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Hell / Judges of Hell

Ancient way to say Hell
yīn sī
Hell / Judges of Hell Scroll

陰司 is the ancient way to say "Hell" or "Netherworld" in Chinese.

This title can also refer to the officials of Hell or the judges of Hades or the Netherworld.

Please note that this is a somewhat terrible selection for a wall scroll. Hanging this in your home is like telling the world that your home is hell. Oddly, a lot of people search for this on my website, so I added it for reference.

Hell / Kingdom of the Underworld

yīn cáo dì fǔ
Hell / Kingdom of the Underworld Scroll

陰曹地府 can mean Hell, Hades, Kingdom of the Underworld, or the Netherworld.

When Chinese people have a conversation about Hell, this is usually the term they use. Please note that this is a somewhat oral and informal word.

陰曹地府 is a really weird selection for a wall scroll, so consider this for educational purposes only.

dì yù
Hell Scroll

地獄 is the way that hell is written in modern Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

There's more than one way to express hell but this is the one that has stood the test of time.

The first character refers to the ground or the earth.
The second character means jail or prison.

You can also translate this word as infernal, inferno, Hades, or underworld.

It should be noted that this is a somewhat terrible selection for a wall scroll. Hanging this in your home is like telling the world that your home is hell. Oddly, a lot of people search for this on our website, so I added it for reference.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Judges of Hell
yīn sī / yin1 si1 / yin si / yinsiyin ssu / yinssu
Kingdom of the Underworld
yīn cáo dì fǔ
yin1 cao2 di4 fu3
yin cao di fu
yin ts`ao ti fu
yin tsao ti fu
jigokudì yù / di4 yu4 / di yu / diyuti yü / tiyü
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
yīn cáo dì fǔ / yin1 cao2 di4 fu3
yin ts`ao ti fu / yin tsao ti fu
Hell Scroll
netherworld; Kingdom of the Underworld; Hades

see styles
míng / ming2
 myō / めい
dark; deep; stupid; the underworld
(female given name) Mei
Darkness, obscurity; deep. Hades; used chiefly in the sense of 無知 ignorance, profound, secret, invisible, e.g. as opposed to 顯 open, manifest; darkness


see styles
jiǔ quán / jiu3 quan2
chiu ch`üan / chiu chüan
 kyuusen / kyusen / きゅうせん
the nine springs; the underworld of Chinese mythology; Hades
hades; nether regions


see styles
míng shǐ / ming2 shi3
ming shih
Lictors, or messengers of Hades; messengers of darkness


see styles
míng tǔ / ming2 tu3
ming t`u / ming tu
 mei do / めいど
(Buddhist term) Hades; the underworld; the other world; realm of the dead


see styles
míng guān / ming2 guan1
ming kuan
The rulers in Hades; officials of hell


see styles
míng fǔ / ming2 fu3
ming fu
 meifu / mefu / めいふ
underworld; hell
(1) (See 冥土) realm of the dead; the other world; underworld; (2) hell
The palace of darkness, Hades; office of hell


see styles
míng wáng / ming2 wang2
ming wang
 meiou / meo / めいおう
the king of hell
Hades (Greek god); Pluto (Roman god); (surname) Meiou


see styles
míng jiè / ming2 jie4
ming chieh
 meikai / mekai / めいかい
ghost world
hades; realm of the dead
Hades, or the three lower forms of incarnation, i.e. hell, preta, animal; dark realm(s)


see styles
míng tú / ming2 tu2
ming t`u / ming tu
 meido / めいど
(Buddhist term) Hades; the underworld; the other world; realm of the dead; (personal name) Meido


see styles
míng dào / ming2 dao4
ming tao
the gateway to the ghost world
冥途; 冥土 The dark way, or land of darkness, the shades, Hades, pretas, etc; negative destinies


see styles
dì fǔ / di4 fu3
ti fu
hell; the nether world; Hades


see styles
nài luò / nai4 luo4
nai lo
 naraku / ならく
(1) (Buddhist term) Naraka (san: naraka); hell; hades; (2) very bottom; the end; worst possible circumstances; (3) theatre basement; theater basement


see styles
yōu míng / you1 ming2
yu ming
 yū mei / ゆうめい
dark; hell; netherworld; hades
semidarkness; deep and strange; hades; the present and the other world; dark and light


see styles
yōu míng / you1 ming2
yu ming
 yūmyō / ゆうめい
the hidden and the visible; that which can be seen and that which cannot; darkness and light; night and day; wisdom and ignorance; evil and good; the living and the dead; men and ghosts
semidarkness; deep and strange; hades; the present and the other world; dark and light; (given name) Yuumei
darkness and light


see styles
 yuukai / yukai / ゆうかい hades; realm of the dead


see styles
 naraku / ならく (1) (Buddhist term) Naraka (san: naraka); hell; hades; (2) very bottom; the end; worst possible circumstances



see styles
yè chèng / ye4 cheng4
yeh ch`eng / yeh cheng
 gō no hakari
The scales of karma, in which good and evil are weighed by the rulers of Hades.



see styles
yè bù / ye4 bu4
yeh pu
The record, or account book, kept by the rulers of Hades, recording the deeds of all sentient beings; tally of karma



see styles
yè jìng / ye4 jing4
yeh ching
 gōkyō / かずみ
(personal name) Kazumi
Karma-mirror, that kept in Hades reveals all karma; mirror of karma


see styles
quán xià / quan2 xia4
ch`üan hsia / chüan hsia
 senka / せんか
Hades; the hereafter; (given name) Senka


see styles
 senmon / せんもん (1) soft spot (in the skull of an infant); fontanelle; fontanel; (2) (See 黄泉) gates of Hades; entrance to the underworld; (surname) Izumikado


see styles
fǎ jiè / fa3 jie4
fa chieh
 hokkai;houkai / hokkai;hokai / ほっかい;ほうかい
(1) {Buddh} universe; (2) {Buddh} realm of thought; (3) {Buddh} underlying principle of reality; manifestation of true thusness; (4) (ほうかい only) (abbreviation) (See 法界悋気) being jealous of things that have nothing to do with one; being jealous of others who are in love with each other
dharmadhātu, 法性; 實相; 達磨馱都 Dharma-element, -factor, or-realm. (1) A name for "things" in general, noumenal or phenomenal; for the physical universe, or any portion or phase of it. (2) The unifying underlying spiritual reality regarded as the ground or cause of all things, the absolute from which all proceeds. It is one of the eighteen dhātus. These are categories of three, four, five, and ten dharmadhātus; the first three are combinations of 事 and 理 or active and passive, dynamic and static; the ten are: Buddha-realm, Bodhisattva-realm, pratyekabuddha-realm, śrāvaka, deva, Human, asura, Demon, Animal, and Hades realms-a Huayan category. Tiantai has ten for meditaton, i.e. the realms of the eighteen media of perception (the six organs, six objects, and six sense-data or sensations), of illusion, sickness, karma, māra, samādhi, (false) views, pride, the two lower Vehicles, and the Bodhisattva Vehicle; experiential realm


see styles
yǎn mó / yan3 mo2
yen mo
Yama, the lord of Hades; v. 夜.


see styles
nà luò / na4 luo4
na lo
 naraku / ならく
(1) (Buddhist term) Naraka (san: naraka); hell; hades; (2) very bottom; the end; worst possible circumstances
hell, purgatory



see styles
tiě zhá / tie3 zha2
t`ieh cha / tieh cha
Iron tablets in Hades, on which are recorded each person's crimes and merits; iron tablets



see styles
fáng luó / fang2 luo2
fang lo
(idem 邏) Warders or patrols in Hades; wardens


see styles
ā páng / a1 pang2
a p`ang / a pang
阿防 The ox-head torturers in Hades. Also 阿傍羅刹; ox-head penalty


see styles
 inpu;yomi(gikun) / いんぷ;よみ(gikun) (See 黄泉) path to the netherworld (underworld); Hades; Hell



see styles
yīn jiān / yin1 jian1
yin chien
 kagema / かげま
the nether world; Hades
(1) (archaism) homosexual prostitute who sold favors at banquets, etc. (late Edo); (2) (archaism) actor-in-training in kabuki

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