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Jaku in Chinese / Japanese...

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Silent / Solitary

Japan jaku
Silent / Solitary Vertical Wall Scroll

寂 means silent, solitary, quiet, calm, still, rest, or tranquil.

This also has a strong Buddhist association where it can mean "entering into Nirvana." In that context, this is sometimes used to refer to the passing of a Buddhist monk (he is silent, as he has entered Nirvana). For the living, this is about tranquility (especially of mind).

Some will also use this to mean "elegant simplicity."

From Sanskrit, this can represent praśama, vivikta, śānti, or nibbāna (nirvāṇa).

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin/ ji4
Taiwan chi
Japanese jaku;seki / じゃく;せき    sabi / さび
Silent / Solitary Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese silent; solitary; Taiwan pr. [ji2]
Japanese (1) (entering into) nirvana; (suffix noun) (2) used after a date to indicate the death of a monk at that time; (adj-t,adv-to) (3) (usu. せき) silent; tranquil; (1) patina; antique look; (2) elegant simplicity; (3) well-trained voice; (female given name) Yoshika; (given name) Jaku
praśama; vivikta; śānti. Still, silent, quiet, solitary, calm, tranquil, nirvāṇa; to become quiet

see styles
Mandarin què // qiāo / que4 // qiao1
Taiwan ch`üeh // ch`iao / chüeh // chiao
Japanese suzume(p);suzume / すずめ(P);スズメ
Silent / Solitary Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese small bird; sparrow; also pr. [qiao3]; a freckle; lentigo
Japanese (1) tree sparrow (Passer montanus); (2) talkative person; knowledgeable person; (surname) Chie; (surname, female given name) Suzume; (surname) Jaku; (surname) Sasagi; (surname) Sasaki
a sparrow

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Mandarin ruò / ruo4
Taiwan jo
Japanese jaku / じゃく
Chinese weak; feeble; young; inferior; (following a decimal or fraction) slightly less than
Japanese (suffix noun) (1) (See 小・こ・2) little less than; fewer than; under; (2) weakness; the weak

see styles
Mandarin/ ze2
Taiwan tse
Japanese jaku
Chinese to select; to choose; to pick over; to pick out; to differentiate; to eliminate; also pr. [zhai2]
To select, pick, choose; used for pravicāra, the second of the seven bodhyaṅga, cf. 覺分; dharmapravicaya, discrimination, the faculty of discerning the true from the false; select (the good part)

see styles
Mandarin/ xi1
Taiwan hsi
Japanese seki / せき    jaku / じゃく    shiozaki / しおざき    shiosaki / しおさき    shiita / shita / しーた    ushio / うしお
Chinese night tides; evening ebbtide; Taiwan pr. [xi4]
Japanese (1) tide; current; (2) salt water; (3) opportunity; (surname) Seki; (personal name) Jaku; (surname) Shiozaki; (surname) Shiosaki; (surname, female given name) Shio; (female given name) Shi-ta; (female given name) Ushio



see styles
Mandarin jié zhuó / jie2 zhuo2
Taiwan chieh cho
Japanese kō jaku
The impure or turbid kalpa, when the age of life is decreasing and all kinds of diseases afflict men; age of impurity



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Mandarin jí c háng / ji2 c hang2
Taiwan chi c hang
Japanese jaku
site of the attainment of extinction [of afflictions]



see styles
Mandarin jí shī / ji2 shi1
Taiwan chi shih
Japanese Jaku Shi
Ji Shi


see styles
Mandarin jì niàn / ji4 nian4
Taiwan chi nien
Japanese jaku nen
Calm thoughts; to calm the mind; contemplation; silenced thought


see styles
Japanese jakuu;yowaame / jaku;yowame / じゃくう;よわあめ Japanese weak rain



see styles
Mandarin quán jī / quan2 ji1
Taiwan ch`üan chi / chüan chi
Japanese gon jaku
Temporal traces, evidences of the incarnation of a Buddha in human form.



see styles
Mandarin zháo dì / zhao2 di4
Taiwan chao ti
Japanese jaku chi
Chinese to land; to touch the ground; also pr. [zhuo2 di4]
touches the ground


see styles
Japanese jaaku / jaku / じゃあく Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) wicked; evil



see styles
Mandarin liù zhe xīn / liu4 zhe xin1
Taiwan liu che hsin
Japanese roku jaku shin
(六著) The six bonds, or the mind of the six bonds: greed, love, hate, doubt, lust, pride; six kinds of attachment of mind


see styles
Mandarin jí zhèng fǎ / ji2 zheng4 fa3
Taiwan chi cheng fa
Japanese jaku shōhō
the tranquil true dharma



see styles
Mandarin jí fǎ shī / ji2 fa3 shi1
Taiwan chi fa shih
Japanese Jaku Hōshi
Ji Fashi



see styles
Mandarin suǒ wèi zhuó / suo3 wei4 zhuo2
Taiwan so wei cho
Japanese shomi jaku
to be enjoyed



see styles
Mandarin zhù yǔ yán / zhu4 yu3 yan2
Taiwan chu yü yen
Japanese jaku gogon
attachment to language



see styles
Mandarin zhuó zhū yù / zhuo2 zhu1 yu4
Taiwan cho chu yü
Japanese jaku shoyoku
attached [addicted] to desires



see styles
Mandarin lí zhū zhuó / li2 zhu1 zhuo2
Taiwan li chu cho
Japanese ri sho jaku
free from all attachments


see styles
Japanese jaaku / jaku / ジャーク Japanese jerk; (personal name) Jarke


see styles
Mandarin yī xiàng qù jí / yi1 xiang4 qu4 ji2
Taiwan i hsiang ch`ü chi / i hsiang chü chi
Japanese ikkō shu jaku
path aimed for extinction



see styles
Mandarin dà yuán jí rù / da4 yuan2 ji2 ru4
Taiwan ta yüan chi ju
Japanese dai en jaku nyū
great extinction



see styles
Mandarin zhāo bìn à yī / zhao1 bin4 a4 yi1
Taiwan chao pin a i
Japanese jaku heinō e
wearing robes made of rags



see styles
Mandarin suí xì lùn zhuó / sui2 xi4 lun4 zhuo2
Taiwan sui hsi lun cho
Japanese zui keron jaku
attachment according to conceptual elaborations



see styles
Mandarin fán nǎo běn lái kōng jí / fan2 nao3 ben3 lai2 kong1 ji2
Taiwan fan nao pen lai k`ung chi / fan nao pen lai kung chi
Japanese bonnō honrai kū jaku
afflictions are originally empty

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jakujì / ji4 / jichi

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