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Wukong / Goku

Monkey King

 wù kōng
 go kuu
Wukong / Goku Scroll

悟空 is the short name or given name of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, from the ancient Chinese novel Journey to the West.

This title is also known as the given name of the Monkey King in Japanese. This can also be Goku, short for Son Goku, a fictional character of the Dragon Ball Japanese manga series (also based loosely on the Monkey King).

Sun Wukong / Son Goku

Monkey King

 sūn wù kōng
 son go kuu
Sun Wukong / Son Goku Scroll

孫悟空 is the name Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King. He is the main character with supernatural powers in the ancient Chinese novel Journey to the West.

This title is also known as the real name of the Monkey King in Japanese. This can also be the Son Goku, better known as simply Goku, a fictional character of the Dragon Ball Japanese manga series.

 jiè wáng quán
 kai ou ken
Kaio-Ken Scroll

This is Kaiōken in Japanese.

界 = Community, circles, world, border, or boundary.
王 = King
拳 = Fist

Often translated as World Lord Fist, Fist of the World King, Kamajamaja (Norwegian), and Leptonski Udarac (Slovenian).

Associated with Goku's attack technique in Dragon Ball Z.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
wù kōng
    wu4 kong1
wu k`ung
    wu kung
 gokuu / goku

More info & calligraphy:

Wukong / Goku
Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers from the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记[Xi1 You2 Ji4]
(surname, given name) Gokuu



see styles
sūn wù kōng
    sun1 wu4 kong1
sun wu k`ung
    sun wu kung
 songokuu / songoku

More info & calligraphy:

Sun Wukong / Son Goku
Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记[Xi1 you2 Ji4]; Son Goku, the main character in Dragon Ball 七龍珠|七龙珠[Qi1 long2 zhu1]
(1) (char) Sun Wukong (character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West); Monkey King; (2) (char) Son Goku (Dragon Ball); (ch) Sun Wukong (character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West); Monkey King; (ch) Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

see styles

fine silk gauze
a veil


see styles
(place-name) Goku


see styles
wǔ kōng
    wu3 kong1
wu k`ung
    wu kung
 gokuu / goku
(given name) Gokuu
five kinds of emptiness


see styles
wǔ kǔ
    wu3 ku3
wu k`u
    wu ku
The five forms of suffering: I. (1) Birth, age, sickness, death; (2) parting with those loved; (3) meeting with the hated or disliked; (4) inability to obtain the desired; (5) the five skandha sufferings, mental and physical. II. Birth, age, sickness, death, and the shackles (for criminals). III. The sufferings of the hells, and as hungry ghosts, animals, asuras, and human beings.


see styles
(surname) Goku


see styles
wǔ gōng
    wu3 gong1
wu kung
The noon offering (of incense).


see styles
 gouku / goku
(n,vs,vt,vi) merging of administrative or electoral districts



see styles
hòu kǔ
    hou4 ku3
hou k`u
    hou ku
subsequent pain



see styles
yè kǔ
    ye4 ku3
yeh k`u
    yeh ku
 gouku / goku
karmic suffering
Karmaic suffering.


see styles
(irregular okurigana usage) (adverb) (kana only) quite; very



see styles
jí jìng
    ji2 jing4
chi ching
extremely pure



see styles
jí shuō
    ji2 shuo1
chi shuo
 goku setsu
full explanation [of the buddhadharma]



see styles
yǔ jù
    yu3 ju4
yü chü
(noun - becomes adjective with の) words; phrases


see styles
 gouku / goku
(place-name) Gowk


see styles
(n,adv-to) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) gulp; gulping


see styles
(char) Protector of the Stables (title given to Son Goku in the novel "Saiyūki" when he is given a job in Heaven); (ch) Protector of the Stables (title given to Son Goku in the novel "Saiyūki" when he is given a job in Heaven)



see styles
jí xià liè
    ji2 xia4 lie4
chi hsia lieh
 goku geretsu



see styles
jí xià jiàn
    ji2 xia4 jian4
chi hsia chien
 goku gezen
totally miserable



see styles
jí shàn lái
    ji2 shan4 lai2
chi shan lai
 goku zenrai
most welcome



see styles
jí yuán mǎn
    ji2 yuan2 man3
chi yüan man
 goku enman
completely filled



see styles
jí jí jìng
    ji2 ji2 jing4
chi chi ching
 goku jakujō
total tranquility (tranquilization)



see styles
jí wēi xì
    ji2 wei1 xi4
chi wei hsi
 goku misai
extremely subtle



see styles
jí jiāo zuì
    ji2 jiao1 zui4
chi chiao tsui
 goku kyōsui
to be utterly intoxicated



see styles
jí tuī xún
    ji2 tui1 xun2
chi t`ui hsün
    chi tui hsün
 goku suijin
detailed selective examination



see styles
jí sǔn nǎo
    ji2 sun3 nao3
chi sun nao
 goku sonnō
extreme injury



see styles
jí huān xǐ
    ji2 huan1 xi3
chi huan hsi
 goku kanki
ultimate bliss



see styles
jí qīng jìng
    ji2 qing1 jing4
chi ch`ing ching
    chi ching ching
 goku shōjō
completely purified



see styles
jí měng lì
    ji2 meng3 li4
chi meng li
 goku mōri

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
悟空go kuu / gokuu / go kuwù kōng / wu4 kong1 / wu kong / wukongwu k`ung / wukung / wu kung
Sun Wukong
Son Goku
son go kuu / songokuu / son go kusūn wù kōng
sun1 wu4 kong1
sun wu kong
sun wu k`ung
sun wu kung
Kaio-Ken界王拳kai ou ken / kaiouken / kai o kenjiè wáng quán
jie4 wang2 quan2
jie wang quan
chieh wang ch`üan
chieh wang chüan
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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