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The name Soccer in Chinese / Japanese...

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Football / Futbol

 futto bouru
Football / Futbol Scroll

フットボール is one of a few different titles for football in Japan.

This one is supposed to sound like the international word “football / futbol.”

Note: This word is seldom if ever associated with the sport of American football.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Soccer / Football / Futbol

 zú qiú
Soccer / Football / Futbol Scroll

足球 is the word for football or soccer in Chinese.

As with most of the world, football is very popular in China. During the World Cup, the whole country seems to shut down to watch (regardless of whether Team China is playing or not).

Soccer is probably the 3rd most popular participation sport in China (after ping pong and badminton).

As you might expect, the first character means “foot” and the second character means “ball.”

FYI: This game would never be confused with American Football in Chinese. As with the rest of the world, there is a vague awareness of what American Football is (often described as "that game kind of like rugby").

For those familiar with American Football, there is some disgust regarding the fact that winners of the Superbowl call themselves "world champions" of a game that is only played in the USA. This is one of the reasons that jokes abound about how Americans are unaware that there is a world outside of their borders.

Soccer / Football / Futbol

 shuu kyuu
Soccer / Football / Futbol Scroll

蹴球 is the title for football or soccer in Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja.

The sport is very popular in both Japan and Korea (Korea and Japan co-hosted the football World Cup in 2002 - a world-class sporting event held every four years that rivals the Olympics).

In Japan, they sometimes say サッカ (sakka) or フットボール (futto bouru) in place of the pronunciation shown above. 蹴球 is supposed to sound like the English word soccer and football/futbol respectively.

The first Kanji means kick and the second means ball. So technically, this means “kick ball” in Japanese and Korean (this is just an educational note - this will always be understood as the game of soccer/football).

FYI: This game would never be confused with American Football in Japan or Korea. Unlike the game of American basketball and baseball (both quite popular in Japan and Korea), there is only a vague awareness of a rugby-like game that is also called football in the USA.

Soccer Scroll

サッカ is supposed to sound like the English word soccer.

In Japan, they use a few different words for soccer (football), so proceed with caution.

Note: Japanese are more likely to use a word like フットボール (futto bouru) which sounds like the international word football / futbol. They may only use this word if talking to an American friend (since the word "football" was hijacked in America to title a sport where the foot rarely comes in contact with the ball).

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Not the results for soccer that you were looking for?

Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your soccer search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
qián wèi
    qian2 wei4
ch`ien wei
    chien wei
 zenei / zene

More info & calligraphy:

advanced guard; vanguard; avant-garde; forward (soccer position)
(1) (See 後衛・1) advance guard; vanguard; (2) avant-garde; (3) {sports} forward (player); (surname) Maee


see styles
dù wēi
    du4 wei1
tu wei

More info & calligraphy:

Du Wei (1982-), Shanghai soccer star; Dewey (name)


see styles
zú qiú
    zu2 qiu2
tsu ch`iu
    tsu chiu

More info & calligraphy:

Soccer / Football / Futbol
soccer ball; a football; CL:個|个[ge4]; soccer; football


see styles
 shuukyuu / shukyu

More info & calligraphy:

Soccer / Football / Futbol
football (incl. soccer, rugby, American football, etc.; esp. used for soccer)


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

(n,vs,vi) (1) {sports} goal (in soccer, hockey, etc.); basket (in basketball); (2) {sports} finish line; finishing line; winning post; (n,vs,vi) (3) (abbreviation) {sports} (See ゴールイン・1) reaching the finish line; finishing (a race); (4) goal; objective; (place-name) Gol; Gall; Gaul; Gohl; Gorr


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

(1) {sports} sweeper (in soccer) (ita:); libero; (2) {sports} libero (in volleyball); (surname) Rivero; (male given name) Libero; (product name) Mitsubishi Libero



see styles
āi fú dùn
    ai1 fu2 dun4
ai fu tun

More info & calligraphy:

Everton (town in northwest England); Everton soccer team


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

(1) spike (on a shoe or tyre); stud; cleat; (2) (abbreviation) (See スパイクシューズ) spiked shoes; spikes; cleats; boots (soccer, rugby, etc.); (noun/participle) (3) {sports} injuring (an opposing player) with the spikes on one's shoes; spiking; (noun/participle) (4) {sports} spike (volleyball); (personal name) Spike



see styles
luó nà ěr duō
    luo2 na4 er3 duo1
lo na erh to

More info & calligraphy:

Ronaldo (name); Cristiano Ronaldo (1985-), Portuguese soccer player


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Football / Futbol
(See サッカーボール) football (incl. soccer, rugby, American football, etc.; esp. used for soccer)

see styles

to kick; to play (e.g. soccer); (slang) butch (in a lesbian relationship)
To kick.


see styles
 shii kee; shiikee(sk); shiikei(sk) / shi kee; shikee(sk); shike(sk)
    シー・ケー; シーケー(sk); シーケイ(sk)
{sports} (See コーナーキック) corner kick (soccer)



see styles
c luó
    c luo2
c lo
nickname of Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo


see styles
 emu efu; emuefu(sk)
    エム・エフ; エムエフ(sk)
(1) {sports} (See ミッドフィールダー) midfielder (soccer); (2) (See 中波) medium frequency; MF; (3) (See マニュアルフォーカス) manual focus; (4) {finc} (See マイクロファイナンス) microfinance


see styles
 esu bii; esubii(sk) / esu bi; esubi(sk)
    エス・ビー; エスビー(sk)
(1) (See ストアブランド) store brand; (2) (See 普通社債) straight bond; (3) (See ステーションブレーク) station break; (4) {sports} (See サイドバック) full-back (in soccer); (5) (See 社会的企業) social business


see styles
(1) (abbreviation) (See デコレーション) decoration; ornamental item; (2) (abbreviation) decompensated congestive heart failure; (female given name) Deko; (person) Deko, nickname of Anderson Luis de Souza (1977-), Portuguese soccer player


see styles
(osb:) fillet (fre: filet); tenderloin; (surname) Pellet; (surname) Pere; (surname) Peret; (person) Pelé (1940.10.23-2022.12.29; Brazilian soccer player)


see styles
shì zú
    shi4 zu2
shih tsu
World Cup (soccer) (Tw)



see styles
zhōng pán
    zhong1 pan2
chung p`an
    chung pan
 chuuban / chuban
middle game (in go or chess); (share trading) mid-session; (abbr. for 中盤商|中盘商[zhong1 pan2 shang1]) distributor; wholesaler; middleman
(1) middle stage; middle phase; middle game; midpoint; (2) {sports} midfield (in soccer)


see styles
zhōng lù
    zhong1 lu4
chung lu
midway; mediocre (quality); midfield (soccer)
(surname) Nakamichi


see styles
{sports} chief umpire; referee (soccer, boxing, etc.)



see styles
rén qiáng
    ren2 qiang2
jen ch`iang
    jen chiang
human barricade; (soccer) defensive wall


see styles
jiǎ shuāi
    jia3 shuai1
chia shuai
(soccer) diving; simulation; flopping


see styles
qiē rù
    qie1 ru4
ch`ieh ju
    chieh ju
 setsunyuu / setsunyu
to cut into; to penetrate deeply into (a topic, area etc); (sports) (soccer etc) to penetrate (the defenses of the opposing team); (cinema) to cut (to the next scene)
OFF-ON (marking on switches)



see styles
jìng shè
    jing4 she4
ching she
power shot (e.g. in soccer)


see styles
yòu yì
    you4 yi4
yu i
 uyoku(p); uyoku(sk)
    うよく(P); ウヨク(sk)
the right flank; (politically) right-wing
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (ant: 左翼・1) right wing (politics); (2) right wing (of a bird or aircraft); (3) right wing (of an army, building, etc.); right flank; (4) {baseb} right field; right fielder; (5) {sports} right wing (in soccer, rugby, etc.); (6) high (academic) standing; high class ranking


see styles
huí hé
    hui2 he2
hui ho
one of a sequence of contests (or subdivisions of a contest) between the same two opponents; round (boxing etc); rally (tennis etc); frame (billiards etc); inning; (tennis, soccer etc) rubber or leg; round (of negotiations)



see styles
guó zú
    guo2 zu2
kuo tsu
national soccer team


see styles
(ateji / phonetic) (derogatory term) (slang) soccer fan


see styles
dà qiú
    da4 qiu2
ta ch`iu
    ta chiu
sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball that use large balls; see also 小球[xiao3 qiu2]

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
フットボールfutto bouru
futto boru
足球zú qiú / zu2 qiu2 / zu qiu / zuqiutsu ch`iu / tsuchiu / tsu chiu
蹴球shuu kyuu / shuukyuu / shu kyu
Soccerサッカsakka / saka


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