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The Name Kato in Chinese / Japanese...

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China jiā téng
Japan katou
Kato Vertical Wall Scroll

加藤 is the common Japanese surname that officially romanizes as Katō or Katou, though usually just written as Kato.

加藤 is also known in China as a Japanese surname, however, it's pronounced differently in Chinese.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin jiā téng / jia1 teng2
Taiwan chia t`eng / chia teng
Japanese katoo / かとお    katou / kato / かとう    kaiu / かいう
Kato Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Katō (Japanese surname)
Japanese (surname) Katoo; (place-name, surname) Katou; (surname) Kaiu


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Japanese kaato / kato / カート
Kato Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (1) cart; (2) (See アラビア茶の木・アラビアちゃのき) khat; qat; (personal name) Carte; Curt


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Japanese kato / カト Japanese (1) cat; (2) kat; qat; quat; khat


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Japanese geko / げこ Japanese someone who can't drink; non-drinker; temperate man; (surname) Shimodo; (surname) Shimoto; (surname) Shitado; (place-name) Sageto; (surname) Kato; (surname) Orito


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Japanese gera / げら    katou / kato / かとう Japanese (pronoun) (archaism) (humble language) I; me; (noun or adjectival noun) inferior; base; vulgar; low grade; lower class


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Japanese katou / kato / かとう Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) {med} varioloid


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Mandarin jiā rén / jia1 ren2
Taiwan chia jen
Japanese kajin / かじん
Chinese beautiful woman
Japanese (female) beauty; beautiful woman; (given name) Yoshihito; (given name) Yoshito; (personal name) Kato; (given name) Kajin


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Japanese katou / kato / かとう Japanese (noun/participle) sweetening; sweetened


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Mandarin kě rén / ke3 ren2
Taiwan k`o jen / ko jen
Japanese yoshihito / よしひと    yoshito / よしと    kato / かと    arito / ありと
Chinese pleasant; agreeable; a person after one's heart (charming person); a gifted person
Japanese (given name) Yoshihito; (given name) Yoshito; (personal name) Kato; (personal name) Arito


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Japanese katou / kato / かとう Japanese flexible


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Japanese katou / kato / かとう Japanese summer and winter


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Japanese kato;ieusagi / かと;いえうさぎ Japanese domestic rabbit; tame rabbit



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Mandarin guà dā / gua4 da1
Taiwan kua ta
Japanese katō
Chinese variant of 掛褡|挂褡[gua4 da1]
掛褡; 掛單 One who hangs up all his possessions, i.e. a wandering monk who stays for the night in a monastery; to hang up one's things


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Mandarin guǒ rén / guo3 ren2
Taiwan kuo jen
Japanese kato / かと
Japanese (personal name) Kato
Those who have obtained the fruit, i. e. escaped the chain of transmigration, e. g. buddha, pratyekabuddha, arhat; realizers


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Mandarin guǒ táng / guo3 tang2
Taiwan kuo t`ang / kuo tang
Japanese katou / kato / かとう
Chinese fructose
Japanese fructose; fruit sugar


see styles
Japanese kajin / かじん    utabito / うたびと Japanese poet (of tanka poems); (1) (See 短歌) skillful tanka poet; (2) official in charge of court poetry and music (ritsuryo period); (3) poet; (personal name) Kato



see styles
Mandarin hé dōng / he2 dong1
Taiwan ho tung
Japanese kawahigashi / かわひがし    kawatou / kawato / かわとう    katou / kato / かとう
Chinese Hedong district of Linyi city 臨沂市|临沂市[Lin2 yi2 shi4], Shandong
Japanese (place-name, surname) Kawahigashi; (surname) Kawatou; (place-name, surname) Katou



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Mandarin huǒ tāng / huo3 tang1
Taiwan huo t`ang / huo tang
Japanese katō
The hell of liquid fire.


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Japanese gatou / gato / がとう    katou / kato / かとう Japanese pottery lantern (curved conical shape)


see styles
Mandarin huǒ děng / huo3 deng3
Taiwan huo teng
Japanese katō
fire and so forth



see styles
Mandarin huǒ tóu / huo3 tou2
Taiwan huo t`ou / huo tou
Japanese gatou / gato / がとう    katou / kato / かとう
Japanese pottery lantern (curved conical shape)
A monastery cook; lamp handler


see styles
Japanese gatou / gato / がとう    katou / kato / かとう Japanese pottery lantern (curved conical shape)


see styles
Japanese gatou / gato / がとう    katou / kato / かとう Japanese (out-dated kanji) pottery lantern (curved conical shape)


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Mandarin kē dǒu / ke1 dou3
Taiwan k`o tou / ko tou
Japanese kato / かと
Chinese tadpole; also written 蝌蚪[ke1 dou3]
Japanese (1) tadpole; (2) ancient seal-script character


see styles
Mandarin huā dū / hua1 du1
Taiwan hua tu
Japanese kanami / かなみ    kato / かと    kazu / かづ
Chinese Huadu district of Guangzhou city 廣州市|广州市[Guang3 zhou1 shi4], Guangdong
Japanese (female given name) Kanami; (personal name) Kato; (female given name) Kadzu



see styles
Mandarin huá rén / hua2 ren2
Taiwan hua jen
Japanese kajin / かじん
Chinese ethnic Chinese person or people
Japanese ethnic Chinese (usually living abroad); overseas Chinese; (personal name) Kato


see styles
Mandarin kē dǒu / ke1 dou3
Taiwan k`o tou / ko tou
Japanese kato / かと    otamajakushi / おたまじゃくし
Chinese tadpole; CL:隻|只[zhi1],條|条[tiao2]
Japanese (1) tadpole; (2) ancient seal-script character; (1) tadpole; (2) musical note


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Japanese katou / kato / かとう Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) excessive; exorbitant



see styles
Mandarin guò dù / guo4 du4
Taiwan kuo tu
Japanese kato / かと
Chinese to cross over (by ferry); transition; interim; caretaker (administration)
Japanese (1) crossing; ferry; (2) transient; (3) changing old to new



see styles
Mandarin guō tóu / guo1 tou2
Taiwan kuo t`ou / kuo tou
Japanese katō
The one who attends to the cooking-stoves, etc., in a monastery; monk in charge of pots

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Kato加藤katou / katojiā téng / jia1 teng2 / jia teng / jiatengchia t`eng / chiateng / chia teng

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