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liú bèi
Liu Bei Scroll

劉備 is the name Liu Bei (161-223AD), warlord at the end of the Han dynasty and founder of the Han kingdom of Shu.

In Japanese, this can be the name Ryuubi or Ryūbi. Most Japanese will be familiar with the Chinese historical figure, Lui Bei.

zhāng fēi
chou hi
Zhang Fei Scroll

張飛 is the name of General Zhang Fei, of the Shu Kingdom. He was blood-brother of Liu Bei in the semi-historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Zhang Fei is famous for his heroic and fearsome fighting and his love of wine.

In Japanese, this can be the name Chouhi.

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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liú bèi
    liu2 bei4
liu pei
 ryuubi / ryubi
Zhang Fei Scroll
Liu Bei (161-223), warlord at the end of the Han dynasty and founder of the Han kingdom of Shu 蜀漢|蜀汉 (c. 200-263), later the Shu Han dynasty
(personal name) Ryūbi



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zhāng fēi
    zhang1 fei1
chang fei
 chouhi / chohi
Zhang Fei Scroll
Zhang Fei (168-221), general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, famous as fearsome fighter and lover of wine
(personal name) Chōhi



see styles
guān yǔ
    guan1 yu3
kuan yü
Zhang Fei Scroll
Guan Yu (-219), general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, fearsome fighter famous for virtue and loyalty; posomethingumously worshipped and identified with the guardian Bodhisattva Sangharama



see styles
sān guó yǎn yì
    san1 guo2 yan3 yi4
san kuo yen i
Zhang Fei Scroll
Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong 羅貫中|罗贯中[Luo2 Guan4 zhong1], one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature, a fictional account of the Three Kingdoms at the break-up of the Han around 200 AD, portraying Liu Bei's 劉備|刘备[Liu2 Bei4] Shu Han 蜀漢|蜀汉[Shu3 Han4] as heroes and Cao Cao's 曹操[Cao2 Cao1] Wei 魏[Wei4] as villains



see styles
liú shàn
    liu2 shan4
liu shan
Liu Shan (207-271), son of Liu Bei, reigned as Shu Han emperor 233-263; Taiwan pr. [Liu2 Chan2]



see styles
shǔ guó
    shu3 guo2
shu kuo
Sichuan; the state of Shu in Sichuan at different periods; the Shu Han dynasty (214-263) of Liu Bei 劉備|刘备 during the Three Kingdoms



see styles
shǔ hàn
    shu3 han4
shu han
 shokkan; shokukan
    しょっかん; しょくかん
Shu Han (c. 200-263), Liu Bei's kingdom in Sichuan during the Three Kingdoms, claiming legitimacy as successor of Han
(hist) (See 蜀・2) Shu Han (kingdom in China during the Three Kingdoms era; 221-263); Shu


see styles
ā dǒu
    a1 dou3
a tou
A-dou, nickname of Liu Shan 劉禪|刘禅[Liu2 Shan4] (207-271), son of Liu Bei, reigned as Shu Han emperor 233-263; (fig.) weak and inept person
(surname) Ato



see styles
wǔ hǔ jiàng
    wu3 hu3 jiang4
wu hu chiang
Liu Bei's five great generals in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, namely: Guan Yu 關羽|关羽, Zhang Fei 張飛|张飞, Zhao Yun 趙雲|赵云, Ma Chao 馬超|马超, Huang Zhong 黃忠|黄忠



see styles
sān gù máo lú
    san1 gu4 mao2 lu2
san ku mao lu
lit. three humble visits to a thatched cottage; cf famous episode in the fictional Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义 in which Liu Bei 劉備|刘备 recruits Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮|诸葛亮 (the Hidden Dragon 臥龍|卧龙) to his cause by visiting him three times



see styles
xiān dì yí zhào
    xian1 di4 yi2 zhao4
hsien ti i chao
posomethingumous edict of former emperor; Liu Bei's 劉備|刘备 edict to posterity



see styles
táo yuán sān jié yì
    tao2 yuan2 san1 jie2 yi4
t`ao yüan san chieh i
    tao yüan san chieh i
Oath of the Peach Garden, sworn by Liu Bei 劉備|刘备[Liu2 Bei4], Zhang Fei 張飛|张飞[Zhang1 Fei1] and Guan Yu 關羽|关羽[Guan1 Yu3] at the start of the Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义[San1 guo2 Yan3 yi4]

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Liu Bei劉備
ryuubi / ryubiliú bèi / liu2 bei4 / liu bei / liubeiliu pei / liupei
Zhang Fei張飛
chou hi / chouhi / cho hizhāng fēi
zhang1 fei1
zhang fei
chang fei
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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