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Horizontal in Chinese / Japanese...

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China shuǐ píng
Japan mizuhira
Horizontal Vertical Wall Scroll

水平 means level, standard; horizontal, or horizontality.

水平 is also a surname in Japanese which romanizes as Midzuhira or Mizuhira.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin shuǐ píng / shui3 ping2
Taiwan shui p`ing / shui ping
Japanese suihei / suihe / すいへい
Horizontal Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese level (of achievement etc); standard; horizontal
Japanese (adj-na,adj-no,n) horizontal; level; even; (surname) Mizuhira

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Mandarin miǎn / mian3
Taiwan mien
Japanese ben / べん
Chinese crown in the form of a horizontal board with hanging decorations; imperial crown
Japanese (See 冕冠) crown; (given name) Ben

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Mandarin biǎn / bian3
Taiwan pien
Chinese horizontal rectangular inscribed tablet hung over a door or on a wall; shallow round woven bamboo basket

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Mandarin jiàn / jian4
Taiwan chien
Chinese material (such as rocks, earth, bamboo etc) used to hastily repair a dike; (literary) door bar (vertical bar used to prevent the horizontal movement of a door bolt)

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Mandarin shǔn / shun3
Taiwan shun
Japanese yakata / やかた
Chinese draw forth; horizontal railing
Japanese shield; buckler; escutcheon; pretext; (personal name) Yakata

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Japanese yoko / よこ Japanese (1) (See 横になる) horizontal (as opposed to vertical); lying down; (2) (See 首を横に振る) side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back); width; breadth; (3) side (of a box, etc.); (4) beside; aside; next to; (5) (See 横から口を挟む) unconnected; (surname) Yoko

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Mandarin/ ce4
Taiwan ts`e / tse
Japanese saku / さく
Chinese policy; plan; scheme; bamboo slip for writing (old); to whip (a horse); to encourage; riding crop with sharp spines (old); essay written for the imperial examinations (old); upward horizontal stroke in calligraphy
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) plan; policy; means; measure; stratagem; scheme; (2) (See 永字八法) fifth principle of the Eight Principles of Yong; right upward flick; (given name) Tsukane
A treatise, book, memo, tablet, card; a plan, scheme; question; whip; etc.

see styles
Mandarin wěi / wei3
Taiwan wei
Japanese tsukane / つかね
Chinese latitude; woof (horizontal thread in weaving); weft
Japanese weft; woof (crosswise threads on a loom); (female given name) Tsukane

see styles
Mandarin yuè / yue4
Taiwan yüeh
Japanese teki / てき
Chinese to jump
Japanese (See 永字八法) fourth principle of the Eight Principles of Yong; hook at the end of a vertical or horizontal stroke

see styles
Mandarin é / e2
Taiwan o
Japanese hitai / ひたい
Chinese forehead; horizontal tablet or inscribed board; specified number or amount
Japanese forehead; brow; (surname) Nuka
The forehead; a fixed (number); suddenly; translit. a; v. 阿, 安, etc; the forehead


see styles
Japanese jouran / joran / じょうらん Japanese top or preceding horizontal column


see styles
Mandarin zhōng duàn / zhong1 duan4
Taiwan chung tuan
Japanese chuudan / chudan / ちゅうだん
Chinese middle section; middle period; middle area; mid-
Japanese half-way up a slope or stairway; landing; center of three (horizontal) columns (of print) (centre); (place-name, surname) Nakadan


see styles
Mandarin jiǔ zì / jiu3 zi4
Taiwan chiu tzu
Japanese ku ji
The nine magical characters 臨兵鬪者皆陳列在前 implying that the armed forces are arrayed against the powers of evil. After reciting these words, four vertical and five horizontal lines, forming a grid, are drawn in the air to show that the forces are arrayed. It was used among Taoists and soldiers, and is still used in Japan, especially when going into the mountains; nine words



see styles
Mandarin qīng jiǎo / qing1 jiao3
Taiwan ch`ing chiao / ching chiao
Japanese keikaku / kekaku / けいかく
Chinese dip; angle of dip (inclination of a geological plane down from horizontal); tilt (inclination of ship from vertical)
Japanese inclination


see styles
Japanese happun / はっぷん Japanese (temporal noun) (1) eight minutes; (2) (See 六体) triangular-swept clerical script (clerical script whose horizontal lines end in a noticeable triangular tail)



see styles
Mandarin biǎn é / bian3 e2
Taiwan pien o
Chinese a horizontal inscribed board



see styles
Mandarin dān gàng / dan1 gang4
Taiwan tan kang
Chinese bar; bold line; horizontal bar (gymnastics event)



see styles
Mandarin jī xiàn / ji1 xian4
Taiwan chi hsien
Japanese kisen / きせん
Chinese base (of a triangle); base line (in geodetic survey); horizontal
Japanese base line; (place-name) Kisen


see styles
Japanese futobue / ふとぶえ Japanese (obscure) (See 神楽笛) kagura flute (six-holed horizontal flute)


see styles
Japanese hirausu / ひらうす Japanese horizontal stone hand mill


see styles
Japanese zaita / ざいた Japanese (1) seat (horizontal part of a chair); (2) (See 床板) floorboard



see styles
Mandarin biǎn é / bian3 e2
Taiwan pien o
Japanese hengaku / へんがく
Chinese variant of 匾額|匾额[bian3 e2]
Japanese framed picture or motto (usu. horizontal, hung over gates or lintels)



see styles
Mandarin shǒu juǎn / shou3 juan3
Taiwan shou chüan
Japanese temaki / てまき
Chinese hand scroll (horizontal format for Chinese landscape painting); hand roll (Japanese: temaki, style of fish cuisine); hand rolled cigarette; hand roll (many contexts); roll up
Japanese (surname) Temaki


see styles
Japanese ouretsu / oretsu / おうれつ Japanese (See 縦列) rank (e.g. of soldiers); horizontal line


see styles
Japanese yokobori / よこぼり Japanese (See 竪堀) moat; horizontal trench; (place-name, surname) Yokobori


see styles
Mandarin héng pái / heng2 pai2
Taiwan heng p`ai / heng pai
Chinese horizontal setting (printing)


see styles
Japanese oubun / obun / おうぶん Japanese horizontal (Western) writing


see styles
Japanese yokobari / よこばり Japanese horizontal beam; stringpiece; trave


see styles
Japanese yokobou / yokobo / よこぼう Japanese (See 縦棒) bar set in a horizontal position; horizontal bar


see styles
Japanese yokomono / よこもの Japanese (1) something wider than it is high; (2) artwork with a horizontal aspect (e.g. scroll)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Horizontal水平mizuhirashuǐ píng
shui3 ping2
shui ping
shui p`ing
shui ping

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