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 mó hè luó rě
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摩賀羅惹 is a Chinese and Japanese title for a Mahārāja.

You will also see マハラジャ as a phonetic version of Mahārāja in Japanese.
Also, a translation in Chinese could be 大王 (great king).
The title 摩賀羅惹 is meant to sound like Mahārāja, coming from the Sanskrit word महाराज.

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マハラジャ is the name Maharaja in Japanese.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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maharaja (hin:)


see styles
sì wáng
    si4 wang2
ssu wang
 shiou / shio
(place-name) Shiou
(四王天) catur-mahārāja-kāyikās, the four heavens of the four deva-kings, i. e. the lowest of the six heavens of desire; v. 四天王.


see styles
dài wang
    dai4 wang5
tai wang
 daiou / daio
robber baron (in opera, old stories); magnate
(honorific or respectful language) great king; (place-name, surname) Daiou
mahārāja 摩賀羅惹. Applied to the four guardians of the universe, 四大天王.


see styles
tiān zūn
    tian1 zun1
t`ien tsun
    tien tsun
(honorific appellation of a deity)
(given name) Tenson
The most honoured among devas, a title of a Buddha, i. e. the highest of divine beings; also used for certain maharāja protectors of Buddhism and others in the sense of honoured devas. Title applied by the Daoists to their divinities as a counterpart to the Buddhist 世尊.


see styles
tiān wáng
    tian1 wang2
t`ien wang
    tien wang
 tennou / tenno
emperor; god; Hong Xiuquan's self-proclaimed title; see also 洪秀全[Hong2 Xiu4 quan2]
(1) {Buddh} heavenly king; (2) (See 牛頭天王) Gozu Tenno (deity said to be the Indian god Gavagriva); (place-name, surname) Tennou
Maharāja-devas; 四天王 Caturmahārāja. The four deva kings in the first or lowest devaloka, on its four sides. E. 持國天王 Dhṛtarāṣṭra. S. 增長天王 Virūḍhaka. W. 廣目天王 Virūpākṣa. N. 多聞天王 Dhanada, or Vaiśravaṇa. The four are said to have appeared to 不空 Amogha in a temple in Xianfu, some time between 742-6, and in consequence he introduced their worship to China as guardians of the monasteries, where their images are seen in the hall at the entrance, which is sometimes called the 天王堂 hall of the deva-kings. 天王 is also a designation of Siva the 大白在, i. e. Maheśvara 摩醯首羅, the great sovereign ruler.


see styles
 hanou / hano
(hist) maharaja; maharajah; nawab



see styles
chǒu mù
    chou3 mu4
ch`ou mu
    chou mu
醜眼 Virūpākṣa; ugly-eyed, i.e. Śiva with his three eyes; also the name of the mahārāja-protector of the West, v. 毘.


see styles
sì tiān wáng
    si4 tian1 wang2
ssu t`ien wang
    ssu tien wang
 shitennou / shitenno
(1) {Buddh} the Four Heavenly Kings (Dhrtarastra, Virudhaka, Virupaksa, and Vaisravana); (2) the big four (i.e. four leaders in a given field)
(四大天王) catur-mahārājas, or Lokapālas; the four deva-kings. Indra's external 'generals 'who dwell each on a side of Mount Meru, and who ward off from the world the attacks of malicious spirits, or asuras, hence their name 護世四天王 the four deva-kings, guardians of the world. Their abode is the 四天王天 catur-maharāja-kāyikas; and their titles are: East 持國天 Deva who keeps (his) kingdom; colour white; name Dhṛtarsaṣtra. South 增長天 Deva of increase and growth; blue; name Virūḍhaka. West 廣目天 The broad-eyed (also ugly-eyed) deva (perhaps a form of Siva); red; name Virūpākṣa. North 多聞天 The deva who hears much and is well-versed; yellow; name Vaiśravaṇa, or Dhanada; he is a form of Kuvera, the god of wealth. These are the four giant temple guardians introduced as such to China by Amogha; cf. 四天王經.



see styles
zēng zhǎng tiān
    zeng1 zhang3 tian1
tseng chang t`ien
    tseng chang tien
Virudhaka (one of the Heavenly Kings)
Virūḍhaka, the Mahārāja of the southern quarter.


see styles
wēi nù wáng
    wei1 nu4 wang2
wei nu wang
The wrathful maharāja. guardians of Buddhism.



see styles
yuè yǎn zūn
    yue4 yan3 zun1
yüeh yen tsun
 Gatten son
One of the names of a 明王 Ming Wang, i. e. 'moon-black' or 'moon-spots', 降三世明王 the maharāja who subdues all resisters, past, present, and future, represented with black face, three eyes, four protruding teeth, and fierce laugh.



see styles
wéi jiàng jun
    wei2 jiang4 jun1
wei chiang chün
(韋天將軍) One of the generals under the southern mahārāja guardian in a temple.


see styles
sì tiān wáng tiān
    si4 tian1 wang2 tian1
ssu t`ien wang t`ien
    ssu tien wang tien
 shi tennō ten
catur-maharāja-kāyikas; the four heavens of the four deva-kings.



see styles
dà lì jīn gāng
    da4 li4 jin1 gang1
ta li chin kang
 dairiki kongō
The mighty "diamond" or Vajra-mahārāja in the Garbhadhātu group, a fierce guardian and servant of Buddhism, see below.


see styles
kǒng qiǎo míng wáng
    kong3 qiao3 ming2 wang2
k`ung ch`iao ming wang
    kung chiao ming wang
 kujakumyouou / kujakumyoo
{Buddh} Mahamayuri (deity usu. depicted riding a peacock)
Peacock king, ' a former incarnation of Śākyamuni, when as a peacock he sucked from a rock water of miraculous healing power; now one of the mahārāja bodhisattvas, with four arms, who rides on a peacock; his full title is 佛母大金曜孔雀明王. There is another 孔雀王 with two arms.



see styles
wěi lū chá jiā
    wei3 lu1 cha2 jia1
wei lu ch`a chia
    wei lu cha chia
Virūḍhaka idem 毘璢璃, one of the four maharāja-devas.



see styles
mó hē luó shé
    mo2 he1 luo2 she2
mo ho lo she
mahārāja, a great or superior king; a king.


see styles
xiáng yàn mó zūn
    xiang2 yan4 mo2 zun1
hsiang yen mo tsun
 gō enma son
Yamāntaka, cf. 焰 the fierce mahārāja with six legs who controls the demons of the West.


see styles
 maharaaja / maharaja
maharaja (hin:)



see styles
bá zhé luó zhà hē shā
    ba2 zhe2 luo2 zha4 he1 sha1
pa che lo cha ho sha
Vajrāṭṭahāsa, i.e. Śiva, one of the guardians, the laughing Mahārāja.


see styles
 mahaaraaja / maharaja
maharaja (hin:)


see styles
 maharaja; mahaaraaja; maharaaja / maharaja; maharaja; maharaja
    マハラジャ; マハーラージャ; マハラージャ
maharaja (hin:)

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
magarajamó hè luó rě
mo2 he4 luo2 re3
mo he luo re
mo ho lo je
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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