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  1. Sisters

  2. Sisterhood / Sisters Relationship

  3. Sisters at Heart

  4. Forever Sisters

  5. Soul Sisters

  6. Brothers and Sisters

  7. Sisterhood

  8. Sisterhood / Association of Women

  9. Sisterhood / Sisterly Love

10. Dark Sister

11. Brotherly and Sisterly Love

12. Younger Sister

13. Brother and Sister

 zǐ mèi
 shi mai
Sisters Scroll

姉妹 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja title for sisters.

Please note: It's kind of an uncommon title for a wall scroll.

Sisterhood / Sisters Relationship

 jiě mèi guān xì
Sisterhood / Sisters Relationship Scroll

姐妹關繫 is an expression that means “sisterhood.”

Literally, this means “sisters relationship.”

Sisters at Heart

The love between sisters

 kokoro no shi mai
Sisters at Heart Scroll

心の姉妹 is “heart of sisters,” “soul sisters,” or “sisters of the heart.”

This can be used for actual sisters to celebrate the heartfelt love they feel.

It can even be used by two women who feel a connection as if they are sisters.

Forever Sisters

 yǒng yuàn de jiě mèi
Forever Sisters Scroll

This literally means forever sisters in Chinese.

This is a weird phrase in Chinese, as by default, sisters are forever. I added this because people were searching for it.

Soul Sisters

 jiě mèi huā
Soul Sisters Scroll

This literally means “sister flowers,” but it is really a way to say “soul sisters” like “soul mates.”

Brothers and Sisters

 go kyou dai
Brothers and Sisters Scroll

御兄弟 is a Japanese honorific title for brothers and sisters or siblings.

Please note: It's kind of an uncommon title for a wall scroll.

 jiě mèi qíng
Sisterhood Scroll

姐妹情 is one way to say “sisterhood.”

Literally, this means “sisters feeling, emotion, passion, or situation.”

Sisterhood / Association of Women

 fù nǚ huì
 fu jo kai
Sisterhood / Association of Women Scroll

婦女會 is an expression that means “sisterhood” as in a women's association, club, or group.

The first two characters mean “women.”

The last character means to assemble, to meet, to gather, to see, union, group, or association.

Sisterhood / Sisterly Love

 shi mai ai
Sisterhood / Sisterly Love Scroll

This Japanese term means “Sisterhood,” “Sisterly Love,” or “Sister Love.”

 hēi àn nǚ
 koku an nyo
Dark Sister Scroll

黑闇女 is a Buddhist title that means “dark sister,” “dark one,” or “dark woman.”

There are two sisters:
One is the deva, 功德女 (“merit” or “achieving”), who causes people to acquire wealth.
The other is the “dark one,” 黑闇女, which causes people to spend and waste.

These sisters always accompany each other.

Brotherly and Sisterly Love

 shǒu zú qíng
Brotherly and Sisterly Love Scroll

手足情 is the love between siblings.

When you love, protect, care for, and have a deep bond that only brothers or sisters can.

The actual translation is “Hand and Foot,” but the relationship between brothers or sisters is like that of hands and feet. They belong together and complete the body. Even though this says “hand and foot,” it will always be read with the brotherly and sisterly love meaning in Chinese.

Note: During the past 20 years, the “One child policy” in China is slowly making this term obsolete.

Younger Sister

 mai / imouto
Younger Sister Scroll

妹 is the single character title for a younger sister.

In colloquial Japanese speech, this can be a way to say, darling, dear, honey, or my betrothed (only used when referring to a woman).

In Japanese, this can be the female given name Mai.

In Chinese, you will generally see this used in double form, “妹妹” or “mei mei” when referring to a younger sister.

Brother and Sister

 keishi / kyoudai
Brother and Sister Scroll

兄姉 means “brother and sister,” in Japanese.

There's no perfect way to say it in calligraphy, but this is probably the best way.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Sisters姉妹shi mai / shimaizǐ mèi / zi3 mei4 / zi mei / zimeitzu mei / tzumei
Sisters Relationship
jiě mèi guān xì
jie3 mei4 guan1 xi4
jie mei guan xi
chieh mei kuan hsi
Sisters at Heart心の姉妹kokoro no shi mai
Forever Sisters永遠的姐妹
yǒng yuàn de jiě mèi
yong3 yuan4 de jie3 mei4
yong yuan de jie mei
yung yüan te chieh mei
Soul Sisters姊妹花jiě mèi huā
jie3 mei4 hua1
jie mei hua
chieh mei hua
Brothers and Sisters御兄弟go kyou dai
go kyo dai
Sisterhood姐妹情jiě mèi qíng
jie3 mei4 qing2
jie mei qing
chieh mei ch`ing
chieh mei ching
Association of Women
fu jo kai / fujokaifù nǚ huì
fu4 nv3 hui4
fu nv hui
fu nü hui
Sisterly Love
姉妹愛shi mai ai / shimaiai
Dark Sister黑闇女koku an nyo
hēi àn nǚ
hei1 an4 nv3
hei an nv
hei an nü
Brotherly and Sisterly Love手足情shǒu zú qíng
shou3 zu2 qing2
shou zu qing
shou tsu ch`ing
shou tsu ching
Younger Sistermai / imouto
mai / imoto
mèi / mei4 / mei
Brother and Sister兄姉keishi / kyoudai
keishi / kyodai
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Brother and Sister Scroll
Brother and Sister Scroll
Brother and Sister Scroll

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