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Exquisite in Chinese / Japanese...

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Elegant / Exquisite / Grace

měi miào
Elegant / Exquisite / Grace Scroll

Beyond elegant and exquisite elegance, this is also the word used to say "beautiful" or "marvelous" when referring to a work of art.

Can also be translated as exquisiteness, gracefulness.

Note: Not a commonly used word in Japanese.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
美妙bimyou / bimyoměi miào / mei3 miao4 / mei miao / meimiao

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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qióng / qiong2
ch`iung / chiung
 kei / ke / けい
Elegant / Exquisite / Grace Scroll
jasper; fine jade; beautiful; exquisite (e.g. wine, food); abbr. for Hainan province
(personal name) Kei


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měi miào / mei3 miao4
mei miao
 bimyou / bimyo / びみょう
Elegant / Exquisite / Grace Scroll
beautiful; wonderful; splendid
(noun or adjectival noun) elegant; exquisite; (female given name) Mitae

see styles
niǎn / nian3
to play tricks on or toy with; delicate; exquisite (Cantonese)


see styles
 meiseki / meseki / めいせき famous jewel; exquisite stone; (place-name) Naishi


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 kizetsu / きぜつ (adjectival noun) very rare; exquisite


see styles
 myougi / myogi / みょうぎ exquisite skill; wonderful performance


see styles
miào qù / miao4 qu4
miao ch`ü / miao chü
 myoushu / myoshu / みょうしゅ
witty; clever; amusing
exquisite beauty or charms
The wonderful destiny or metempsychosis, i.e. that of Mahāyāna; marvelous destiny


see styles
miào yīn / miao4 yin1
miao yin
 myouon / myoon / みょうおん
exquisite voice; exquisite music; (place-name) Myouon
Wonderful sound. (1) Gadgadasvara, 妙音菩薩 (or 妙音大士) a Bodhisattva, master of seventeen degrees of samādhi, residing in Vairocanaraśmi-pratimaṇḍita, whose name heads chap. 24 of the Lotus Sutra. (2) Sughoṣa, a sister of Guanyin; also a Buddha like Varuṇa controlling the waters 水天德佛, the 743rd Buddha of the present kalpa. (3) Ghoṣa, 瞿沙 an arhat, famous for exegesis, who "restored the eyesight of Dharmavivardhana by washing his eyes with the tears of people who were moved by his eloquence." Eitel; wonderful voice


see styles
xiǎo qiǎo / xiao3 qiao3
hsiao ch`iao / hsiao chiao
small and exquisite; delicate; fine (features); compact; nifty


see styles
 kouchi / kochi / こうち (noun or adjectival noun) elaborate; exquisite; detailed


see styles
wēi miào / wei1 miao4
wei miao
 mimyou / mimyo / みみょう
(noun or adjectival noun) (archaism) unspeakably wonderful; sublime; exquisite; marvelous
Abstruse, recondite, mysterious; subtle


see styles
 junbi / じゅんび (adjectival noun) (obscure) exquisite; truly beautiful



see styles
qīng lì / qing1 li4
ch`ing li / ching li
 seira / sera / せいら
lucid and elegant; quiet and exquisite; clear and attractive style
(female given name) Seira


see styles
yù suǐ / yu4 sui3
yü sui
chalcedony; agate; exquisite wine



see styles
líng lóng / ling2 long2
ling lung
 reirou / rero / れいろう
(onom.) clink of jewels; exquisite; detailed and fine; clever; nimble
(adj-t,adv-to) clear; translucent; brilliant; sweetly ringing (as the tinklings of jade); (male given name) Reirou


see styles
 yougan / yogan / ようがん beautiful face; exquisite countenance


see styles
xiù yǎ / xiu4 ya3
hsiu ya
 hidemasa / ひでまさ
exquisite; in good taste
(given name) Hidemasa


see styles
jīng miào / jing1 miao4
ching miao
 seimyou / semyo / せいみょう
exquisite; fine and delicate (usu. of works of art)
(noun or adjectival noun) exquisite


see styles
jīng gōng / jing1 gong1
ching kung
refined; delicate; exquisite (craftsmanship)


see styles
jīng qiǎo / jing1 qiao3
ching ch`iao / ching chiao
 seikou / seko / せいこう
(noun or adjectival noun) elaborate; delicate; exquisite


see styles
jīng zhàn / jing1 zhan4
ching chan
consummate; exquisite



see styles
jīng zhì / jing1 zhi4
ching chih
 seichi / sechi / せいち
delicate; fine; exquisite; refined
(noun or adjectival noun) delicate; minute; subtle



see styles
xì nì / xi4 ni4
hsi ni
exquisite; meticulous



see styles
jué miào / jue2 miao4
chüeh miao


see styles
 zeppin / ぜっぴん (noun - becomes adjective with の) superb piece of work; masterpiece; exquisite item; perfection; unique article


see styles
 zetsumyou / zetsumyo / ぜつみょう (adj-na,n,adj-no) exquisite; superb; perfect; miraculous



see styles
xiān měi / xian1 mei3
hsien mei
exquisite; delicate and beautiful


see styles
kǎo jiū / kao3 jiu1
k`ao chiu / kao chiu
 koukyuu / kokyu / こうきゅう
to investigate; to check and research; exquisite
(noun/participle) investigation; researches; research; consideration; deliberation; study



see styles
huì cuì / hui4 cui4
hui ts`ui / hui tsui
collecting together (of distinguished people or exquisite objects); to gather; to assemble


see styles
gāo shàng / gao1 shang4
kao shang
 koushou / kosho / こうしょう
noble; lofty; refined; exquisite
(noun or adjectival noun) high; noble; refined; advanced; (personal name) Takahisa

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