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Great Sage in Chinese / Japanese...

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kǒng zǐ
Confucius Scroll

孔子 is how to write the name of the great sage, known in the West as Confucius.

His real name is Kongzi (The name Confucius is a westernized version of his name - his family name is Kong, and "zi" was added as a title of distinction).

He lived some 2500 years ago in Qufu, a town in modern-day Shandong Province of Northern China (about 6 hours south of Beijing by bus). He was a consort to Emperors, and after his death, the impact of his philosophies still served to advise emperors, officials, and common people for generations.

Also during these thousands of years, the Kong family remained powerful in China, and the Kong estate was much like the Vatican in Rome. The Kong estate existed as if on sovereign ground with its own small garrison of guards and privileges of a kingdom within an empire.

This was true up until the time the Kong family had to flee to Taiwan in 1949 when the Red Army took victory over the Nationalists during the Revolution. The home of Confucius was later razed and all statues defaced or stolen during the Cultural Revolution. Finally, after years of smearing his name and image, it is once again okay to celebrate the teachings of Confucius in mainland China.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Confucius孔子koushi / koshikǒng zǐ / kong3 zi3 / kong zi / kongzik`ung tzu / kungtzu / kung tzu

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
shèng rén
    sheng4 ren2
sheng jen
 seijin / sejin
Confucius Scroll
saint; sage; refers to Confucius 孔子[Kong3 zi3]; the current reigning Emperor
(1) {Christn} saint; (2) (orig. meaning) wise and virtuous person (esp. in Confucianism); great religious teacher; sage; (3) (See 清酒) refined sake; (male given name) Masato
is the opposite of the 凡人 common, or unenlightened man; saint


see styles
sēng qiā
    seng1 qia1
seng ch`ia
    seng chia
saṅkhyā, 僧企耶; intp. 數 number, reckon, calculate; Saṅkhyā, 'one of the great divisions of Hindu philosophy ascribed to the sage Kapila, and so called as 'reckoning up' or 'enumerating' twenty-five Tattvas or true principles, its object being to effect the final liberation of the twenty-fifth (Purusha, the Soul) from the fetters of the phenomenal creation by conveying the correct knowledge of the twenty-four other Tattvas, and rightly discriminating the soul from them.' M.W. Cf. 迦 and 數; Sāṃkhya



see styles
shèng xiān
    sheng4 xian1
sheng hsien
(male given name) Katsunori
a great sage; a great sage


see styles
 isei / ise
great doctor; sage physician


see styles
dà xiān
    da4 xian1
ta hsien
great immortal
(given name) Daisen
great sage


see styles
dà zūn
    da4 zun1
ta tsun
a great sage; a great sage


see styles
dà zhì
    da4 zhi4
ta chih
supreme wisdom; sage; (personal name) Hirotomo
Mahāmati; cf. 大慧; Great Wisdom, Buddha-wisdom, omniscience; a title of Mañjuśrī, as the apotheosis of transcendental wisdom; great cognition



see styles
dà shèng
    da4 sheng4
ta sheng
 daishou / daisho
great sage; mahatma; king; emperor; outstanding personage; Buddha
(1) (honorific or respectful language) {Buddh} Buddha; (2) {Buddh} high-ranked bodhisattva; (surname) Daishou
The great sage or saint, a title of a Buddha or a bodhisattva of high rank; as also are 大聖世尊 and 大聖主 the great holy honored one, or lord; a great sage



see styles
dà xián
    da4 xian2
ta hsien
great sage; (given name) Daiken
Daxian (Jap. Daiken), a Korean monk who lived in China during the Tang dynasty, of the 法相 Dharmalakṣaṇa school, noted for his annotations on the sūtras and styled 古迹記 the archaeologist; great worthy



see styles
shū shèng
    shu1 sheng4
shu sheng
 shosei / shose
great calligraphy master; the Sage of Calligraphy, traditional reference to Wang Xizhi 王羲之[Wang2 Xi1 zhi1] (303-361)
famous or accomplished calligrapher



see styles
shī shèng
    shi1 sheng4
shih sheng
 shisei / shise
"sage of poetry", epithet of Du Fu 杜甫[Du4 Fu3]
great poet



see styles
xián rén
    xian2 ren2
hsien jen
great person of the past; venerable forebear; the great and the good
(1) wise person; virtuous person; sage; (2) (See 濁り酒) unrefined sake; (personal name) Yoshihito
A wise and virtuous man; a wise and virtuous man


see styles
dà xiān jiè
    da4 xian1 jie4
ta hsien chieh
 daisen kai
precepts of the great sage; precepts of the great sage



see styles
dà xiān shèng
    da4 xian1 sheng4
ta hsien sheng
 dai senshō
a great sage; a great sage



see styles
dà shèng zhǔ
    da4 sheng4 zhu3
ta sheng chu
 daishō shu
the great sage lord; the great sage lord



see styles
dà shèng rén
    da4 sheng4 ren2
ta sheng jen
 dai shōnin
a great sage; a great sage



see styles
dà shèng zūn
    da4 sheng4 zun1
ta sheng tsun
 dai shōson
a great sage; a great sage



see styles
dà shèng dǎo
    da4 sheng4 dao3
ta sheng tao
 dai shōdō
a great sage guide; a great sage guide



see styles
dà shèng xióng
    da4 sheng4 xiong2
ta sheng hsiung
 dai shōyū
a great sage hero; a great sage hero



see styles
sūn dà shèng
    sun1 da4 sheng4
sun ta sheng
Great-Sage Sun; Sun Wukong 孫悟空|孙悟空[Sun1 Wu4 kong1]



see styles
jí dà shèng
    ji2 da4 sheng4
chi ta sheng
 gokudai shō
an extremely great sage; an extremely great sage


see styles
dà zhàng fū shēn
    da4 zhang4 fu1 shen1
ta chang fu shen
 daijōbu shin
the body of a great sage; the body of a great sage



see styles
dà jué jīn xiān
    da4 jue2 jin1 xian1
ta chüeh chin hsien
 daikaku konsen
The great enlightened golden ṛṣi, a name given to Buddha in the Song dynasty; greatly enlightened golden sage



see styles
shān tuí mù huài
    shan1 tui2 mu4 huai4
shan t`ui mu huai
    shan tui mu huai
lit. the mountains crumble and the trees lie ruined; a great sage has died (idiom)



see styles
wú jí dà xiān
    wu2 ji2 da4 xian1
wu chi ta hsien
 mugoku daisen
the supreme great sage; the supreme great sage



see styles
qí tiān dà shèng
    qi2 tian1 da4 sheng4
ch`i t`ien ta sheng
    chi tien ta sheng
Great Sage the Equal of Heaven, self-proclaimed title of the Monkey King Sun Wukong 孫悟空|孙悟空[Sun1 Wu4 kong1] in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记[Xi1 you2 Ji4]



see styles
dà shèng miào jí xiáng
    da4 sheng4 miao4 ji2 xiang2
ta sheng miao chi hsiang
 Daishō myō kichijō
see Mañjuśrī 文殊; there are two works under the first of these titles, one under the second, and one under 大聖文殊; great sage, excellently auspicious



see styles
dà shèng màn shū shì lì
    da4 sheng4 man4 shu1 shi4 li4
ta sheng man shu shih li
 Daishō Manjushiri
see Mañjuśrī 文殊; there are two works under the first of these titles, one under the second, and one under 大聖文殊; Great Sage Mañjuśrī



see styles
dà shèng jīn gāng yè chā
    da4 sheng4 jin1 gang1 ye4 cha1
ta sheng chin kang yeh ch`a
    ta sheng chin kang yeh cha
 Daishō kongō yasha
one of the five 大明王; great sage Vajra-yakṣa

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