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Double Happiness Guest Book

Customize a special Asian guest book for your wedding
Double Happiness Guest Book Scroll

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The paper panel length can be whatever you choose from 68cm to 135cm (27" to 53").

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How many signatures fit

The medium size scroll with a 33cm x 100cm (13" x 40") paper panel can usually handle up to 89 signatures. That breaks down to 37 signatures per empty square and 15 signatures around the 囍 character. If you switch to a 135cm paper panel, add another 37 potential signatures.

We can splice two 135cm papers together, but that would be a crazy-long scroll. These are only estimates, your mileage may vary.

With silk panels this will yield a wall scroll about 155cm (61") long. That's enough for up to 89 signatures. Of course, that depends on if your guests just sign a brief salutation and name, or more verbose good wishes. Customer feedback is that 126 people can sign the 135cm long paper on a medium-sized scroll. If we go bigger than that, there will be a minor paper seam and an extra charge. Email me with your specifications if you need something special.

Most customers pick the festive red paper with gold flecks and white or ivory silk. Red is a good luck color in Chinese culture, thus the most popular choice. But, you can do any color combination that you want.

There is a long history of Chinese-character-use outside of mainland China. This Double Happiness character is also seen at weddings in Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as Chinese communities in Thailand, Indonesia, and elsewhere. While Japan borrowed Chinese characters into their language, you won't see 囍 as often at Japanese weddings.

Make Guests Feel at Home

Home away from home
bīn zhì rú guī
Make Guests Feel at Home Scroll

This Chinese phrase suggests that a good host will make guests feel like they are returning home or are as comfortable as they would be at their own home.

賓至如歸 is also the Chinese equivalent of, "a home away from home", and is used by Chinese hotels, guest houses, and inns to suggest the level of their hospitality will make you feel at home during your stay.

Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity

Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself
jǐ suǒ bú yù wù shī yú rén
Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Scroll

Some may think of this as a "Christian trait" but actually it transcends many religions.

This Chinese teaching dates back to about 2,500 years ago in China. Confucius had always taught the belief in being benevolent (ren) but this idea was hard to grasp for some of his students, as benevolence could be kind-heartedness, or an essence of humanity itself.

When answering Zhong Gong's question as to what "ren" actually meant, Confucius said:

"When you go out, you should behave as if you were in the presence of a distinguished guest, when people do favors for you, act as if a great sacrifice was made for you. Whatever you wouldn't like done to you, do not do that thing to others. Don't complain at work or at home".

Hearing this, Zhong Gong said humbly, "Although I am not clever, I will do what you say".

From this encounter, the Chinese version of the "Golden Rule" or "Ethic of Reciprocity" came to be.
The characters you see above express, "Do not do to others whatever you do not want done to yourself".

See Also:  Confucius Teachings | Benevolence

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
Double Happiness Guest Book
xǐ / xi3 / xihsi
Make Guests Feel at Home賓至如歸
bīn zhì rú guī
bin1 zhi4 ru2 gui1
bin zhi ru gui
pin chih ju kuei
Confucius: Golden Rule
Ethic of Reciprocity
jǐ suǒ bú yù wù shī yú rén
ji3 suo3 bu2 yu4, wu4 shi1 yu2 ren2
ji suo bu yu, wu shi yu ren
chi so pu yü, wu shih yü jen
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your guest search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Scroll
east; host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest); landlord
(1) {mahj} east wind tile; (2) {mahj} winning hand with a pung (or kong) of east wind tiles; (personal name) Yamato
pūrva, east.

see styles
Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Scroll
visitor; guest; object (in grammar)
(out-dated or obsolete kana usage) visitor from afar; guest; (1) visitor from afar; (2) joy-bringing spirit from the divine realms; (surname) Bin
A guest; to entertain; to submit; visitor



see styles
bīn zhì rú guī
    bin1 zhi4 ru2 gui1
pin chih ju kuei
Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Scroll
guests feel at home (in a hotel, guest house etc); a home away from home

see styles

 kyaku(p); kaku
    きゃく(P); かく
customer; visitor; guest
(1) guest; visitor; (2) customer; client; shopper; spectator; audience; tourist; sightseer; passenger; (counter) (3) counter for containers used to entertain guests; (surname) Kiyaku
A guest, visitor, traveller, outsider, merchant; a guest

see styles
to investigate; to restrain; to scold
(n,suf) (1) stuffing; packing; (2) end (esp. the foot of a bridge); (3) lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony; (4) tea master; (5) endgame (esp. in shogi or used figuratively); (6) (abbreviation) sweet eel sauce; (7) (archaism) middle-aged woman; (suffix noun) (8) appointment to a particular workplace; (9) using as the sole ground of judgement (judgment); (10) continuing; keep doing for period of time; (surname) Sakizume
to reprove

see styles

to receive (as a guest)

see styles
toast to host by guest
vinegar; (surname) Suzaki

see styles
 kyou; ae / kyo; ae
    きょう; あえ
(literary) to offer food and drinks; to entertain
(archaism) treating someone (to food or drink); entertaining someone (as one's guest); (female given name) Kyou


see styles
(1) lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony; (2) tea master


see styles
 joukyaku; joukaku / jokyaku; jokaku
    じょうきゃく; じょうかく
(1) guest of honor; guest of honour; (2) good customer; important customer


see styles
xià shǒu
    xia4 shou3
hsia shou
 heta(p); heta
    へた(P); ヘタ
to start; to put one's hand to; to set about; the seat to the right of the main guest
(noun or adjectival noun) (1) (ant: 上手・じょうず・1) unskillful; poor; awkward; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) imprudent; untactful; (place-name) Shimode


see styles
bù sù
    bu4 su4
pu su
uninvited (guest); unexpected (appearance); unwanted presence
not fast


see styles
zhǔ rén
    zhu3 ren2
chu jen
master; host; owner; CL:個|个[ge4]
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) head (of a household); proprietor (of a store); proprietress; landlord; landlady; (2) one's husband; (3) (one's) employer; (one's) master; (4) host; hostess; (1) (abbreviation) head (of a household); proprietor (of a store); proprietress; landlord; landlady; master (of a servant); (2) (archaism) entertaining someone as one's guest; (personal name) Shujin


see styles
zhǔ kè
    zhu3 ke4
chu k`o
    chu ko
 shukaku; shukyaku
    しゅかく; しゅきゃく
(1) host and guest; (2) principal and auxiliary; subject and object (philosophical); (3) {ling} subject and object
host and guest; host and guest



see styles
zhǔ bīn
    zhu3 bin1
chu pin
guest of honor; host and guests
main guest; guest of honor; guest of honour


see styles
(noun/participle) (1) eating with a guest; (2) nominal official (a slighting term)


see styles
zhù kè
    zhu4 ke4
chu k`o
    chu ko
hotel guest; tenant


see styles
zuò kè
    zuo4 ke4
tso k`o
    tso ko
to live somewhere as a visitor; to stay with sb as a guest; to sojourn



see styles
jiā bīn
    jia1 bin1
chia pin
variant of 嘉賓|嘉宾[jia1 bin1]
good guest; interesting guest



see styles
lái kè
    lai2 ke4
lai k`o
    lai ko
See: 来客



see styles
lái bīn
    lai2 bin1
lai pin
guest; visitor


see styles
shì kè
    shi4 ke4
shih k`o
    shih ko
guest acolyte; guest acolyte


see styles
zuò kè
    zuo4 ke4
tso k`o
    tso ko
to be a guest or visitor



see styles
nèi bīn
    nei4 bin1
nei pin
guest from the same country; internal or domestic visitor (as opposed to international guest 外賓|外宾)



see styles
chī qǐng
    chi1 qing3
ch`ih ch`ing
    chih ching
to be a guest at a dinner party; to be wined and dined (as a bribe)



see styles
jiā bīn
    jia1 bin1
chia pin
esteemed guest; honored guest; guest (on a show)


see styles
state guest


see styles
 gaikyaku; gaikaku
    がいきゃく; がいかく
foreign visitor; foreign guest



see styles
wài bīn
    wai4 bin1
wai pin
foreign guest; international visitor
foreign guest



see styles
ào kè
    ao4 ke4
ao k`o
    ao ko
(coll.) (Tw) troublesome customer; obnoxious guest (from Taiwanese 漚客, Tai-lo pr. [àu-kheh])

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Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Scroll
Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Scroll
Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Scroll
Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Scroll

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Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Vertical Portrait
Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Horizontal Wall Scroll
Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity Vertical Portrait

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A professional Chinese Calligrapher

Professional calligraphers are getting to be hard to find these days.
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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

The same calligrapher who gave me those lessons also attracted a crowd of thousands and a TV crew as he created characters over 6-feet high. He happens to be ranked as one of the top 100 calligraphers in all of China. He is also one of very few that would actually attempt such a feat.

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