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The name July in Chinese / Japanese...

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Seventh Month

 qī yuè
July Scroll

七月 is how Chinese and Japanese express July (also used in old Korean Hanja).

七月 literally means “seventh month” or “seventh moon.”

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
qī yuè
    qi1 yue4
ch`i yüeh
    chi yüeh

More info & calligraphy:

July; seventh month (of the lunar year)
(adverbial noun) July; (female given name) Natsuki

see styles

7th earthly branch: 11 a.m.-1 p.m., noon, 5th solar month (6th June-6th July), year of the Horse; ancient Chinese compass point: 180° (south)
(1) the Horse (seventh sign of the Chinese zodiac); (2) (obsolete) (See 午の刻) hour of the Horse (around noon, 11am-1pm, or 12 noon-2pm); (3) (obsolete) south; (4) (obsolete) fifth month of the lunar calendar; (personal name) Kogoe

see styles
not yet; did not; have not; not; 8th earthly branch: 1-3 p.m., 6th solar month (7th July-6th August), year of the Sheep; ancient Chinese compass point: 210°
(prefix) not yet; un-; (female given name) Mirei
Not yet; the future; 1-3 p. m.


see styles
qī xī
    qi1 xi1
ch`i hsi
    chi hsi
 nayuu / nayu
double seven festival, evening of seventh of lunar seventh month; girls' festival; Chinese Valentine's day, when Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女 are allowed their annual meeting
Star Festival (held in July or August); Tanabata; Festival of the Weaver; (female given name) Nayū


see styles
sān fú
    san1 fu2
san fu
the three annual periods of hot weather, namely 初伏[chu1 fu2], 中伏[zhong1 fu2] and 末伏[mo4 fu2], which run consecutively over a period from mid-July to late August
(place-name) Mifushi


see styles
the five festivals (January 7, March 3, May 5, July 7 and September 9)


see styles
chū fú
    chu1 fu2
ch`u fu
    chu fu
the first of the three annual periods of hot weather (三伏[san1 fu2]), which typically begins in mid-July and lasts 10 days


see styles
xià zhì
    xia4 zhi4
hsia chih
Xiazhi or Summer Solstice, 10th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 21st June-6th July
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (See 二十四節気) summer solstice; (surname) Geshi


see styles
dà shǔ
    da4 shu3
ta shu
Dashu or Great Heat, 12th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 23rd July-6th August
(1) blistering heat; (2) (See 二十四節気) "major heat" solar term (approx. July 23)


see styles
xiǎo shǔ
    xiao3 shu3
hsiao shu
 shousho / shosho
Xiaoshu or Lesser Heat, 11th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 7th-22nd July
(See 二十四節気) "minor heat" solar term (approx. July 7)


see styles
xīng jì
    xing1 ji4
hsing chi
 hoshi matsuri
Star Festival (held in July or August); Tanabata
星供 To sacrifice, or pay homage to a star, especially one's natal star.


see styles
méi yǔ
    mei2 yu3
mei yü
Asian rainy season; monsoon
(1) rainy season (in Japan from early June to mid-July); (2) rain during the rainy season; (female given name) Mayu


see styles
(out-dated kanji) Star Festival (held in July or August); Tanabata; Festival of the Weaver


see styles
Star Festival (held in July or August); Tanabata; Festival of the Weaver



see styles
jiàn rè
    jian4 re4
chien je
Increasing heat; grīṣma, the two months from middle of May to middle of July.



see styles
zhī nǚ
    zhi1 nu:3
chih nü
Vega (star); Weaving girl of folk tales
Star Festival (held in July or August); Tanabata; Festival of the Weaver; (1) female weaver; (2) (astron) Vega (star in the constellation Lyra); Alpha Lyrae; female weaver; (personal name) Shokujo


see styles
last day of the Bon festival (July 20 in most parts of Japan)



see styles
xuě dùn
    xue3 dun4
hsüeh tun
Lhasa Shoton festival or yogurt banquet, from first of July of Tibetan calendar


see styles
(1) rainy season (in Japan from early June to mid-July); (2) rain during the rainy season


see styles
Bastille Day (July 14)


see styles
qī yuè fèn
    qi1 yue4 fen4
ch`i yüeh fen
    chi yüeh fen


see styles
the five festivals (January 7, March 3, May 5, July 7 and September 9)


see styles
(ateji / phonetic) Bastille Day (July 14)



see styles
jiàn dǎng jié
    jian4 dang3 jie2
chien tang chieh
CCP Founding Day (July 1st)


see styles
Star Festival (held in July or August); Tanabata


see styles
zēng fán rén
    zeng1 fan2 ren2
tseng fan jen
Zeng Fanren, president of Shandong University from February 1998 until July 2000


see styles
 minazuki; minatsuki
    みなづき; みなつき
(adv,n) (1) (obsolete) sixth month of the lunar calendar (approx. July); (adv,n) (2) June; sixth month of Gregorian calendar; (3) {food} triangles of sweet rice jelly topped with adzuki beans (eaten in the sixth month); (female given name) Minazuki


see styles
(exp,n) Marine Day (national holiday; 3rd Monday of July); (personal name) Uminohi



see styles
yú lán pén
    yu2 lan2 pen2
yü lan p`en
    yü lan pen
see 盂蘭盆會|盂兰盆会[Yu2 lan2 pen2 hui4]
Bon festival (Buddhist ceremony held around July 15); Feast of Lanterns
(盂蘭); 鳥藍婆 (鳥藍婆拏) ullambana 盂蘭 may be another form of lambana or avalamba, "hanging down," "depending," "support"; it is intp. "to hang upside down", or "to be in suspense", referring to extreme suffering in purgatory; but there is a suggestion of the dependence of the dead on the living. By some 盆 is regarded as a Chinese word, not part of the transliteration, meaning a vessel filled with offerings of food. The term is applied to the festival of All Souls, held about the 15th of the 7th moon, when masses are read by Buddhist and Taoist priests and elaborate offerings made to the Buddhist Trinity for the purpose of releasing from purgatory the souls of those who have died on land or sea. The Ullambanapātra Sutra is attributed to Śākyamuni, of course incorrectly; it was first tr. into Chinese by Dharmaraksha, A.D. 266-313 or 317; the first masses are not reported until the time of Liang Wudi, A.D. 538; and were popularized by Amogha (A.D. 732) under the influence of the Yogācārya School. They are generally observed in China, but are unknown to Southern Buddhism. The "idea of intercession on the part of the priesthood for the benefit of" souls in hell "is utterly antagonistic to the explicit teaching of primitive Buddhism'" The origin of the custom is unknown, but it is foisted on to Śākyamuni, whose disciple Maudgalyāyana is represented as having been to purgatory to relieve his mother's sufferings. Śākyamuni told him that only the united efforts of the whole priesthood 十方衆會 could alleviate the pains of the suffering. The mere suggestion of an All Souls Day with a great national day for the monks is sufficient to account for the spread of the festival. Eitel says: "Engrafted upon the narrative ancestral worship, this ceremonial for feeding the ghost of deceased ancestors of seven generations obtained immense popularity and is now practised by everybody in China, by Taoists even and by Confucianists." All kinds of food offerings are made and paper garments, etc., burnt. The occasion, 7th moon, 15th day, is known as the盂蘭會 (or 盂蘭盆會 or 盂蘭齋 or 盂蘭盆齋) and the sutra as 盂蘭經 (or 盂蘭盆經).


see styles
(See 祇園祭) Gion Festival (in Kyoto during the month of July, with high point on the 17th)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
July七月shichigatsuqī yuè / qi1 yue4 / qi yue / qiyuech`i yüeh / chiyüeh / chi yüeh


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