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Everything Happens for a Reason

monogoto ha subete riyuu ga at te okiru
Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll

物事は全て理由があって起きる means everything happens for a reason.

However, this is a work-in-progress. We're still trying to decide the best way to express this in Japanese. If you order this, we might have a discussion about the best version that fits you. Here's how the characters break down by meaning (keep in mind, Japanese grammar and sentence construction is very different from English, so it doesn't make complete sense in English)...

物事 = things, everything
は particle
全て all, the whole, entirely
理由 reason
が particle
あっ be, exist, have, take place, happens
て particle
起きる to occur, to happen; to take place (usually unfavorable incidents)

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Shit Happens

shì shì nán liào
Shit Happens Scroll

世事難料 is a polite Chinese version of, "shit happens". This phrase just suggests that things happen (for no reason, and for which we have no control).

The first two characters mean: the affairs of life; things of the world; worldly affairs; ways of the world.

The third character means: disaster; distress; problem; difficulty; difficult; hardships; troubles; defect.

The last character in this context means: to expect; to anticipate; to guess.

If you put this back together, you have something like, "In life, troubles (should be) expected".

Everything Happens for a Reason

wàn shì jiē yīn guǒ
Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll

The first two characters mean "all things" or "everything".

The middle character kind of means, "in all cases".

The last two characters create a complex word that can be defined many ways such as, "karma", "cause and effect", "fate", "every cause has its effect, as every effect arises from a cause".

Keep in mind, Chinese grammar is a bit different than English, so trust me that this makes a natural proverb that means, "Everything happens for a reason" in Chinese.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Everything Happens for a Reason物事は全て理由があって起きるmonogoto ha subete riyuu ga at te okiru
monogoto ha subete riyu ga at te okiru
Shit Happens世事難料
shì shì nán liào
shi4 shi4 nan2 liao4
shi shi nan liao
shih shih nan liao
Everything Happens for a Reason萬事皆因果
wàn shì jiē yīn guǒ
wan4 shi4 jie1 yin1 guo3
wan shi jie yin guo
wan shih chieh yin kuo
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
qiǎo / qiao3
ch`iao / chiao
 kou / ko / こう
opportunely; coincidentally; as it happens; skillful; timely
skilfulness; skillfulness; cleverness; (personal name) Takumu
Skilful, clever; skillful


see styles
 oshirushi / おしるし (1) (kana only) (See 破水) a show; blood-stained mucus discharge that happens during pregnancy up to two weeks before delivery; (2) signature mark (crest) used by members of the Imperial family to mark their belongings; (3) (See しるし・1) a sign (with honorific 'o')


see styles
yī dàn / yi1 dan4
i tan
 ittan / いったん
in case (something happens); if; once (something happens, then...); when; in a short time; in one day
(adverb) (1) (kana only) once; (adverb) (2) (kana only) for a short time; briefly; temporarily; (3) (archaism) one morning; (place-name) Ittan
once (something should happen...)


see styles
biàn rén / bian4 ren2
pien jen
sb who happens to be on hand for an errand



see styles
huí shù / hui2 shu4
hui shu
number of times (something happens); number of chapters in a classical novel; (math.) palindromic number
See: 回数



see styles
chǎng miàn / chang3 mian4
ch`ang mien / chang mien
 bamen / ばめん
scene; spectacle; occasion; situation
(1) scene; setting; place (where something happens); scenario; case; (2) scene (in a movie, play); shot; (3) state of the market


see styles
 tabini(p);tanbini / たびに(P);たんびに (adverb) (kana only) each time; every time; whenever (something happens); on the occasion of


see styles
wèi rán / wei4 ran2
wei jan
 mizen / みぜん
in advance; before it happens (cf preventative measures); forestalling
before it happens; previously
not yet so; not yet occurred


see styles
zhèng hǎo / zheng4 hao3
cheng hao
 masayoshi / まさよし
just (in time); just right; just enough; to happen to; to chance to; by chance; it just so happens that
(s,m) Masayoshi


see styles
yǎn kàn / yan3 kan4
yen k`an / yen kan
soon; in a moment; to look on as something happens



see styles
shì zhí / shi4 zhi2
shih chih
just at that time; as it happens; by good luck, just then


see styles
 zamamiro / ざまみろ (expression) (kana only) serves you right!; see what happens!


see styles
 zamamiro / ざまみろ (expression) (kana only) serves you right!; see what happens!


see styles
zì zuò niè / zi4 zuo4 nie4
tzu tso nieh
disaster one brings on oneself; to be reponsible for something bad that happens to oneself; to have only oneself to blame


see styles
 aruaru / あるある (expression) oh yeah; of course it is so; cheer up, that's average; it happens; it's possible; don't worry, it happens


see styles
 izakamakura / いざかまくら case that something major happens; event of an emergency; when it comes to the crunch


see styles
 zamamiro / ざまみろ (expression) (kana only) serves you right!; see what happens!


see styles
 sonotsudo / そのつど (expression) each time it happens; at all such times


see styles
 toshitara / としたら (conjunction) if it happens that; if we make ...; if we take ...; if we assume ...; what if ...?


see styles
 tosureba / とすれば (conjunction) if it happens that; if we make ...; if we take ...; if we assume ...


see styles
yī fǎn wǎng cháng / yi1 fan3 wang3 chang2
i fan wang ch`ang / i fan wang chang
contrary to usual; unlike what usually happens


see styles
 kotoganai / ことがない (exp,adj-i) (1) (kana only) (something) has never occurred; to have never done (something); such a thing has not happened; (2) (kana only) never happens; there is never a time when


see styles
 kotoganai / ことがない (exp,adj-i) (1) (kana only) (something) has never occurred; to have never done (something); such a thing has not happened; (2) (kana only) never happens; there is never a time when


see styles
 kotohanai / ことはない (exp,adj-i) (1) (kana only) there is no need to ...; (2) (kana only) never happens; there is never a time when


see styles
 kotohanai / ことはない (exp,adj-i) (1) (kana only) there is no need to ...; (2) (kana only) never happens; there is never a time when


see styles
 guuzennimo / guzennimo / ぐうぜんにも (adverb) by chance; coincidentally; as it happens


see styles
 ataribi / あたりび day that something happens; day that one happens across something


see styles
 eteshite / えてして (adverb) often (happens); tend to; be apt to; be likely to


see styles
 arunashi / あるなし (expression) (kana only) (usu. ...のあるなし) presence or absence; whether something is there or not; whether something happens or not


see styles
 zamaomiro / ざまをみろ (expression) serves you right!; see what happens!

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Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll
Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll

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