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The name Endeavor in Chinese / Japanese...

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6. Right Effort / Right Endeavor / Perfect Effort

Samyag Vyayama / Samma Vayama

 zhèng jīng jìn
 sei shou jin
6. Right Effort / Right Endeavor / Perfect Effort Scroll

正精進 is one of the Noble Eightfold Paths of Buddhism. Right Effort, along with Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration, constitute the path to Concentration or Perfect Thought.

The proper effort is not the effort to make something particular happen. It is the effort to be aware and awake in each moment, the effort to overcome laziness and defilement, and the effort to make each activity of our daily meditation. This concept is about pursuing wholesome things that promote good karma.

Another definition: Cultivation of what is karmically wholesome and avoidance of what is karmically unwholesome.

This term is exclusively used by devout Buddhists. It is not a common term, and is remains an unknown concept to most Japanese and Chinese people.

See Also:  Buddhism | Enlightenment | Noble Eightfold Path

Great Endeavor / To Strive

 nǔ lì
Great Endeavor / To Strive Scroll

努力 means great effort; to strive; to try hard; great effort; great exertion; great endeavor (endeavour); great effort; to strive.

This “striving endeavor” word is valid in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

All Tenets of the Noble Eightfold Path

 zhèng jiàn zhèng sī wéi zhèng yǔ zhèng yè zhèng mìng zhèng jīng jìn zhèng niàn zhèng dìng

 shouken shoushiyui shougo shougo shoumyou shoushoujin shounen shoujou
All Tenets of the Noble Eightfold Path Scroll

These are the eight tenets of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path written altogether.

Here's this list of tenets in English:
1. Right View / Right Understanding / Right Perspective / Perfect View
2. Right Resolve / Right Thought / Right Intention / Perfect Resolve
3. Right Speech / Right Talk / Perfect Speech
4. Right Action / Perfect Conduct
5. Right Living / Right Livelihood / Perfect Livelihood
6. Right Effort / Right Endeavor / Perfect Effort
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration / Perfect Concentration

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6. Right Effort / Right Endeavor / Perfect Effort

Risk / Venture

Spare No Effort

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your endeavor search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
nǔ lì
    nu3 li4
nu li

More info & calligraphy:

Great Endeavor / To Strive
to make an effort; to try hard; to strive; hard-working; conscientious
(n,vs,vi) effort; exertion; endeavour; endeavor; hard work; striving; (surname) Nuriki
to strive



see styles
líng gǎn
    ling2 gan3
ling kan

More info & calligraphy:

inspiration; insight; a burst of creativity in scientific or artistic endeavor
靈應 Spirit-response, efficacious as in response to prayer.

see styles
to exhort; to make an effort
(given name) Masaru
to endeavor



see styles
zhǔ chuàng
    zhu3 chuang4
chu ch`uang
    chu chuang
to play a major role in a creative endeavor (e.g. making a movie); person who plays a key creative role (e.g. movie director)


see styles
wǔ guǒ
    wu3 guo3
wu kuo
(1) five fruits (peach, Japanese plum, apricot, jujube, Japanese chestnut); (2) (Buddhist term) five types of effect in cause-and-effect relationships; (3) (Buddhist term) five effects of ignorance and formations on one's current life
The five fruits, or effects; there are various groups, e. g. I. (1) 異熟果 fruit ripening divergently, e. g. pleasure and goodness are in different categories; present organs accord in pain or pleasure with their past good or evil deeds; (2) 等流果 fruit of the same order, e. g. goodness reborn from previous goodness; (3) 土用果 present position and function fruit, the rewards of moral merit in previous lives; (4) 增上果 superior fruit, or position arising from previous earnest endeavor and superior capacity: (5) 離繋果 fruit of freedom from all bonds, nirvana fruit. II. Fruit, or rebirth: (1) 識 conception (viewed psychologically); (2) 名色 formation mental and physical; (3) 六處 the six organs of perception complete; (4) 觸 their birth and contact with the world; (5) 受 consciousness. III. Five orders of fruit, with stones, pips, shells (as nuts), chaff-like (as pine seeds), and with pods.


see styles
chū míng
    chu1 ming2
ch`u ming
    chu ming
well-known for something; to become well known; to make one's mark; to lend one's name (to an event, endeavor etc)


see styles
(v5m,vi) to work hard; to try hard; to strive; to endeavour; to endeavor; to devote oneself to; to make an effort; to be zealous


see styles
qín dào
    qin2 dao4
ch`in tao
    chin tao
the path of endeavor



see styles
fèn jìn
    fen4 jin4
fen chin
to advance bravely; to endeavor


see styles
chuō lì
    chuo1 li4
ch`o li
    cho li
to work toward; to endeavor; an attempt


see styles
zhèng qín
    zheng4 qin2
cheng ch`in
    cheng chin
right endeavor


see styles
cǐ dào
    ci3 dao4
tz`u tao
    tzu tao
such matters; things like this; this line of work; this pursuit; this hobby; this endeavor



see styles
dān lì
    dan1 li4
tan li
to strive; endeavor



see styles
fā wù
    fa1 wu4
fa wu


see styles
cè qín
    ce4 qin2
ts`e ch`in
    tse chin


see styles
jīng qín
    jing1 qin2
ching ch`in
    ching chin
 seikin / sekin
(n,vs,vi) diligence; good attendance
to endeavor



see styles
yuán qǐ
    yuan2 qi3
yüan ch`i
    yüan chi
to originate; origin; genesis; account of the origins of an endeavor
Arising from conditional causation; everything arises from conditions, and not being spontaneous and self-contained has no separate and independent nature; cf. 緣生. It is a fundamental doctrine of the Huayan school, which defines four principal uses of the term: (1) 業感緣起 that of the Hīnayāna, i.e. under the influence of karma the conditions of reincarnation arise; (2) 賴耶緣起 that of the primitive Mahāyāna school, i.e. that all things arise from the ālaya, or 藏 fundamental store; (3) 如來藏緣起 that of the advancing Mahāyāna, that all things arise from the tathāgatagarbha, or bhūtatathatā; (4) 法界緣起 that of complete Mahāyāna, in which one is all and all are one, each being a universal cause.


see styles
(1) attempt; trial; experiment; (2) endeavour (endeavor); effort; venture; initiative


see styles
kuà dāo
    kua4 dao1
k`ua tao
    kua tao
to appear in sb's show; (fig.) to give one's support to an endeavor by taking on an important role in it


see styles
kuà jiè
    kua4 jie4
k`ua chieh
    kua chieh
to go beyond the border; to be transboundary; (fig.) to transition to a new field of endeavor; to be interdisciplinary



see styles
guǐ dào
    gui3 dao4
kuei tao
 kidou / kido
track (for trains etc); orbit (of a satellite); (fig.) a person's established path in life; desired trajectory (of a business or other endeavor); (audio engineering) track; (quantum mechanics) orbital
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) {astron;physics} orbit; trajectory; (2) railroad track; (3) (See 軌道に乗る・1) (right) track; proper course


see styles
(transitive verb) to endeavor (endeavour); to try; to strive; to make an effort; to exert oneself; to be diligent; to be committed (to doing something)


see styles
(transitive verb) to endeavor (endeavour); to try; to strive; to make an effort; to exert oneself; to be diligent; to be committed (to doing something)


see styles
(transitive verb) to endeavor (endeavour); to try; to strive; to make an effort; to exert oneself; to be diligent; to be committed (to doing something)


see styles
sì zhèng qín
    si4 zheng4 qin2
ssu cheng ch`in
    ssu cheng chin
 shi shōgon
saṃyakprahāṇa, v. 三十七道品; the four right efforts一to put an end to existing evil; prevent evil arising; bring good into existence; develop existing good; 四正斷; 四意斷 are similar but the third point is the conservation of the good.



see styles
fèn jìn hào
    fen4 jin4 hao4
fen chin hao
Space Shuttle Endeavor


see styles
(expression) (after the ない stem of a verb) to endeavor to; to try to; to want to


see styles
 eirikoui / erikoi
profit-making activity; commercial endeavor



see styles
tú láo wú yì
    tu2 lao2 wu2 yi4
t`u lao wu i
    tu lao wu i
futile endeavor (idiom)


see styles
(transitive verb) to keep in mind; to bear in mind; to try; to aim to do; to endeavor; to endeavour

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
6. Right Effort
Right Endeavor
Perfect Effort
sei shou jin
sei sho jin
zhèng jīng jìn
zheng4 jing1 jin4
zheng jing jin
cheng ching chin
Great Endeavor
To Strive
努力doryoku / doryokunǔ lì / nu3 li4 / nu li / nuli
All Tenets of the Noble Eightfold Path正見正思唯正語正業正命正精進正念正定
shouken shoushiyui shougo shougo shoumyou shoushoujin shounen shoujou
shoken shoshiyui shogo shogo shomyo shoshojin shonen shojo
zhèng jiàn zhèng sī wéi zhèng yǔ zhèng yè zhèng mìng zhèng jīng jìn zhèng niàn zhèng dìng
zheng4 jian4 zheng4 si1 wei2 zheng4 yu3 zheng4 ye4 zheng4 ming4 zheng4 jing1 jin4 zheng4 nian4 zheng4 ding4
zheng jian zheng si wei zheng yu zheng ye zheng ming zheng jing jin zheng nian zheng ding
cheng chien cheng ssu wei cheng yü cheng yeh cheng ming cheng ching chin cheng nien cheng ting
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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