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  1. Believer

  2. Student

  3. Disciple of Christianity

  4. Catholic

  5. Buddhist Monk

  6. Christian / Disciple of Christ

 xìn tú
Believer Scroll

信徒 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja word for “believer.”

Just as in English, this word can be used for a follower of virtually any religion.

This word can also be translated into English as layman, adherent, follower, laity, disciple, or devotee.

 xué shēng
Student Scroll

學生 is how to write “student” in Chinese, pre-WWII Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

If you are a “student of life,” this might be an interesting wall scroll to hang in your reading room.

The first character means “study” or “learning.”
The second character means “life” or “birth.” Don't read too much into that second character unless you decide that this means “the birth of studies” or “the life of learning.” Everyone in China, Japan (and those who can read Hanja in Korea) will just read this word with the meaning of “student.”

If you put the character for “little” in front of this word, it becomes “elementary school student.” Prefixed with “middle,” it becomes “middle school student.” Prefixed with “big,” it becomes “university student” (though when these two characters for student are seen alone, it often suggests “university student”). The term “high school student” is written differently.

学There is a very common simplified version of the first character for this word. You will see this form in modern Japan and mainland China, Singapore, and other places. If you want this simplified version, please click on the character shown to the right instead of the "select and customize" button above.

Disciple of Christianity

 jī dū jiào tú
Disciple of Christianity Scroll

基督教徒 is the most verbose (longest) word for “Christian” in the Chinese and Japanese languages.

The literal translation of the first two characters is Christ.
The third Character means “Religion” or “Teaching.”
The last character means “apprentice” or “disciple.”

Altogether these three characters mean “Christ's Teaching Disciple” or “Christ's Religion Apprentice.”

Note: The last two characters are sometimes translated together as “follower (of a religion),” so you could also say it means “Follower of Christ.”

This four-character title makes it very clear what you are talking about in Chinese.

See Also:  Jesus Christ | God of Abraham

 tiān zhǔ jiào tú
Catholic Scroll

天主教徒 is the Chinese title for Catholic, meaning a follower of Catholicism or member of the Catholic Church.

Buddhist Monk

 sou ryo
Buddhist Monk Scroll

僧侶/僧侶 is a Japanese title for a Buddhist monk.

The first Kanji means Buddhist priest or monk by itself.
The second Kanji means follower or companion.

僧Note, if you order this from the Japanese master calligrapher, the first character will look a bit more like the Kanji shown to the right than the Kanji shown above. Let us know if you have a preference, as both versions are technically-correct in both Chinese and Japanese.

Christian / Disciple of Christ

 jī dū tú
Christian / Disciple of Christ Scroll

基督徒 is a very strong and direct word in Chinese for “Christian.”

The literal translation of the first two characters is “Christ.”

The last character means apprentice, follower, or disciple.

Altogether these three characters mean “Christ's Disciple” or “Christ's Apprentice.” 基督徒 is a pretty cool title to hang on your wall if you are a devout Christian.

Also used by Japanese Christians (but may be unfamiliar to non-Christian Japanese people).

See Also:  Jesus Christ | God of Abraham

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your follower search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
xìn tú
    xin4 tu2
hsin t`u
    hsin tu

More info & calligraphy:

layman; believer; adherent; follower; laity
a believer


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

(1) floor; (2) follower; (place-name) Blois (France); Blore; Bloy


see styles
tiān zhǔ jiào tú
    tian1 zhu3 jiao4 tu2
t`ien chu chiao t`u
    tien chu chiao tu

More info & calligraphy:

Catholic; follower of Catholicism

see styles
partner; companion; comrade; associate; to accompany
(noun/participle) companion; follower; attendant; retinue; (surname) Ban
Companion, associate; translit. pan, ban, van, cf. 畔伴僧 Associate or accompanying monks; to accompany

see styles
sacrificial offering; to confess
(noun/participle) companion; follower; attendant; retinue
pūjā; to offer (in worship), to honour; also to supply; evidence.

see styles


(noun/participle) companion; follower; attendant; retinue
a follower; a follower

see styles

 toumei / tome
disciple; apprentice; believer; on foot; bare; empty; to no avail; only; prison sentence
party; set; gang; company; person; (personal name) Toumei
On foot; a follower, disciple; in vain; banishment; a follower


see styles
shàng zú
    shang4 zu2
shang tsu
 jousoku / josoku
high retainer
A superior disciple or follower.


see styles
henchman; follower; (personal name) Kenji


see styles
henchman; follower


see styles
(1) (inferior) imitator; epigone; poor imitation; copycat; (2) follower; adherent; person belonging to the same school (e.g. of thought); (female given name) Aru


see styles
(1) follower of the Buddha; Buddhist; (2) (See 衆生) all Buddha's children; mankind; all living things; (3) Bodhisattva; (g,p) Busshi


see styles
xìn zhě
    xin4 zhe3
hsin che
(1) believer; adherent; devotee; follower; (2) (colloquialism) fanboy; fanatic; superfan


see styles
cuī gēng
    cui1 geng1
ts`ui keng
    tsui keng
(slang) (of a follower) to urge (a blogger etc) to post some fresh content (abbr. for 催促更新[cui1 cu4 geng1 xin1])



see styles
shí wèn
    shi2 wen4
shih wen
The ten questions to the Buddha, put into the mouth of Vajrapāṇi, which, with the answers given, form the basis of the 大日經. What is (or are) (1) the nature of the bodhi-mind? (2) its form or forms? (3) the mental stages requisite to attainment? (4) the difference between them? (5) the time required? (6) the character of the merits attained? (7) the activities or practices necessary? (8) the way of such practices? (9) the condition of the uncultivated and cultivated mind? (10) the difference between it and that of the follower of Yoga?


see styles
mò zhě
    mo4 zhe3
mo che
Mohist; follower of Mohist school


see styles
(1) henchman; follower; (2) (archaism) adopted child


see styles
(1) child's role in noh dance; child actor (in noh); (2) (See 親方・1) henchman; follower


see styles
student; follower; students and pupils


see styles
 shuuto / shuto
believer; follower


see styles
xiǎo zi
    xiao3 zi5
hsiao tzu
(coll.) boy; (derog.) joker; guy; (despicable) fellow
(1) (form) little child; (2) (archaism) male between 4 and 16 years old (ritsuryō period); (3) (archaism) (See 弟子) pupil; disciple; follower; (pronoun) (4) (form) (humble language) I; me; my humble self; (pronoun) (5) (archaism) (referring to an inferior) you; (female given name) Choko


see styles
dì zǐ
    di4 zi3
ti tzu
disciple; follower
(noun - becomes adjective with の) pupil; disciple; adherent; follower; apprentice; young person; teacher's student-helper; (surname) Teshi
Disciple, disciples; student


see styles
 juusetsu / jusetsu
(1) {gramm} subordinate clause; dependent clause; (2) follower (machine part receiving motion from another); (personal name) Juusetsu


see styles
 juusha; jusha / jusha; jusha
    じゅうしゃ; じゅしゃ
attendant; valet; servant; follower



see styles
cóng rén
    cong2 ren2
ts`ung jen
    tsung jen
a follower; a follower



see styles
cóng zhě
    cong2 zhe3
ts`ung che
    tsung che
(literary) follower; attendant


see styles
jiào tú
    jiao4 tu2
chiao t`u
    chiao tu
 kyouto / kyoto
disciple; follower of a religion
believer; adherent
a follower; a follower



see styles
zhì yǐ
    zhi4 yi3
chih i
Zhiyi (538-597), founder of the Tiantai sect of Buddhism
Zhiyi, founder of the Tiantai school, also known as 智者 and 天台 (天台大師); his surname was 陳 Chen; his 字 was 德安, De-an; born about A. D. 538, he died in 597 at 60 years of age. He was a native of 頴川 Ying-chuan in Anhui, became a neophyte at 7, was fully ordained at 20. At first a follower of 慧思, Huisi, in 575 he went to the Tiantai mountain in Chekiang, where he founded his famous school on the Lotus Sūtra as containing the complete gospel of the Buddha.


see styles
(n,vs,vi) a follower; yield allegiance to



see styles
qīng biàn
    qing1 bian4
ch`ing pien
    ching pien
Bhāvaviveka, a noted Buddhist philosopher circa A.D. 600, a follower of Nāgārjuna.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Believer信徒shintoxìn tú / xin4 tu2 / xin tu / xintuhsin t`u / hsintu / hsin tu
gakuseixué shēng
xue2 sheng1
xue sheng
hsüeh sheng
Disciple of Christianity基督教徒kirisutokyouto
jī dū jiào tú
ji1 du1 jiao4 tu2
ji du jiao tu
chi tu chiao t`u
chi tu chiao tu
Catholic天主教徒tiān zhǔ jiào tú
tian1 zhu3 jiao4 tu2
tian zhu jiao tu
t`ien chu chiao t`u
tien chu chiao tu
Buddhist Monk僧侶 / 僧侶
sou ryo / souryo / so ryo
Disciple of Christ
基督徒kirisutojī dū tú
ji1 du1 tu2
ji du tu
chi tu t`u
chi tu tu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Christian / Disciple of Christ Scroll
Christian / Disciple of Christ Scroll
Christian / Disciple of Christ Scroll

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Christian / Disciple of Christ Vertical Portrait
Christian / Disciple of Christ Horizontal Wall Scroll
Christian / Disciple of Christ Vertical Portrait

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