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定 is the single-character way to express the idea of Samadhi in Chinese and Japanese.

A single-character title like this is open to a lot of interpretation. So 定 can mean to set, to fix, to determine, to decide, to order, certainly, truly, settle, or composing the mind.

In the Buddhist context, this means, "Perfect absorption of thought into the one object of meditation", "The mind fixed in one direction", "Internal state of imperturbability or tranquility", or "Exempt from all external sensations".


jué xīn
Determination Scroll

This Chinese, Japanese, and Korean word holds the dictionary definition of "determination" but literally means, "determined heart".

The first character means "to determine" or "determined".

The second character means "heart", "mind" or "soul", so you can imagine that this form of "determination" partially means to put your heart into something. It can also be translated as resolve, resolution, or decision (as in a decision made and followed).

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Samadhisadadìng / ding4 / dingting
kesshin / keshinjué xīn / jue2 xin1 / jue xin / juexinchüeh hsin / chüehhsin
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
 jou / jo
Determination Scroll
to set; to fix; to determine; to decide; to order
(1) (See 案の定・あんのじょう) certainty; reality; actuality; (prefix noun) (2) (See 定宿) regular; permanent; (3) {Buddh} (See 三昧・さんまい・1,禅定・ぜんじょう・1) samadhi (state of intense concentration achieved through meditation); (given name) Yasushi
To fix, settle. samādhi. 'Composing the mind'; 'intent contemplation'; 'perfect absorption of thought into the one object of meditation.' M. W. Abstract meditation, the mind fixed in one direction, or field. (1) 散定 scattered or general meditation (in the world of desire). (2) 禪定 abstract meditation (in the realms of form and beyond form). It is also one of the five attributes of the dharmakāya 法身, i. e. an internal state of imperturbability or tranquility, exempt from all external sensations, 超受陰; cf. 三摩提; to establish

see styles
to decide; to determine; to execute (sb); (of a dam etc) to breach or burst; definitely; certainly
(See 決を取る) decision; vote; (given name) Sadamu
to decide



see styles
pàn duàn
    pan4 duan4
p`an tuan
    pan tuan
to judge; to determine; judgment
to decide


see styles
kān dìng
    kan1 ding4
k`an ting
    kan ting
 kanjou / kanjo
to demarcate; to survey and determine
(noun/participle) (1) calculation; computation; counting; reckoning; count; (noun/participle) (2) bill; check; account; payment (of a bill); settlement (of an account); (noun/participle) (3) consideration; allowance; (surname) Kanjou


see styles
shí wáng
    shi2 wang2
shih wang
 juuou / juo
{Buddh} ten rulers of the afterlife (who judge the dead and determine their placement in their next life); (place-name, surname) Juuou
The ten kings presiding over the ten departments of purgatory; Ten Kings


see styles
diàn dū
    dian4 du1
tien tu
to determine the position of the capital; to found a capital
(noun/participle) transferring the capital


see styles
(v2m-s) (1) (See 定める・さだめる・1) to decide; to determine; (v2m-s) (2) (See 定める・さだめる・2) to establish; to lay down; to prescribe; to provide; to stipulate; (v2m-s) (3) (See 定める・さだめる・3) to bring peace (to); to make peaceful


see styles
dìng chū
    ding4 chu1
ting ch`u
    ting chu
to determine; to fix upon; to set (a target, a price etc)


see styles
dìng pàn
    ding4 pan4
ting p`an
    ting pan
To determine, adjudge, settle.



see styles
dìng duó
    ding4 duo2
ting to
to make a decision; to determine


see styles
dìng xìng
    ding4 xing4
ting hsing
 teisei / tese
to determine the nature (usually of error or crime); to determine chemical composition; qualitative; fixed
(can be adjective with の) qualitative
Fixed nature; settled mind. A classification of 'five kinds of nature' 五種性 is made by the 法相宗, the first two being the 定性二乘, i. e. śrāvakas and pratyekabuddhas, whose mind is fixed on arhatship, and not on Buddhahood. The 定性喜樂地 is the second dhyāna heaven of form, in which the occupants abide in surpassing meditation or trance, which produces mental joy; fixed nature



see styles
dìng guī
    ding4 gui1
ting kuei
to decide; to determine; established practice; (dialect) firmly resolved (to do something)
(measuring) ruler; (personal name) Sadanori



see styles
dìng diǎn
    ding4 dian3
ting tien
to determine a location; designated; appointed; specific; fixed (time); fixed point (geometry); fixed-point (number)
See: 定点


see styles
qiāo dìng
    qiao1 ding4
ch`iao ting
    chiao ting
to come to a decision; to fix on (a date etc); to determine; to finalize; to nail down (a deal etc)



see styles
duàn dìng
    duan4 ding4
tuan ting
to conclude; to determine; to come to a judgment
See: 断定


see styles
chá kǎo
    cha2 kao3
ch`a k`ao
    cha kao
to examine; to investigate; to try to determine


see styles
hé dìng
    he2 ding4
ho ting
to audit and determine; to check and ratify; to appraise and decide; determination; on a deemed basis (taxation); to deem


see styles
(1) inspection of food (before it is served at a school, nursing home, etc.); (2) food sample (used to determine the source of contamination in the event of food poisoning)


see styles
(Godan verb with "su" ending) (See 決する) to decide; to determine



see styles
jué shèng
    jue2 sheng4
chüeh sheng
 kesshou / kessho
to determine victory; to obtain victory
decision of a contest; finals (in sports)



see styles
jué cè
    jue2 ce4
chüeh ts`e
    chüeh tse
strategic decision; decision-making; policy decision; to determine policy



see styles
cè dìng
    ce4 ding4
ts`e ting
    tse ting
 sokutei / sokute
to determine (by measuring or surveying)
(noun/participle) measurement



see styles
cè liáng
    ce4 liang2
ts`e liang
    tse liang
 sokuryou / sokuryo
survey; to measure; to gauge; to determine
(noun/participle) measurement; surveying
to fathom


see styles
yán pàn
    yan2 pan4
yen p`an
    yen pan
to study and come to a conclusion; to judge; to determine



see styles
què dìng
    que4 ding4
ch`üeh ting
    chüeh ting
 kakutei / kakute
definite; certain; fixed; to fix (on something); to determine; to be sure; to ensure; to make certain; to ascertain; to clinch; to recognize; to confirm; OK (on computer dialog box)
(noun/participle) (1) decision; settlement; (noun/participle) (2) {math} definition



see styles
píng jiǎng
    ping2 jiang3
p`ing chiang
    ping chiang
to determine the recipient of an award through discussion



see styles
rèn dìng
    ren4 ding4
jen ting
 nintei / ninte
to maintain (that something is true); to determine (a fact); determination (of an amount); of the firm opinion; to believe firmly; to set one's mind on; to identify with
(noun/participle) authorization; authorisation; acknowledgment; acknowledgement; certification; recognition


see styles
liàng xíng
    liang4 xing2
liang hsing
 ryoukei / ryoke
to assess punishment; to determine the sentence (on a criminal)
(noun/participle) judge's sentence; assessment of a case



see styles
qī shě yán
    qi1 she3 yan2
ch`i she yen
    chi she yen
 shichiyō gan
The crag at Rājagṛha on which the "seven-leaf tree" grew in the cave beneath which the first "synod" is said to have been held after the Buddha's death, to recall and determine his teaching; seven-leaf cliff



see styles
xià jué xīn
    xia4 jue2 xin1
hsia chüeh hsin
to determine; to resolve

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