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Rogue in Chinese / Japanese...

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liú máng
ryuu bou
Rogue Scroll

In Chinese, this means rogue, hoodlum, hooligan, gangster, or a person engaged in immoral behavior.

In Japanese, this is a title for a refugee (though so rarely used and obscure that many Japanese will not recognize this word).

Please don't order this, it's only here for reference only. 流氓 is not appropriate for custom calligraphy!

Rebel / Revolutionary

gé mìng zhě
kaku mei sha
Rebel / Revolutionary Scroll

革命者 is a noun, meaning a rebel or revolutionary in Chinese (rarely-used in Japanese Kanji).

The first two characters mean "revolution" (specifically a political revolution or revolt).
The third character means "person".

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Rogue流氓ryuu bou / ryuubou / ryu bo / ryuboliú máng / liu2 mang2 / liu mang / liumang
革命者kaku mei sha
gé mìng zhě
ge2 ming4 zhe3
ge ming zhe
ko ming che

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
liú máng / liu2 mang2
liu mang
 ryuubou / ryubo / りゅうぼう
Rebel / Revolutionary Scroll
rogue; hoodlum; gangster; immoral behavior


see styles
 heni / へんい (n,vs,adj-no) variation; rogue (something)



see styles
jiān zhà / jian1 zha4
chien cha
treachery; devious; a rogue
Fraudulent, crafty, to cheat; fraudulent



see styles
è gùn / e4 gun4
o kun
scoundrel; rogue; bully; villain



see styles
wú lài / wu2 lai4
wu lai
hoodlum; rascal; rogue; rascally; scoundrelly



see styles
làn zǎi / lan4 zai3
lan tsai
rogue; rowdy; unreliable chap


see styles
mó kū / mo2 ku1
mo k`u / mo ku
 makutsu / まくつ
lit. nest of devils; place occupied by sinister forces
(1) den of vice; rogue's den; (2) (See 売春宿) brothel; red-light district; (3) (colloquialism) cluttered room



see styles
huài bāo r / huai4 bao1 r5
huai pao r
rascal; rogue; little devil (term of endearment)



see styles
huài dōng xi / huai4 dong1 xi5
huai tung hsi
bastard; scoundrel; rogue


see styles
xiǎo hùn hùn / xiao3 hun4 hun4
hsiao hun hun
hooligan; rogue; a good-for-nothing


see styles
 hanzainin / はんざいにん criminal; culprit; offender; rogue


see styles
bái xiàng rén / bai2 xiang4 ren2
pai hsiang jen
(dialect) rogue; hoodlum


see styles
 gorotsuki / ごろつき (ateji / phonetic) (kana only) rogue; thug; hoodlum; punk; racketeer


see styles
 narazumono / ならずもの ruffian; scoundrel; rogue; rascal; villain; hoodlum; thug


see styles
 gorotsuki / ゴロツキ (kana only) rogue; thug; hoodlum; punk; racketeer


see styles
 roogugawa / ローグがわ (place-name) Rogue (river)


see styles
 ippatsuoonami / いっぱつおおなみ (See フリーク波) rogue wave; freak wave


see styles
 futodokimono / ふとどきもの rude person; villain; blackguard; scoundrel; rogue; libertine



see styles
liú máng guó jiā / liu2 mang2 guo2 jia1
liu mang kuo chia
rogue state



see styles
wú yè yóu mín / wu2 ye4 you2 min2
wu yeh yu min
unemployed person; vagrant; rogue


see styles
 muhoukokka / muhokokka / むほうこっか (See ならず者国家) rogue nation; rogue state


see styles
 goro;goro / ゴロ;ごろ (n-suf,n) (abbreviation) (See 破落戸・ごろつき) racketeer; thug; rogue; bully; fixer


see styles
 furiikuha / furikuha / フリークは freak wave; rogue wave


see styles
 narazumonokokka / ならずものこっか rogue nation; rogue state


see styles
 gorotsuki;gorotsuki / ごろつき;ゴロツキ (kana only) rogue; thug; hoodlum; punk; racketeer


see styles
 narazumono / ならずもの ruffian; scoundrel; rogue; rascal; villain; hoodlum; thug


see styles
 futodokimono / ふとどきもの rude person; villain; blackguard; scoundrel; rogue; libertine


see styles
 gorotsuki;gorotsuki / ごろつき;ゴロツキ (kana only) rogue; thug; hoodlum; punk; racketeer

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Rebel / Revolutionary Scroll
Rebel / Revolutionary Scroll
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