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Silence in Chinese / Japanese...

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Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity

China jìng
Japan shizu / sei
Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity Vertical Wall Scroll

靜 is the simplest way to convey the meaning of inner peace and serenity.

靜 is often translated as "serenity." It can also be used to express the ideas of still, calm, serene, quiet, silent, stillness, not moving or tranquility.

In the old days, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean people might hang a wall scroll with this character in their reading room to bring about a sense of peace in the room.

静While they once used the same character form in Japan, they now use a slightly-simplified version in modern Japan (after WWII). This version is shown to the right, and can be selected for your wall scroll by clicking on that Kanji instead of the button above.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin chì / chi4
Taiwan ch`ih / chih
Japanese shikari / しっ
Chinese to scold; shout at; to hoot at
Japanese (ateji / phonetic) (interjection) (1) (kana only) shh! (used to silence someone); sh!; (2) (kana only) shoo! (used to drive off an approaching animal, etc.); scolding

see styles
Mandarin/ mo4
Taiwan mo
Japanese moku / もく
Chinese Japanese variant of 默
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) silence; stillness; quietness; (given name) Moku


see styles
Japanese shii / shi / しい Japanese (interjection) (1) (See しっ・1) shh! (used to silence someone); sh!; (2) (See しっ・2) shoo! (used to drive off an approaching animal, etc.); (suf,adj-i) (3) (after a noun, the -nai stem of a verb, or repetitive syllables) -ish; -like; -looking; (female given name) Shii


see styles
Mandarin bù yán / bu4 yan2
Taiwan pu yen
Japanese fugen / ふげん
Japanese silence; (given name) Fugen
does not say



see styles
Mandarin bù yǔ / bu4 yu3
Taiwan pu yü
Japanese fugo / ふご
Chinese (literary) not to speak
Japanese silence


see styles
Mandarin liù xíng / liu4 xing2
Taiwan liu hsing
Japanese rokugyō
Among Buddhists the term means the practice of the 六度 six pāramitās; it is referred, among outsiders, to the six austerities of the six kinds of heretics: (1) 自餓 starvation; (2) 投淵 naked cave-dwelling (or, throwing oneself down precipices); (3) 赴火 self-immolation, or self-torturing by fire; (4) 自坐 sitting naked in public; (5) 寂默 dwelling in silence among graves; (6) 牛狗 living as animals; six practices



see styles
Mandarin lěng chǎng / leng3 chang3
Taiwan leng ch`ang / leng chang
Chinese stage wait; (fig.) awkward silence


see styles
Japanese shisshi / しっしっ Japanese (ateji / phonetic) (interjection) (1) (kana only) shh! (used to silence someone); sh!; (2) (kana only) shoo! (used to drive off animals, etc.)



see styles
Mandarin sì jì / si4 ji4
Taiwan ssu chi
Japanese shiki
(or 四答) The Buddha's for methods of dealing with questions: direct answer, discriminating answer, questioning in return, and silence; four responses


see styles
Mandarin jì rán / ji4 ran2
Taiwan chi jan
Japanese sekizen(p);jakunen / せきぜん(P);じゃくねん
Chinese silent; quiet
Japanese (n,adj-t,adv-to) (1) lonely; desolate; (2) (じゃくねん only) forlornness; desolation; (given name) Jakunen
In calmness, quietude, silence; undisturbed; quiescent


see styles
Mandarin bǐng xī / bing3 xi1
Taiwan ping hsi
Japanese heisoku / hesoku / へいそく
Chinese hold one's breath
Japanese (noun/participle) bated breath; being cowed into silence



see styles
Mandarin dǎ jìng / da3 jing4
Taiwan ta ching
Japanese tajō
To beat the silencer, or beat for silence.



see styles
Mandarin dā shàn / da1 shan4
Taiwan ta shan
Chinese to hit on someone; to strike up a conversation; to start talking to end an awkward silence or embarrassing situation



see styles
Mandarin fàn tán / fan4 tan2
Taiwan fan t`an / fan tan
Japanese bondan
or 梵怛 brahmadaṇda, brahma-staff 梵杖, the brahma (i.e. religious) punishment (stick), but the derivation is uncertain; the explanation is "to send to Coventry" a recalcitrant monk, the forbidding of any conversation with him, called also 默擯 exclusion to silence.


see styles
Japanese shinkan / しんかん Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) silence; stillness; quietness


see styles
Japanese chinmoku / ちんもく Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) (1) silence; being silent; quiet; hush; (2) reticence; inaction; (wk) Silence (1996 novel by Shūsaku Endō)


see styles
Mandarin chén jì / chen2 ji4
Taiwan ch`en chi / chen chi
Chinese silence; stillness


see styles
Mandarin xiāo yīn / xiao1 yin1
Taiwan hsiao yin
Japanese shouon / shoon / しょうおん
Chinese to silence
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) silencing (e.g. machine); muffling; muting (e.g. TV)


see styles
Japanese shinkan / しんかん Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) silence; stillness; quietness



see styles
Mandarin yuān mò / yuan1 mo4
Taiwan yüan mo
Chinese profound silence



see styles
Mandarin miè kǒu / mie4 kou3
Taiwan mieh k`ou / mieh kou
Chinese to kill sb to prevent them from divulging a secret; to silence sb



see styles
Mandarin wú yán / wu2 yan2
Taiwan wu yen
Japanese mugon / むごん
Chinese to remain silent; to have nothing to say
Japanese silence
Without words, silent, speechless; wordless


see styles
Japanese muon / むおん    buin / ぶいん Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) silence; (noun/participle) long silence; not making contact for a long time; (place-name) Yobarazu


see styles
Japanese soin / そいん Japanese prolonged silence


see styles
Mandarin bái chuí / bai2 chui2
Taiwan pai ch`ui / pai chui
Japanese byakutsui
自椎 The informing baton or hammer, calling attention to a plaint, or for silence to give information; an announcement


see styles
Japanese yaburu / やぶる Japanese (transitive verb) (1) to tear; to rip; to break; to destroy; (2) to break through (cordon, opponent's defense, etc.); to breach; (3) to defeat; to beat; (4) to break (e.g. silence); to disturb (e.g. peace); to shatter (e.g. dream); to disrupt; to spoil; (5) to violate (e.g. rule); to break (e.g. promise); to infringe; (6) to break (a record)


see styles
Japanese kenkou / kenko / けんこう    kankou / kanko / かんこう Japanese (noun/participle) (1) keeping silent; silence; (2) restraining (speech); gagging; muzzling


see styles
Japanese kankou / kanko / かんこう Japanese (noun/participle) (1) keeping silent; silence; (2) restraining (speech); gagging; muzzling



see styles
Mandarin sù jìng / su4 jing4
Taiwan su ching
Chinese silence; solemnly silent; peaceful; to pacify



see styles
Mandarin shuō mò / shuo1 mo4
Taiwan shuo mo
Japanese setsumoku
Speech and silence.

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Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity Vertical Wall Scroll
Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity Vertical Wall Scroll
Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity Vertical Wall Scroll
Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity Vertical Wall Scroll

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Inner Peace / Silence / Serenity Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Inner Peace

shizu / seijìng / jing4 / jingching
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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