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Lamb in Chinese / Japanese...

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China xiǎo yáng
Japan kohitsuji
Lamb Vertical Wall Scroll

小羊 means lamb (literally "little sheep") in Chinese and Japanese.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin xiǎo yáng / xiao3 yang2
Taiwan hsiao yang
Japanese kohitsuji / こひつじ
Lamb Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese lamb
Japanese lamb

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Mandarin/ da2
Taiwan ta
Chinese little lamb

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Mandarin gāo / gao1
Taiwan kao
Japanese kohitsuji / こひつじ
Chinese lamb
Japanese (out-dated kanji) lamb

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Mandarin zhù / zhu4
Taiwan chu
Chinese five-month-old lamb

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Mandarin xūn / xun1
Taiwan hsün
Chinese lamb soup

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Mandarin/ li2
Taiwan li
Japanese akaza;akaza / あかざ;アカザ
Chinese name of weed plant (fat hen, goosefoot, pigweed etc); Chenopodium album
Japanese (kana only) white gooseweed (Chenopodium album); fat hen; lamb's-quarters; pigweed; (female given name) Akaza


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Japanese ramu / ラム Japanese (1) lamb (meat); (2) rum; (3) ram; (4) rump; (female given name) Ramu; Lam; Lamb; Lambe; Lamm; Lum; Lumb; Ram; (place-name) Lamu (Kenya)


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Japanese kohitsuji / こひつじ Japanese lamb; (surname) Kohitsuji


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Japanese kohitsuji / こひつじ Japanese lamb


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Mandarin pái gǔ / pai2 gu3
Taiwan p`ai ku / pai ku
Japanese paikuu / paiku / パイクー
Chinese pork chop; pork cutlet; spare ribs; (coll.) skinny person
Japanese Chinese-style spare ribs (esp. pork, also beef and lamb), breaded and fried (chi: páigǔ)


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Mandarin yáng pái / yang2 pai2
Taiwan yang p`ai / yang pai
Chinese lamb chop


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Mandarin yáng gāo / yang2 gao1
Taiwan yang kao
Chinese lamb


see styles
Mandarin yáng ròu / yang2 rou4
Taiwan yang jou
Japanese youniku / yoniku / ようにく
Chinese mutton; goat meat
Japanese mutton; lamb (meat)


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Mandarin gāo yáng / gao1 yang2
Taiwan kao yang
Chinese sheep; lamb


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Japanese akaza / アカザ Japanese (kana only) white gooseweed (Chenopodium album); fat hen; lamb's-quarters; pigweed


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Japanese shibire / シビレ Japanese {food} sweetbread; thymus or pancreas (esp. of a calf or a lamb)



see styles
Mandarin wěi shàn zhě / wei3 shan4 zhe3
Taiwan wei shan che
Japanese gizensha / ぎぜんしゃ
Chinese hypocrite
Japanese hypocrite; dissembler; wolf in sheep's clothing; fox in a lamb's skin


see styles
Mandarin yáng ròu chuàn / yang2 rou4 chuan4
Taiwan yang jou ch`uan / yang jou chuan
Chinese lamb kebab



see styles
Mandarin lǎo lái qiào / lao3 lai2 qiao4
Taiwan lao lai ch`iao / lao lai chiao
Chinese old person who dresses up as teenager; mutton dressed as lamb


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Japanese nojisha;nojisa;nojisha / のぢしゃ;のぢさ;ノヂシャ Japanese (kana only) corn salad (Valerianella olitoria); lamb's lettuce


see styles
Japanese choppu / チョップ Japanese (1) {sports} chop (pro wrestling move); knifehand strike; (2) {food} chop (pork, lamb, etc.); (3) {sports} chop (tennis); chop stroke


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Japanese nojisha / ノヂシャ Japanese (kana only) corn salad (Valerianella olitoria); lamb's lettuce


see styles
Japanese maashu / mashu / マーシュ Japanese (See 野萵苣・のぢしゃ) corn salad (Valerianella olitoria) (fre: mâche); lamb's lettuce; (surname) Marsh


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Japanese otonashiku / おとなしく Japanese (adverb) (kana only) (See 大人しい) meekly; obediently; submissively; quietly; like a lamb


see styles
Mandarin tì zuì gāo yáng / ti4 zui4 gao1 yang2
Taiwan t`i tsui kao yang / ti tsui kao yang
Chinese scapegoat; sacrificial lamb; same as 替罪羊


see styles
Japanese inyoukaku / inyokaku / いんようかく Japanese horny goat weed (Epimedium grandiflorum var. thunbergianum); rowdy lamb herb; barrenwort; bishop's hat; fairy wings; yin yang huo



see styles
Mandarin qiān yáng dān jiǔ / qian1 yang2 dan1 jiu3
Taiwan ch`ien yang tan chiu / chien yang tan chiu
Chinese pulling a lamb and bringing wine on a carrying pole (idiom); fig. to offer elaborate congratulations; to kill the fatted calf


see styles
Mandarin yáng rù hǔ kǒu / yang2 ru4 hu3 kou3
Taiwan yang ju hu k`ou / yang ju hu kou
Chinese lit. a lamb in a tiger's den (idiom); fig. to tread dangerous ground


see styles
Japanese kataroosu / かたロース Japanese shoulder roast (e.g. of lamb)


see styles
Japanese shokuzainohitsuji / しょくざいのひつじ Japanese (exp,n) sacrificial lamb

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Lamb小羊kohitsujixiǎo yáng
xiao3 yang2
xiao yang
hsiao yang

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