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Shang in Chinese / Japanese...

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China shàng
Japan nao
Shang Vertical Wall Scroll

尚 is the most common character for the Chinese surname that romanizes as Shang. 尚 is also a name, "Makato" in Japanese and "Sang" in Korean.

尚 is also a word meaning: still; yet; to value; to esteem; furthermore; in addition; greater; further.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin shàng / shang4
Taiwan shang
Japanese haruji / はるじ    haru / はる    naoshi / なおし    nao / なお    takashi / たかし    shiyou / shiyo / しよう    shouji / shoji / しょうじ    shouitsu / shoitsu / しょういつ    shouichi / shoichi / しょういち    shou / sho / しょう    shunji / しゅんじ    shun / しゅん    katsuyasu / かつやす    katsuya / かつや    katsuhito / かつひと    katsunobu / かつのぶ    katsunari / かつなり    katsuichi / かついち    katsui / かつい    atsushi / あつし
Shang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese still; yet; to value; to esteem; surname Shang
Japanese (adv,conj) (kana only) furthermore; still; yet; more; still more; in addition; greater; further; (personal name) Haruji; (personal name) Haru; (given name) Naoshi; (given name) Nao; (s,m) Takashi; (personal name) Shiyou; (personal name) Shouji; (personal name) Shouitsu; (personal name) Shouichi; (surname, given name) Shou; (personal name) Shunji; (personal name) Shun; (personal name) Katsuyasu; (personal name) Katsuya; (personal name) Katsuhito; (personal name) Katsunobu; (personal name) Katsunari; (personal name) Katsuichi; (personal name) Katsui; (given name) Atsushi
to beg


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Mandarin shàng/ shang4 di4
Taiwan shang ti
Japanese joutei;shoutei / jote;shote / じょうてい;しょうてい
Shang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese God
Japanese (1) Shangdi (creator deity in Chinese folk religion); (2) God (in Christianity)


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Mandarin shàng hǎi / shang4 hai3
Taiwan shang hai
Japanese shanhai / シャンハイ
Shang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Shanghai municipality, central east China, abbr. to 滬|沪[Hu4]
Japanese Shanghai (China); (place-name) Shanghai (China); (surname) Joukai


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Mandarin shàng děng / shang4 deng3
Taiwan shang teng
Japanese joutou / joto / じょうとう
Shang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese highest quality; top-notch
Japanese (adj-no,adj-na,n) (1) superior; first-class; excellent; top quality; (interjection) (2) (that's) just fine!; bring it on!; (surname) Uera



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Mandarin shàng jìn / shang4 jin4
Taiwan shang chin
Japanese joushin / joshin / じょうしん
Shang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to make progress; to do better; fig. ambitious to improve oneself; to move forwards
Japanese (noun/participle) progress; advance; (given name) Joushin


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Mandarin tiān shàng / tian1 shang4
Taiwan t`ien shang / tien shang
Japanese tenjou / tenjo / てんじょう
Shang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese celestial; heavenly
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) the heavens; (given name) Tenjou; (surname) Amaue
The heavens above, i. e. the six devalokas 六欲天 of the region of desire and the rupalokas andarupalokas, i. e. 色 and 無色界; heavenly realm



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Mandarin bēi shāng / bei1 shang1
Taiwan pei shang
Japanese hishou / hisho / ひしょう
Shang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese sad; sorrowful
Japanese (noun/participle) grief

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Mandarin shàng / shang4
Taiwan shang
Chinese old variant of 上[shang4]

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Mandarin shàng // shǎng / shang4 // shang3
Taiwan shang
Japanese jou / jo / じょう    kami / かみ    uwa / うわ    ue / うえ
Chinese on top; upon; above; upper; previous; first (of multiple parts); to climb; to get onto; to go up; to attend (class or university); see 上聲|上声[shang3 sheng1]
Japanese (suffix noun) (1) from the standpoint of; as a matter of (e.g. fact); in the field of; being of the type of; (2) aboard (a ship or vehicle); on top of; on; above; (3) (See 下・げ・2,上巻) first volume (e.g. book); (n,pref) (4) superior quality; best; top; high class; (5) going up; (6) governmental; imperial; (7) presenting; showing; (prefix) (8) ana- (medical, biol.); (1) (ant: 下・しも・1) upper reaches (of a river); upper stream; (2) top; upper part; upper half (of the body); (3) long ago; (4) beginning; first; (5) (honorific or respectful language) (See 御上・1) person of high rank (e.g. the emperor); (6) government; imperial court; (7) (See 上方・かみがた) imperial capital (i.e. Kyoto); capital region (i.e. Kansai); region (or direction of) the imperial palace; (8) head (of a table); (9) (honorific or respectful language) wife; mistress (of a restaurant); (n,pref) upper; upward; outer; surface; top; (n,adj-no,n-adv,n-suf) (1) above; up; over; elder (e.g. daughter); (2) top; summit; (3) surface; on; (4) before; previous; (5) superiority; one's superior (i.e. one's elder); (6) on top of that; besides; what's more; (7) upon (further inspection, etc.); based on (and occurring after); (8) matters concerning...; as concerns ...; (9) (as ...上は) since (i.e. "for that reason"); (suffix noun) (10) (honorific or respectful language) (See 父上) suffix indicating higher social standing; (11) (archaism) place of one's superior (i.e. the throne); (12) (archaism) emperor; sovereign; shogun; daimyo; (13) (archaism) noblewoman (esp. the wife of a nobleman); (surname) Noboru; (given name) Takashi; (given name) Susumu; (surname) Jouji; (surname) Jou; (surname) Sakigami; (surname) Kouzaki; (surname) Kou; (place-name) Kamura; (surname) Kamiyanagi; (place-name) Kamino; (place-name, surname) Kami; (place-name) Kano; (surname) Kado; (place-name) Uwa; (surname) Ue
uttarā 嗢呾羅; above upper, superior; on; former. To ascend, offer to a superior.

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Mandarin shāng / shang1
Taiwan shang
Japanese kizu / きず
Chinese to injure; injury; wound
Japanese (1) wound; injury; cut; gash; bruise; scratch; scrape; scar; (2) chip; crack; scratch; nick; (3) flaw; defect; weakness; weak point; (4) stain (on one's reputation); disgrace; dishonor; dishonour; (5) (emotional) hurt; hurt feelings
To injure, wound, hurt, harm, distress, A tr. of yakṣa; a wound

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Mandarin shāng / shang1
Taiwan shang
Japanese shou / sho / しょう
Chinese commerce; merchant; dealer; to consult; 2nd note in pentatonic scale; quotient (as in 智商[zhi4 shang1], intelligence quotient); Shang Dynasty (c. 1600-1046 BC); surname Shang
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) {math} (See 積・1) quotient; (2) dealing; dealer; store; (3) (See 五音) second degree (of the Japanese & Chinese pentatonic scale); (4) (See 殷) Shang (dynasty of China); (surname) Shou
To consult arrange; trade, a merchant; translit. śaṇ, saṃ, śa, śā.

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Mandarin shǎng / shang3
Taiwan shang
Chinese unit of land area, with value varying from area to area (worth one hectare or 15 mǔ 亩 in parts of northeast China, but only 3 or 5 mǔ in northwest China)

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Mandarin shāng / shang1
Taiwan shang
Chinese plowed earth; soil moisture; furrow

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Mandarin shàng / shang4
Taiwan shang
Chinese variant of 尚, still; yet; to value; to esteem

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Mandarin shǎng / shang3
Taiwan shang
Chinese part of the day; midday

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Mandarin shāng / shang1
Taiwan shang
Chinese to die in childhood; war dead

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Mandarin shāng // tāng / shang1 // tang1
Taiwan shang // t`ang / shang // tang
Japanese tan / タン    yu / ゆ
Chinese soup; hot or boiling water; decoction of medicinal herbs; water in which something has been boiled; rushing current; surname Tang
Japanese soup (chi: tang); (1) (See 水・みず・1) hot water; (2) hot bath; hot spring; (3) molten iron; (personal name) Yumine; (surname) Yusaki; (surname) Yuu; (surname) Yu; (surname) Tou; (surname) Tan
Hot liquid, hot water, soup, etc.

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Mandarin shāng / shang1
Taiwan shang
Chinese old variant of 湯|汤[shang1]

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Mandarin shāng / shang1
Taiwan shang
Chinese entropy (physics)

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Mandarin shàng / shang4
Taiwan shang
Chinese to sole a shoe

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Mandarin shàng / shang4
Taiwan shang
Chinese Cerambyx rugicollis

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Mandarin shāng / shang1
Taiwan shang
Japanese sakazuki / さかづき
Chinese feast; goblet
Japanese sake cup; cup for alcoholic beverages

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Mandarin shāng / shang1
Taiwan shang
Chinese to consult; to deliberate; commerce

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Mandarin shǎng / shang3
Taiwan shang
Japanese shou / sho / しょう
Chinese to bestow (a reward); to give (to an inferior); to hand down; a reward (bestowed by a superior); to appreciate (beauty)
Japanese (n,n-suf) prize; award; (given name) Masaru; (given name) Susumu
to reward, award

see styles
Mandarin zhǎng // shàng / zhang3 // shang4
Taiwan chang // shang
Chinese patch of leather; to sole a shoe; also written 緔|绱[shang4]


see styles
Mandarin shàng sān / shang4 san1
Taiwan shang san
Japanese uesan / うえさん
Japanese (surname) Uesan
the above three


see styles
Mandarin shàng shàng / shang4 shang4
Taiwan shang shang
Japanese joujou / jojo / じょうじょう
Japanese (adj-na,n,adj-no) the best; great; superb
best of the best


see styles
Mandarin shàng xià / shang4 xia4
Taiwan shang hsia
Japanese jouge / joge / じょうげ    shouka;jouka / shoka;joka / しょうか;じょうか    ueshita / うえした
Chinese up and down; top and bottom; old and new; length; about
Japanese (1) top and bottom; high and low; above and below; upper and lower ends; up and down; (noun/participle) (2) going up and down; rising and falling; fluctuating; (3) going and coming back; (4) upper and lower classes; ruler and ruled; the government and the people; (5) first and second volumes; (noun/participle) (1) top and bottom; up and down; high and low; above and below; upper and lower ends; (2) (しょうか only) upper and lower classes; ruler and ruled; the government and the people; (1) top and bottom; up and down; high and low; above and below; upper and lower ends; (adj-no,n) (2) (See 上下になる) upside-down; (place-name, surname) Jouge; (personal name) Shouka; (surname) Kamishita; (surname) Ueshita
above and below


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Mandarin shàng zhōng / shang4 zhong1
Taiwan shang chung
Japanese tsujinaka / つじなか    kaminaka / かみなか    uwanaka / うわなか    uenaka / うえなか
Japanese (surname) Tsujinaka; (place-name, surname) Kaminaka; (surname) Uwanaka; (surname) Uenaka
superior and middle-level


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Mandarin shàng chéng / shang4 cheng2
Taiwan shang ch`eng / shang cheng
Japanese jōjō
Chinese first-class; best quality; also pr. [shang4 sheng4]
Mahāyāna; also 上衍, 大乘 q. v; superior vehicle

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Shangnaoshàng / shang4 / shang

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