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Intensity in Chinese / Japanese...

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China qiáng liè
Japan kyouretsu
Intensity Vertical Wall Scroll

強烈 means intensity in regards to strength.

Note: In some context, this can mean violently strong or severe.

Fearless / Daring

Japan dai tan fu teki
Fearless / Daring Vertical Wall Scroll

大膽不敵 is a Japanese word that can mean a few things depending on how you read it. Popular translations include fearless; audacity (the attitude of a) daredevil, daring.

The first two Kanji create a word that means: bold; fearless; daring; audacious.

The last two Kanji create a word that means: no match for; cannot beat; daring; fearless; intrepid; bold; tough.

As with many Japanese words, the two similar-meaning words work together to multiple the meaning and intensity of the whole 4-Kanji word.

Gutsy / Daring / Bold

China pò lì
Japan hakuryoku
Gutsy / Daring / Bold Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese word is a form of personal strength.

It is a word that describes a person who is willing to take a risk. In English, we might say, "Someone with guts."

An example might be a person that is not rich but invests a lot of money into something (knowing they could double their money, or lose it all). Win or lose, this is a person that knows or pushes their potential.

Tearing this word apart, the first character means "to compel," urgent, urge, force, imminent, or "spur on." The second means power, strong, bear, or exert.

Note: 迫力 is also a word in Japanese Kanji and Korean Hanja but with a meaning more like force, intensity, appeal, strength, impact, force, or simply power.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Japanese hakuryoku / はくりょく
Gutsy / Daring / Bold Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese impressiveness; impact; force; intensity; appeal; strength; punch; edge; vigor

see styles
Mandarin duó // dù / duo2 // du4
Taiwan to // tu
Japanese do / ど    tabi(p);tanbi / たび(P);たんび
Chinese to estimate; Taiwan pr. [duo4]; to pass; to spend (time); measure; limit; extent; degree of intensity; degree (angles, temperature etc); kilowatt-hour; classifier for events and occurrences
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) degree (angle, temperature, scale, etc.); (counter) (2) counter for occurrences; (n,n-suf) (3) strength (of glasses); glasses prescription; (4) alcohol content (percentage); alcohol by volume; (5) (See 度を過ごす) extent; degree; limit; (6) (See 度を失う) presence of mind; composure; (n,n-suf,ctr) time (three times, each time, etc.); times; (given name) Wataru; (surname) Watari; (given name) Tokou; (surname) Tabi; (surname) Taku
pāramitā, 波羅蜜; intp. by 渡 to ferry over; to save. The mortal life of reincarnations is the sea; nirvana is the other shore; v. pāramitā, 波. Also, to leave the world as a monk or nun, such is a 度得 or 度者.

see styles
Mandarin zhú / zhu2
Taiwan chu
Japanese shoku / しょく
Chinese candle; (literary) to illuminate
Japanese (1) light; lamp; (n,n-suf) (2) obsolete unit of luminous intensity (approx. 1.0067 candela); (personal name) Shiki
a candle


see styles
Japanese kouryoku / koryoku / こうりょく Japanese the intensity or illuminating power of light


see styles
Mandarin guāng dù / guang1 du4
Taiwan kuang tu
Japanese koudo / kodo / こうど
Chinese luminosity
Japanese intensity of light


see styles
Mandarin guāng liàng / guang1 liang4
Taiwan kuang liang
Japanese kouryou / koryo / こうりょう
Chinese quantity of light; luminosity
Japanese intensity (e.g. radiation, light); amount of light (radiation)



see styles
Mandarin shēng jí / sheng1 ji2
Taiwan sheng chi
Chinese to escalate (in intensity); to go up by one grade; to be promoted; to upgrade (computing)



see styles
Mandarin qiáng dù / qiang2 du4
Taiwan ch`iang tu / chiang tu
Japanese kyoudo / kyodo / きょうど
Chinese strength; intensity; CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese (1) strength; intensity; (can be adjective with の) (2) strong (e.g. glasses); powerful (e.g. lens); intense (e.g. fear); extreme



see styles
Mandarin qiáng ruò / qiang2 ruo4
Taiwan ch`iang jo / chiang jo
Japanese kyoujaku / kyojaku / きょうじゃく
Chinese strong or weak; intensity; amount of force or pressure
Japanese (1) strength and weakness; (degree of) strength; (2) stress (of a sound); loudness



see styles
Mandarin huǒ shì / huo3 shi4
Taiwan huo shih
Japanese kasei / kase / かせい
Chinese intensity of a fire; lively; flourishing
Japanese force of a fire; force of flames
energy of fire


see styles
Mandarin huǒ sè / huo3 se4
Taiwan huo se
Japanese hiiro / hiro / ひいろ
Chinese (dialect) intensity of the fire (in cooking, kiln firing etc)
Japanese color of flames; colour of flames


see styles
Mandarin liè dù / lie4 du4
Taiwan lieh tu
Chinese intensity


see styles
Mandarin zhào dù / zhao4 du4
Taiwan chao tu
Japanese shoudo / shodo / しょうど
Chinese level of illumination; (physics) illuminance
Japanese (intensity of) illumination; illuminance



see styles
Mandarin zhú guāng / zhu2 guang1
Taiwan chu kuang
Japanese shokkou / shokko / しょっこう
Chinese candle light; candle-lit (vigil etc); candela, unit of luminous intensity (cd)
Japanese candlepower


see styles
Japanese haikou / haiko / はいこう Japanese light distribution (e.g. in candle-power or candela); luminous intensity distribution; spatial distribution of luminous intensity


see styles
Japanese shindo / しんど Japanese (See 震度階級) seismic intensity


see styles
Japanese gentani / げんたんい Japanese output level (e.g. in manufacturing); consumption rate (e.g. fuel, power); intensity


see styles
Japanese kibishisa / きびしさ Japanese severity; strictness; intensity


see styles
Japanese koujiru / kojiru / こうじる Japanese (v1,vi) to grow in intensity; to be aggravated; to get worse; to develop


see styles
Japanese kouzuru / kozuru / こうずる Japanese (Ichidan verb - zuru verb) (obscure) to grow in intensity; to be aggravated; to get worse; to develop


see styles
Japanese nissharyou / nissharyo / にっしゃりょう Japanese intensity of solar radiation; quantity of solar radiation; flux of insolation


see styles
Japanese koujiru / kojiru / こうじる Japanese (v1,vi) to grow in intensity; to be aggravated; to get worse; to develop


see styles
Japanese kouzuru / kozuru / こうずる Japanese (Ichidan verb - zuru verb) (obscure) to grow in intensity; to be aggravated; to get worse; to develop


see styles
Japanese koujiru / kojiru / こうじる Japanese (v1,vi) to grow in intensity; to be aggravated; to get worse; to develop


see styles
Japanese kouzuru / kozuru / こうずる Japanese (Ichidan verb - zuru verb) (obscure) to grow in intensity; to be aggravated; to get worse; to develop


see styles
Japanese koufuka / kofuka / こうふか Japanese (can act as adjective) high-capacity; high-intensity; high-load


see styles
Japanese shingoukyoudo / shingokyodo / しんごうきょうど Japanese signal strength; signal intensity; SS


see styles
Mandarin dì zhèn liè dù / di4 zhen4 lie4 du4
Taiwan ti chen lieh tu
Chinese earthquake intensity (measure of its destructive power)


see styles
Japanese ijoushiniki / ijoshiniki / いじょうしんいき Japanese region of anomalous seismic intensity



see styles
Mandarin fā guāng qiáng dù / fa1 guang1 qiang2 du4
Taiwan fa kuang ch`iang tu / fa kuang chiang tu
Chinese luminous intensity

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Gutsy / Daring / Bold Vertical Wall Scroll
Gutsy / Daring / Bold Vertical Wall Scroll

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
kyouretsu / kyoretsuqiáng liè
qiang2 lie4
qiang lie
ch`iang lieh
chiang lieh
dai tan fu teki
迫力hakuryokupò lì / po4 li4 / po li / polip`o li / poli / po li
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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