japanese jitsugetsuseishin;nichigetsuseishin / jitsugetsuseshin;nichigetsuseshin / じつげつせいしん;にちげつせいしん
The Sun, Moon and Stars Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (yoji) the sun, the moon and the stars; the heavenly bodies



see styles
Mandarin qī nán / qi1 nan2
Taiwan ch`i nan / chi nan
Japanese shichinan / しちなん
Japanese (1) {Buddh} the Seven Misfortunes; (2) great number of faults or defects
The seven calamities in the仁王經, 受持品 during which that sūtra should be recited: sun and moon losing their order (eclipses), conste11ations, irregular, fire, flood, wind-storms, drought, brigands Another set is — pestilence, invasion, rebe11ion, unlucky stars, eclipses, too early monsoon, too late monsoon. Another is — fire, flood, rakṣas, misrule, evil spirits, cangue and prison, and robbers.


see styles
Mandarin sān guāng / san1 guang1
Taiwan san kuang
Japanese sankou / sanko / さんこう
Chinese the sun, the moon, and the stars
Japanese (See 花札) three non-rain light cards (high-scoring combination in hanafuda); (personal name) Miteru; (surname, given name) Mitsuteru; (surname) Mitsukou; (place-name) Sankou; (given name) Kazumitsu
(三光天) Sun, moon, and stars. Also, in the second dhyāna of the form-world there are the two deva regions 少光天, 無量光天, and 光音天q.v. Also 觀音 Avalokiteśvara is styled 日天子sun-prince, or divine son of the sun, 大勢至 Mahāsthāmaprapta is styled 月天子 divine son of the moon, and 虛空藏菩薩 the bodhisattva of the empyrean, is styled 明星天子 divine son of the bright stars.



see styles
Mandarin wǔ mèng / wu3 meng4
Taiwan wu meng
Japanese itsumu / いつむ
Japanese (female given name) Itsumu
The five bad dreams of King Ajātaśatru on the night that Buddha entered nirvana— as the moon sank the sun arose from the earth. the stars fell like rain, seven comets appeared, and a great conflagration filling the sky fell on the earth; five dreams


see styles
Mandarin xīng xiù / xing1 xiu4
Taiwan hsing hsiu
Japanese hotohoriboshi / ほとほりぼし    hotooriboshi / ほとおりぼし    seishuku / seshuku / せいしゅく
Chinese constellation (arch., now 星座); one of the 28 constellations of traditional Chinese astronomy and astrology; motion of stars since one's birth (predetermining one's fate in astrology)
Japanese (1) (astron) constellation; (2) (astron) (archaism) mansion (any of the Chinese constellations used to divide the ecliptic into 28 positions); (3) (astron) Chinese "star" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
The twenty-eight Chinese constellations 二十八宿; also the twenty-eight nakṣatras; the 十二宮 twelve rāṣi, or zodiacal mansions; and the 七曜 seven mobile stars: sun, moon, and five graha or planets; all which are used as auguries in 星占法 astrology. A list giving Sanskrit and Chinese names, etc・, is given in 佛學大辭典, pp. 1579-1 580.


see styles
Mandarin sì míng shān / si4 ming2 shan1
Taiwan ssu ming shan
Japanese Shimyō san
A mountain range in Ningbo prefecture where the 四明 are clearly seen, i. e. sun, moon, stars, and constellations. 知禮 Zhili of the Sung dynasty is known as the 四明尊者 honoured one of Siming and his school as the 四明家 Siming school in the direct line of Tiantai. In Japan Mt. Hiei 比叡山 is known by this title, through Dengyo 傳教 the founder of the Japanese Tiantai School; Siming shan



see styles
Mandarin sān zhǒng guāng míng / san1 zhong3 guang1 ming2
Taiwan san chung kuang ming
Japanese sanshu kōmyō
The three kinds of light: (a) extemal— sun, moon, stars, lamps, etc.; (b) dharma, or the light of right teaching and conduct; (c) the effulgence or bodily halo emitted by Buddhas, bodhisattvas, devas.



see styles
Mandarin yóu xū kōng tiān / you2 xu1 kong1 tian1
Taiwan yu hsü k`ung t`ien / yu hsü kung tien
Japanese yu kokū ten
To roam in space, as do the devas of the sun, moon, stars, etc.; also the four upper devalokas; roam through the heavens

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The Sun, Moon and Stars Vertical Wall Scroll
The Sun, Moon and Stars Vertical Wall Scroll
The Sun, Moon and Stars Vertical Wall Scroll
The Sun, Moon and Stars Vertical Wall Scroll

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The Sun, Moon and Stars Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Sun Moon Stars日月星nichigetsuseirì yuè xīng
ri4 yue4 xing1
ri yue xing
jih yüeh hsing
The Sun, Moon and Stars日月星辰nichigetsuseishinrì yuè xīng chén
ri4 yue4 xing1 chen2
ri yue xing chen
jih yüeh hsing ch`en
jih yüeh hsing chen

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