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Professor in Chinese / Japanese...

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China jiào shòu
Japan kyou ju
Professor Vertical Wall Scroll

教授 is the most universal Chinese character and Japanese Kanji title for professor.

This can also be used as a verb meaning to instruct, to lecture on, teaching, or give instruction.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
Mandarin míng yù / ming2 yu4
Taiwan ming yü
Japanese meiyo
Chinese fame; reputation; honor; honorary; emeritus (of retired professor)


see styles
Mandarin jiào shòu / jiao4 shou4
Taiwan chiao shou
Japanese kyouju / kyoju / きょうじゅ
Professor Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese professor; to instruct; to lecture on; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Japanese (1) professor; (noun/participle) (2) teaching; instruction; (given name) Sazuku
To instruct, give instruction; to teach


see styles
Mandarin zhù shǒu / zhu4 shou3
Taiwan chu shou
Japanese joshu(p);sukete(ok) / じょしゅ(P);すけて(ok)
Chinese assistant; helper
Japanese (1) assistant; helper; (2) (じょしゅ only) assistant (to a professor)


see styles
Mandarin zhù jiào / zhu4 jiao4
Taiwan chu chiao
Japanese jokyou / jokyo / じょきょう
Chinese teaching assistant
Japanese assistant professor


see styles
Mandarin zhāo pìn / zhao1 pin4
Taiwan chao p`in / chao pin
Japanese shouhei / shohe / しょうへい
Chinese to invite applications for a job; to recruit
Japanese (1) (courteous) invitation; call; (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (2) to invite (with the utmost courtesy, e.g. an expert or professor to give a lecture)



see styles
Mandarin shòu xián / shou4 xian2
Taiwan shou hsien
Chinese rank of professor; academic title


see styles
Mandarin jiào guān / jiao4 guan1
Taiwan chiao kuan
Japanese kyoukan / kyokan / きょうかん
Chinese military instructor
Japanese teacher; instructor; professor


see styles
Mandarin kē p / ke1 p
Taiwan k`o p / ko p
Chinese Professor Ko, nickname for Ko Wen-je 柯文哲[Ke1 Wen2 zhe2]



see styles
Mandarin yáng yuán / yang2 yuan2
Taiwan yang yüan
Chinese Westerner employed in Qing China (as professor or military advisor etc)


see styles
Mandarin guō quán / guo1 quan2
Taiwan kuo ch`üan / kuo chüan
Chinese Guo Quan, formerly Professor of Nanjing Normal University, sacked after founding New People's Party of China 中國新民黨|中国新民党


see styles
Japanese junkyouju / junkyoju / じゅんきょうじゅ Japanese associate professor


see styles
Mandarin fù jiào shòu / fu4 jiao4 shou4
Taiwan fu chiao shou
Chinese associate professor (university post)


see styles
Japanese jokyouju / jokyoju / じょきょうじゅ Japanese assistant professor; associate professor


see styles
Japanese jokyouyu / jokyoyu / じょきょうゆ Japanese assistant or associate professor


see styles
Mandarin jū shī nà / ju1 shi1 na4
Taiwan chü shih na
Japanese Kushina
Kuśinagara; 拘尸那竭 or拘尸那揚羅; 拘夷那竭 (or 倶夷那竭); 倶尸那; 究施 a city identified by Professor Vogel with Kasiah, 180 miles north-west of Patna, 'capital city of the Mallas' (M. W.); the place where Śākyamuni died; 'so called after the sacred Kuśa grass.' Eitel. Not the same as Kuśāgārapura, v. 矩.


see styles
Japanese shouhei / shohe / しょうへい Japanese (1) (courteous) invitation; call; (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (2) to invite (with the utmost courtesy, e.g. an expert or professor to give a lecture)



see styles
Mandarin cáo jìng huá / cao2 jing4 hua2
Taiwan ts`ao ching hua / tsao ching hua
Chinese Cao Jinghua (1897-1987), translator from Russian, professor of Peking University and essayist


see styles
Mandarin lǐ jiàn chéng / li3 jian4 cheng2
Taiwan li chien ch`eng / li chien cheng
Chinese Li Jiancheng (589-626), eldest son of first Tang emperor Li Yuan 唐高祖李淵|唐高祖李渊, murdered by his brother 李世民 in the Xuanwu Gate coup 玄武門之變|玄武门之变; Professor Li Jiancheng (1993-), geophysicist and specialist in satellite geodesy


see styles
Mandarin zhèng jiào shòu / zheng4 jiao4 shou4
Taiwan cheng chiao shou
Japanese seikyouju / sekyoju / せいきょうじゅ
Japanese full professor
accurate teaching


see styles
Japanese junkyouju / junkyoju / じゅんきょうじゅ Japanese associate professor


see styles
Mandarin gān bā lǐ / gan1 ba1 li3
Taiwan kan pa li
Chinese Professor Ibrahim Gambari (1944-), Nigerian scholar and diplomat, ambassador to UN 1990-1999, UN envoy to Burma from 2007



see styles
Mandarin tián cháng lín / tian2 chang2 lin2
Taiwan t`ien ch`ang lin / tien chang lin
Chinese Chang-lin Tien (1935-2002), Chinese-American professor and chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley 1990-1997


see styles
Japanese kenkyuushitsu / kenkyushitsu / けんきゅうしつ Japanese (1) laboratory; (2) seminar room; (3) professor's office



see styles
Mandarin wéi mù tíng / wei2 mu4 ting2
Taiwan wei mu t`ing / wei mu ting
Chinese Clarence Martin Wilbur (1908-1997), US Sinologist and Professor of Columbia University


see styles
Japanese onhakase;koenohakase(ik);onpakase(ik) / おんはかせ;こえのはかせ(ik);おんぱかせ(ik) Japanese professor specializing in the readings of kanji in classic Confucianist texts


see styles
Japanese koukankyouju / kokankyoju / こうかんきょうじゅ Japanese exchange professor


see styles
Japanese meiyokyouju / meyokyoju / めいよきょうじゅ Japanese emeritus professor


see styles
Japanese daigakukyouju / daigakukyoju / だいがくきょうじゅ Japanese university (college) professor


see styles
Mandarin kè zuò jiào shòu / ke4 zuo4 jiao4 shou4
Taiwan k`o tso chiao shou / ko tso chiao shou
Chinese visiting professor; guest professor



see styles
Mandarin zhǐ dǎo jiào shòu / zhi3 dao3 jiao4 shou4
Taiwan chih tao chiao shou
Chinese adviser; advising professor

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Professor教授kyou ju / kyouju / kyo ju / kyojujiào shòu
jiao4 shou4
jiao shou
chiao shou

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