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November in Chinese / Japanese...

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Eleventh Month
shí yī yuè
juu ichi gatsu
November Scroll

十一月 is the Chinese, Japanese, and old Korean title for the month of November.

This literally means the eleventh month or moon.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
November十一月juu ichi gatsu
ju ichi gatsu
shí yī yuè
shi2 yi1 yue4
shi yi yue
shih i yüeh

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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/ yu4

 ame / あめ
November Scroll
to rain; (of rain, snow etc) to fall; to precipitate; to wet
(1) rain; (2) rainy day; rainy weather; (3) (See 花札) the November suit (in hanafuda); (personal name) Furu
varṣa. Rain; to rain.


see styles
shí yī yuè / shi2 yi1 yue4
shih i yüeh
 juuichigatsu / juichigatsu / じゅういちがつ
November Scroll
November; eleventh month (of the lunar year)
(adverbial noun) November

see styles
hài / hai4
 i / い
12th earthly branch: 9-11 p.m., 10th solar month (7th November-6th December), year of the Boar; ancient Chinese compass point: 330°
(1) the Boar (twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac); the Pig; (2) (obsolete) (See 亥の刻) hour of the Boar (around 10pm, 9-11pm, or 10pm to 12 midnight); (3) (obsolete) north-northwest; (4) (obsolete) tenth month of the lunar calendar; (personal name) Gai

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/ xu1
 inu / いぬ
11th earthly branch: 7-9 p.m., 9th solar month (8th October-6th November), year of the Dog; ancient Chinese compass point: 300°
(1) the Dog (eleventh sign of the Chinese zodiac); (2) (obsolete) (See 戌の刻) hour of the Dog (around 8pm, 7-9pm, or 8-10pm); (3) (obsolete) west-northwest; (4) (obsolete) ninth month of the lunar calendar; (given name) Mamoru
The hour from 7-9 p. m.; translit. śū, śu; 7-9 p.m.

see styles
jué / jue2
 zetsu / ぜつ
variant of 絕|绝[jue2]
(abbreviation) {hanaf} (See 絶場) starting field which contains the November and-or December 20-point card
To cut off, sunder, terminate, end; decidedly, superlatively.


see styles
xiǎo chūn / xiao3 chun1
hsiao ch`un / hsiao chun
 koharu / こはる
10th month of the lunar calendar; Indian summer; crops sown in late autumn
(See 小春日和) 10th month of the lunisolar calendar (traditional first month of winter, approx. November); late autumn; late fall; (female given name) Chiharu


see styles
xiǎo xuě / xiao3 xue3
hsiao hsüeh
 shousetsu / shosetsu / しょうせつ
Xiaoxue or Lesser Snow, 20th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 22nd November-6th December
(See 二十四節気) "minor snow" solar term (approx. November 22); (female given name) Sayuki


see styles
lì dōng / li4 dong1
li tung
 rittou / ritto / りっとう
Lidong or Start of Winter, 19th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 7th-21st November
(See 二十四節気) first day of winter (approx. November 8); (given name) Rittou


see styles
 zetsuba / ぜつば {hanaf} (See 場・ば・6) starting field which contains the November and-or December 20-point card


see styles
 amefuda / あめふだ {hanaf} November suit; rain suit


see styles
shuāng jiàng / shuang1 jiang4
shuang chiang
 soukou / soko / そうこう
Shuangjiang or Frost Descends, 18th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 23rd October-6th November
(See 二十四節気) "frost descent" solar term (approx. October 23); (surname) Shimofuri



see styles
guāng gùn jié / guang1 gun4 jie2
kuang kun chieh
Singles' Day (November 11), originally a day of activities for single people, but now also the world's biggest annual retail sales day


see styles
 koharubi / こはるび (See 小春) mild late autumn day (around November); mild late fall day


see styles
 meijisetsu / mejisetsu / めいじせつ (See 文化の日) Emperor Meiji's birthday (November 3; national holiday held from 1927 to 1948)


see styles
 zettaiba / ぜったいば (obscure) {hanaf} (See 絶場) starting field which contains the November and-or December 20-point card



see styles
wàn líng jié / wan4 ling2 jie2
wan ling chieh
All Saints' Day (Christian festival on 2nd November)


see styles
 torinoichi / とりのいち tori-no-ichi (held at Ōtori Shrine on each day of the Rooster in November)


see styles
 torinomachi / とりのまち (archaism) Bird Day Fair (held at Otori Shrine on each Day of the Bird in November)


see styles
 torinomachi / とりのまち (archaism) Bird Day Fair (held at Otori Shrine on each Day of the Bird in November)


see styles
 kyuushuubasho / kyushubasho / きゅうしゅうばしょ {sumo} Kyushu (November) tournament, held in Fukuoka


see styles
shí yī yuè fèn / shi2 yi1 yue4 fen4
shih i yüeh fen


see styles
 koharubiyori / こはるびより (yoji) Indian summer (around November); mild late autumn weather; mild late fall weather


see styles
 bunkanohi / ぶんかのひ (exp,n) Culture Day (national holiday; November 3); (personal name) Bunkanohi



see styles
mò gā shǐ luó / mo4 ga1 shi3 luo2
mo ka shih lo
mārgaśiras, M. W. says November-December; the Chinese say from he 16th of the 9th moon to the 15th of the 10th; (Skt. mārgaśiras)



see styles
gē yōu dǐ jiā / ge1 you1 di3 jia1
ko yu ti chia
Kārttika, the month October-November; (Skt. Kārttika)


see styles
 suishounoyoru / suishonoyoru / すいしょうのよる Kristallnacht (night of concerted violence against Jews in Germany and Austria from November 9-10, 1938)



see styles
dàn chǎo fàn jié / dan4 chao3 fan4 jie2
tan ch`ao fan chieh / tan chao fan chieh
Fried Rice with Egg Festival, informally observed annually on November 25 as the anniversary of the death in 1950 of Mao Zedong's son Mao Anying, by people who are grateful that Mao's grip on China did not extend to a second generation (The younger Mao died in an American air raid in Korea, and, according to a popular account, his death was the result of cooking fried rice with egg, which produced smoke detected by US forces.)


see styles
jiā chin à yuè / jia1 chin1 a4 yue4
chia chin a yüeh
 Kachina zuki
Kārttika-māsa, the month in October-November, intp. as the month after the summer retreat, when monks received the 'kaṭhina ' robe of merit; the date of the month is variously given, but it follows the summer retreat; also 迦提月; 迦栗底迦月 (or 羯栗底迦月); 迦利邸迦月; 迦哩底迦麽洗 (or 迦剌底迦麽洗).


see styles
 nobenbaa / nobenba / ノベンバー November


see styles
 koharubiyori / こはるびより (yoji) Indian summer (around November); mild late autumn weather; mild late fall weather

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