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Morning Dew in Chinese / Japanese...

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Morning Dew

zhāo lù
Morning Dew Scroll

朝露 means morning dew in Chinese and Japanese.

In the Buddhist context, it figuratively represents the precarious brevity of human life, how ephemeral our life and possessions are, or how one should see human life as transient.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Morning Dew朝露asatsuyuzhāo lù / zhao1 lu4 / zhao lu / zhaoluchao lu / chaolu

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
zhāo lù / zhao1 lu4
chao lu
 asatsuyu;chouro / asatsuyu;choro / あさつゆ;ちょうろ
Morning Dew Scroll
morning dew; fig. precarious brevity of human life; ephemeral
morning dew
Morning dew, e.g. man's life as transient; morning dew


see styles
chén lù / chen2 lu4
ch`en lu / chen lu
morning dew


see styles
yù lù / yu4 lu4
yü lu
 gyokuro / ぎょくろ
gyokuro (shaded Japanese green tea); (old) early-morning autumn dew; fine liquor
(1) (See 煎茶・2,番茶) high-quality green tea; (2) (orig. meaning) jewel-like dewdrop


see styles
 ashitanotsuyu / あしたのつゆ (expression) (archaism) (See 朝露) morning dew


see styles
rén shēng zhāo lù / ren2 sheng1 zhao1 lu4
jen sheng chao lu
 jinseichouro / jinsechoro / じんせいちょうろ
human life as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence
(expression) (yoji) Man's life vanishes like a dew; A person's life is as fleeting as a morning dew


see styles
wēi rú zhāo lù / wei1 ru2 zhao1 lu4
wei ju chao lu
precarious as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence


see styles
wēi ruò zhāo lù / wei1 ruo4 zhao1 lu4
wei jo chao lu
precarious as morning dew (idiom); unlikely to last out the day


see styles
 nyoronyoden / にょろにょでん (obscure) (yoji) {Buddh} existence (as we perceive it) is as mutable and incorporeal as is the morning dew or a flash of lightning



see styles
zhāo lù mù ǎi / zhao1 lu4 mu4 ai3
chao lu mu ai
morning dew, evening mist (idiom); ephemeral; impermanent


see styles
zhāo lù kè zhì / zhao1 lu4 ke4 zhi4
chao lu k`o chih / chao lu ko chih
the morning dew will swiftly dissipate (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence



see styles
fú yún zhāo lù / fu2 yun2 zhao1 lu4
fu yün chao lu
floating clouds, morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral nature of human existence


see styles
kè xiān zhāo lù / ke4 xian1 zhao1 lu4
k`o hsien chao lu / ko hsien chao lu
the morning dew will swiftly dissipate (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence


see styles
shēn xiān zhāo lù / shen1 xian1 zhao1 lu4
shen hsien chao lu
body will go with the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence



see styles
diàn guāng zhāo lù / dian4 guang1 zhao1 lu4
tien kuang chao lu
 denkouchouro / denkochoro / でんこうちょうろ
flash of lightning, morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral; impermanent
(yoji) fleeting; evanescent


see styles
rén shēng rú zhāo lù / ren2 sheng1 ru2 zhao1 lu4
jen sheng ju chao lu
human life as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence

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