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Haru in Chinese / Japanese...

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Beauty / Beautiful Princess

China yuàn
Japan hime / haru
Beauty / Beautiful Princess Vertical Wall Scroll

媛 means, a beauty; beautiful (woman); princess; young lady of noble birth; girl; small & lovely.

媛 is used a bit more commonly in Chinese than Japanese.

Note: This can be the female given name "Hime" in Japanese.

Spring Season

China chūn
Japan haru
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll

春 is the word/character used to describe the Spring season in Chinese and Japanese.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Japanese hime / ひめ    haru / はる    hanaoka / はなおか    en / えん
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese a beauty; beautiful (woman)
Japanese (out-dated kanji) (1) princess; young lady of noble birth; (n-suf,n) (2) girl; (prefix) (3) small; cute; lesser (in names of species); (4) (archaism) (kyb:) prostitute; (female given name) Hime; (female given name) Haru; (personal name) Hanaoka; (female given name) En

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Japanese haruji / はるじ    haru / はる    naoshi / なおし    nao / なお    takashi / たかし    shiyou / shiyo / しよう    shouji / shoji / しょうじ    shouitsu / shoitsu / しょういつ    shouichi / shoichi / しょういち    shou / sho / しょう    shunji / しゅんじ    shun / しゅん    katsuyasu / かつやす    katsuya / かつや    katsuhito / かつひと    katsunobu / かつのぶ    katsunari / かつなり    katsuichi / かついち    katsui / かつい    atsushi / あつし
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese still; yet; to value; to esteem; surname Shang
Japanese (adv,conj) (kana only) furthermore; still; yet; more; still more; in addition; greater; further; (personal name) Haruji; (personal name) Haru; (given name) Naoshi; (given name) Nao; (s,m) Takashi; (personal name) Shiyou; (personal name) Shouji; (personal name) Shouitsu; (personal name) Shouichi; (surname, given name) Shou; (personal name) Shunji; (personal name) Shun; (personal name) Katsuyasu; (personal name) Katsuya; (personal name) Katsuhito; (personal name) Katsunobu; (personal name) Katsunari; (personal name) Katsuichi; (personal name) Katsui; (given name) Atsushi
to beg

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Japanese haru / はる
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese spring (season); gay; joyful; youthful; love; lust; life; surname Chun
Japanese (n-adv,n-t) (1) spring; springtime; (2) New Year; (3) prime (of one's life, etc.); (4) adolescence; puberty; (5) sexuality; (personal name) Haruji; (surname) Harusaki; (female given name) Haru; (female given name) Hajime; (given name) Nagoshi; (female given name) Toki; (personal name) Chiyun; (given name) Shunmin; (female given name) Shun; (female given name) Kazu; (female given name) Azuma

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Mandarin měi / mei3
Taiwan mei
Japanese bi / び
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese beautiful; very satisfactory; good; to beautify; to be pleased with oneself; the Americas; abbr. for 美洲[Mei3 zhou1]; USA; abbr. for 美國|美国[Mei3 guo2]
Japanese (n,n-suf) beauty; (female given name) Yoshimi; (surname) Yoshihama; (personal name) Yoshitsugu; (female given name) Yoshi; (female given name) Mei; (female given name) Miyoshi; (female given name) Myuu; (female given name) Miho; (personal name) Misumi; (female given name) Misao (Misawo); (surname) Misaki; (given name) Miki; (female given name) Mii; (personal name) Mia; (surname) Mi; (personal name) Biki; (given name) Bi; (female given name) Harumi; (female given name) Haru; (female given name) Chura; (given name) Kiyoshi; (given name) Umashi
Fine, handsome, beautiful, admirable. madhura, sweet, pleasant.

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Mandarin huā / hua1
Taiwan hua
Japanese ririka / りりか    manaka / まなか    peko / ぺこ    heren / へれん    furawa / ふらわ    hanna / はんな    haru / はる    hana / はな    kanna / かんな    kasumi / かすみ    aya / あや
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese flower; blossom; CL:朵[duo3],支[zhi1],束[shu4],把[ba3],盆[pen2],簇[cu4]; fancy pattern; florid; to spend (money, time); surname Hua
Japanese (1) flower; blossom; bloom; petal; (2) cherry blossom; (3) beauty; (4) blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms); (5) ikebana; (6) (abbreviation) Japanese playing cards; (7) (the) best; (female given name) Ririka; (female given name) Manaka; (female given name) Peko; (female given name) Heren; (female given name) Furawa; (female given name) Hanna; (female given name) Haru; (p,s,f) Hana; (female given name) Kanna; (personal name) Kasumi; (female given name) Aya
華 puṣpa, a flower, flowers; especially the lotus, and celestial flowers. 花座 The lotus throne on which buddhas and bodhisattvas sit.

see styles
Mandarin huā // huà // huá / hua1 // hua4 // hua2
Taiwan hua
Japanese ririka / りりか    ran / らん    madoka / まどか    furooria / ふろーりあ    fua / ふあ    hikari / ひかり    hanna / はんな    haruka / はるか    haru / はる    hana / はな    teru / てる    kemeko / けめこ    kirara / きらら    kana / かな    kasumi / かすみ    kazashi / かざし    kaoru / かおる    ka / か    aki / あき
Chinese magnificent; splendid; flowery; old variant of 花[hua1]; flower; Mt Hua 華山|华山 in Shaanxi; surname Hua; abbr. for China
Japanese (1) flower; blossom; bloom; petal; (2) cherry blossom; (3) beauty; (4) blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms); (5) ikebana; (6) (abbreviation) Japanese playing cards; (7) (the) best; (female given name) Ririka; (female given name) Ran; (female given name) Madoka; (female given name) Furo-ria; (personal name) Fua; (female given name) Hikari; (female given name) Hanna; (female given name) Haruka; (female given name) Haru; (surname, female given name) Hana; (female given name) Teru; (female given name) Kemeko; (female given name) Kirara; (female given name) Kana; (personal name) Kasumi; (female given name) Kazashi; (m,f) Kaoru; (surname, given name) Ka; (female given name) Aki
kusuma; puṣpa; padma; a flower, blossom; flowery; especially the lotus; also 花, which also means pleasure, vice; to spend, waste, profligate. 華 also means splendour, glory, ornate; to decorate; China.

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Mandarin yáng / yang2
Taiwan yang
Japanese you / yo / よう
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese positive (electric.); sun; male principle (Taoism); Yang, opposite: 陰|阴[yin1]
Japanese (1) (ant: 陰・いん・1) yang (i.e. the positive); (2) (See 陽に) the open (i.e. a visible place); (female given name) Himari; (female given name) Hinata; (female given name) Hina; (given name) Hitaka; (female given name) Hizashi; (surname, female given name) Hikaru; (female given name) Hikari; (personal name) Hi; (female given name) Haruhi; (female given name) Haruna; (female given name) Haruki; (female given name) Haruka; (surname, female given name) Haru; (given name) Noboru; (given name) Takashi; (male given name) Kiyoshi; (female given name) Ataru; (female given name) Akira; (female given name) Akimi; (female given name) Akiho; (female given name) Aki; (female given name) Akari
The side on which the sun shines, the sun, heat, this life, positive, masculine, dynamic, etc; yang

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Mandarin qīng / qing1
Taiwan ch`ing / ching
Japanese haru / はる    seigai / segai / せいがい    sei / se / せい    jou / jo / じょう    shou / sho / しょう    aoyanagi / あおやなぎ    aoyagi / あおやぎ    aomine / あおみね    aozaki / あおざき    aosaki / あおさき    aogi / あおぎ    aoi / あおい    ao / あお    aeyagi / あえやぎ
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese abbr. for 青海[Qing1 hai3], Qinghai Province
Japanese (n,adj-no,adj-na) (1) blue; (2) green; (3) (abbreviation) green light; (4) black (horse coat color); (prefix) (5) immature; unripe; young; (female given name) Haru; (given name) Seigai; (surname, female given name) Sei; (female given name) Jou; (given name) Shou; (surname) Aoyanagi; (surname) Aoyagi; (personal name) Aomine; (surname) Aozaki; (surname) Aosaki; (surname) Aogi; (surname, female given name) Aoi; (surname, female given name) Ao; (surname) Aeyagi

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Mandarin yuán / yuan2
Taiwan yüan
Japanese hara / はら    gen / げん
Chinese former; original; primary; raw; level; cause; source; Hara (Japanese surname)
Japanese field; plain; prairie; tundra; moor; wilderness; (prefix) original; primitive; primary; fundamental; raw; (surname) Yanagiwara; (surname) Yanagimura; (place-name, surname) Baru; (place-name) Haru; (place-name) Harano; (surname) Harazaki; (surname) Harasaki; (place-name, surname) Hara; (personal name) Hajime; (surname, given name) Gen; (surname) Kizakipara
Origin, original.

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Japanese yutaka / ゆたか    yuuji / yuji / ゆうじ    yuu / yu / ゆう    hiroshi / ひろし    hisashi / ひさし    haruka / はるか    haru / はる    nodoka / のどか    tooi / とおい    chikashi / ちかし    shinobu / しのぶ Chinese long or drawn out; remote in time or space; leisurely; to swing; pensive; worried
Japanese (personal name) Yutaka; (personal name) Yuuji; (female given name) Yuu; (personal name) Hiroshi; (female given name) Hisashi; (m,f) Haruka; (female given name) Haru; (female given name) Nodoka; (female given name) Tooi; (personal name) Chikashi; (female given name) Shinobu

see styles
Japanese haru / はる    seshiru / せしる    se / せ    suu / su / すう    su / す    jin / じん    shii / shi / しい    shi / し    ei / e / えい Chinese to grant; to give; to bestow; to act; to carry out; surname Shi
Japanese (surname) Haru; (female given name) Seshiru; (surname) Se; (surname) Suu; (surname) Su; (surname) Jin; (surname) Shii; (surname) Shi; (surname) Ei
dāna 檀那 Alms; charity. To give, bestow. See also 實.

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Mandarin yàn / yan4
Taiwan yen
Japanese haru / はる    shizuka / しずか    an / あん
Chinese late; quiet; surname Yan
Japanese (female given name) Haru; (female given name) Shizuka; (surname, female given name) An

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Mandarin qíng / qing2
Taiwan ch`ing / ching
Japanese haremaki / はれまき    hareshi / はれし    hare / はれ    haruru / はるる    harumi / はるみ    harumaki / はるまき    haruka / はるか    haru / はる    hanako / はなこ    seiji / seji / せいじ    sei / se / せい    sumika / すみか    kiyoshi / きよし
Chinese clear; fine (weather)
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) clear weather; fine weather; (adj-no,n) (2) formal; ceremonial; public; (3) cleared of suspicion; (surname) Haremaki; (given name) Hareshi; (surname, given name) Hare; (female given name) Haruru; (personal name) Harumi; (surname) Harumaki; (female given name) Haruka; (female given name) Haru; (female given name) Hanako; (personal name) Seiji; (female given name) Sei; (personal name) Sumika; (male given name) Kiyoshi

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Mandarin nuǎn / nuan3
Taiwan nuan
Japanese yutori / ゆとり    hinata / ひなた    haruna / はるな    haruka / はるか    haru / はる    non / のん    nodoka / のどか    dan / だん    urara / うらら    ifu / いふ    ibi / いび    inoo / いのお    io / いお    atsu / あつ    atata / あたた
Chinese warm; to warm
Japanese warming; warmth; (personal name) Yutori; (female given name) Hinata; (female given name) Haruna; (female given name) Haruka; (female given name) Haru; (female given name) Non; (female given name) Nodoka; (female given name) Dan; (female given name) Urara; (female given name) Ifu; (personal name) Ibi; (personal name) Inoo; (personal name) Io; (personal name) Atsu; (female given name) Atata
Warm; to warm.

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Mandarin zhì / zhi4
Taiwan chih
Japanese haru / はる    hajime / はじめ    naoru / なおる    tadasu / ただす    osame / おさめ    osamu / おさむ    isao / いさお
Chinese to rule; to govern; to manage; to control; to harness (a river); to treat (a disease); to wipe out (a pest); to punish; to research
Japanese (surname, given name) Haru; (given name) Hajime; (given name) Naoru; (given name) Tadasu; (given name) Osame; (given name) Osamu; (given name) Isao
Rule, govern; prepare; treat, cure; repress, punish; to govern

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Mandarin liú / liu2
Taiwan liu
Japanese ru / る    ryuu / ryu / りゅう
Chinese to flow; to disseminate; to circulate or spread; to move or drift; to degenerate; to banish or send into exile; stream of water or something resembling one; class, rate or grade
Japanese (archaism) (See 五刑) exile; (n-suf,n) (1) fashion; way; style; manner; (2) school (of thought); (suffix noun) (3) (usu. after a number) (See 一流・1) class; rank; rate; (4) (See 海流・かいりゅう) current (electrical, water, etc.); flow; stream; (surname, given name) Ryuu; (personal name) Meguru; (surname) Mizuyuki; (female given name) Haru; (surname, female given name) Nagare
Flow; float; spread; wander; to flow; a current

see styles
Japanese nuku / ぬく Japanese (archaism) (derogatory term) (See 温い・1) idiot; dummy; slow person; (female given name) Yutaka; (female given name) Megumi; (female given name) Haru; (female given name) Nodoka; (surname) Nurui; (surname) Nukumi; (female given name) Nuku; (given name) Narau; (personal name) Tsutsumu; (female given name) Tadzunu; (personal name) Tadasu; (personal name) Tazunu; (given name) Sunao; (surname, given name) On; (surname) Uen; (personal name) Atsumu; (given name) Atsushi; (female given name) Atsu; (female given name) Atata

see styles
Mandarin miǎn / mian3
Taiwan mien
Japanese haru / はる
Chinese distant; remote; detailed; Myanmar (formerly Burma) (abbr. for 緬甸|缅甸[Mian3 dian4])
Japanese (place-name) Haru

see styles
Mandarin liáng / liang2
Taiwan liang
Japanese ryou / ryo / りょう
Chinese good; very; very much
Japanese (can act as adjective) (1) good; (2) B grade (in an A, B, C ... system); (personal name) Riyou; (personal name) Ryouji; (surname, female given name) Ryou; (personal name) Yoshimine; (given name) Yoshimi; (personal name) Yoshinori; (personal name) Yoshitsugu; (personal name) Yoshiji; (surname, given name) Yoshi; (surname) Yaya; (personal name) Masaru; (surname, female given name) Makoto; (female given name) Haru; (given name) Hajime; (personal name) Nagashi; (given name) Naoshi; (given name) Tsukasa; (given name) Sunao
Good, virtuous, beneficial.

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Mandarin/ ba4
Taiwan pa
Japanese ha / は
Chinese variant of 霸[ba4]
Japanese (1) (See 覇を唱える) supremacy (over a nation); hegemony; domination; leadership; (2) championship; victory; (female given name) Haru; (personal name) Suburu

see styles
Mandarin yáo / yao2
Taiwan yao
Japanese you / yo / よう    haruka / はるか    haru / はる
Chinese distant; remote; far; far away
Japanese (female given name) You; (female given name) Haru

see styles
Mandarin kāi / kai1
Taiwan k`ai / kai
Japanese hiraku / ひらく    hiraki / ひらき    haruki / はるき    haru / はる    hari / はり    satoru / さとる    kai / かい
Chinese to open; to start; to turn on; to boil; to write out (a prescription, check, invoice etc); to operate (a vehicle); carat (gold); abbr. for Kelvin, 開爾文|开尔文[Kai1 er3 wen2]; abbr. for 開本|开本[kai1 ben3], book format
Japanese (surname, given name) Hiraku; (place-name, surname) Hiraki; (given name) Haruki; (surname) Haru; (surname) Hari; (given name) Satoru; (surname) Kai
To open, begin, institute, unfold, disclose; dismiss; write out; unloose; to heat, boil; to disclose


see styles
Japanese haru / はる Japanese (v5r,aux-v,suf) (honorific or respectful language) (ksb:) (See なさる) to do; (female given name) Haru


see styles
Japanese haru / ハル Japanese (female given name) Haru; Hal; (place-name) Hull (Canada)


see styles
Japanese haru / はる    joshun / じょしゅん Japanese (female given name) Haru; (given name) Joshun


see styles
Japanese haru / はる Japanese (female given name) Haru


see styles
Japanese haruna / はるな    haruki / はるき    haru / はる    shunrai / しゅんらい Japanese (female given name) Haruna; (f,p) Haruki; (female given name) Haru; (given name) Shunrai


see styles
Japanese haruu / haru / はるう Japanese (female given name) Haruu


see styles
Japanese haruka / はるか    haru / はる Japanese (female given name) Haru


see styles
Japanese hareru / はれる    haru / はる Japanese (female given name) Hareru; (female given name) Haru

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Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll
Spring Season Vertical Wall Scroll

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Beautiful Princess
hime / haruyuàn / yuan4 / yuanyüan
Spring Seasonharuchūn / chun1 / chunch`un / chun

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