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Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu

Japan dai tou ryuu ai ki ju jutsu
Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu Vertical Wall Scroll

大東流合気柔術 is Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu, a Japanese martial art established by Takeda Sōkaku.

The most famous student of Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu is Morihei Ueshiba who later founded the school or branch of martial arts known as Aikido.

Note: 大東流合気柔術 can also be romanized as Daito-ryu Aiki-Jujutsu, Daitou-ryuu Aiki-Juujutsu or Daito-ryu Aiki-Jujitsu.

Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu

School of Japanese Martial Arts
Japan dai tou ryuu ai ki juu jutsu
Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Vertical Wall Scroll

This is the Japanese martial arts title, Daitō-ryū Aiki-Jūjutsu.

If you want this title, you probably already know enough about the meaning.
If not, here's the Wikipedia entry: Daitō-ryū Aiki-Jūjutsu.


Japan ai ki jutsu
Aiki-Jutsu Vertical Wall Scroll

合気術 (Aiki-Jutsu) is a school of martial arts descended from Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu.

Note: Some also romanize 合気術 as Aiki-Jitsu.


Japan hakkou ryuu
Hakko-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll

八光流 (Hakkō-Ryū) is a style of jujutsu associated with Daito-Ryu.

The title Hakko-Ryu comes from the Japanese phrase which translates as "The Style of the Eighth Light," or more literally "Eighth Light Style."

The 光 character is associated with brightness or brilliance. It can be a used to describe someone of great talent or potential. So the meaning goes far beyond just light.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう    daishima / だいしま Japanese (place-name) Daitou; (place-name) Daishima


see styles
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう Japanese (surname) Daitou


see styles
Japanese daito / だいと Japanese (noun/participle) rise of; appearance of; rearing its head; raising one's head; coming to power; becoming famous; (being in the) forefront; prominence; (place-name) Daito


see styles
Mandarin dà dāo / da4 dao1
Taiwan ta tao
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう    tachiarai / たちあらい
Chinese broadsword; large knife; machete
Japanese long sword; (surname) Daitou; (personal name) Tachiarai


see styles
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう Japanese (surname) Daitou


see styles
Mandarin dà táng / da4 tang2
Taiwan ta t`ang / ta tang
Japanese morokoshi / もろこし    daitou / daito / だいとう    ootou / ooto / おおとう    ookara / おおから
Chinese the Tang dynasty (618-907)
Japanese (surname) Morokoshi; (surname) Daitou; (personal name) Ootou; (surname) Ookara
Great Tang


see styles
Mandarin dà tǎ / da4 ta3
Taiwan ta t`a / ta ta
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう    ootou / ooto / おおとう    outou / oto / おうとう
Japanese (place-name, surname) Daitou; (place-name) Ootou; (personal name) Outou
a large stūpa


see styles
Japanese oodo;ooto / おおど;おおと Japanese (1) main door at the front of a house; (2) front shutters; (surname) Negi; (surname) Daito; (personal name) Oobe; (place-name, surname) Oodo; (place-name, surname) Ooto; (surname) Ooko; (surname) Ooe


see styles
Japanese hiroto / ひろと    daito / だいと Japanese (personal name) Hiroto; (personal name) Daito



see styles
Mandarin dà dōng / da4 dong1
Taiwan ta tung
Japanese daidou / daido / だいどう    daitou / daito / だいとう    taitou / taito / たいとう    oohigashi / おおひがし    ootou / ooto / おおとう
Chinese Dadong district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
Japanese (surname) Daidou; (place-name, surname) Daitou; (surname) Taitou; (place-name, surname) Oohigashi; (surname) Ootou


see styles
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう    taitou / taito / たいとう    oomomo / おおもも    ootou / ooto / おおとう    ooto / おおと Japanese (surname) Daitou; (surname) Taitou; (place-name, surname) Oomomo; (surname) Ooto


see styles
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう Japanese (given name) Daitou


see styles
Japanese daito / だいと    oowatari / おおわたり    oowata / おおわた    oodou / oodo / おおどう    oodo / おおど    ooto / おおと Japanese (surname) Daito; (place-name, surname) Oowatari; (surname) Oowata; (place-name) Oodou; (place-name) Oodo; (surname) Ooto


see styles
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう Japanese (personal name) Daitou


see styles
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう Japanese (given name) Daitou


see styles
Japanese daito / だいと    oonobori / おおのぼり    ooto / おおと Japanese (personal name) Daito; (place-name, surname) Oonobori; (surname) Ooto


see styles
Japanese daitou / daito / だいとう Japanese (given name) Daitou



see styles
Mandarin dà tǒng / da4 tong3
Taiwan ta t`ung / ta tung
Japanese daitō
The head of the order, an office instituted by Wen Di of the Sui dynasty; cf. 大僧正.


see styles
Japanese masato / まさと    hiroto / ひろと    haruto / はると    daito / だいと    taito / たいと    taishou / taisho / たいしょう Japanese (given name) Masato; (male given name) Hiroto; (given name) Haruto; (male given name) Daito; (given name) Taito; (surname) Taishou


see styles
Japanese daidou / daido / だいどう    daitou / daito / だいとう    oobuji / おおぶじ    oofuji / おおふじ    oodou / oodo / おおどう    ootou / ooto / おおとう    ooto / おおと    outou / oto / おうとう Japanese (surname) Daidou; (surname) Daitou; (surname) Oobuji; (place-name, surname) Oofuji; (surname) Oodou; (surname) Ootou; (surname) Ooto; (surname) Outou


see styles
Mandarin dà dōu // dà dū / da4 dou1 // da4 du1
Taiwan ta tou // ta tu
Japanese yamato / やまと    daito / だいと    oomiya / おおみや    oodo / おおど    ooto / おおと    ootsu / おおつ
Chinese for the most part; on the whole; metropolitan; for the most part; on the whole; also pr. [da4 du1]; Dadu, capital of China during the Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368), modern day Beijing
Japanese (female given name) Yamato; (personal name) Daito; (surname) Oomiya; (surname) Oodo; (surname) Ooto; (surname) Ootsu


see styles
Mandarin dà táng sān zàng / da4 tang2 san1 zang4
Taiwan ta t`ang san tsang / ta tang san tsang
Japanese Daitō sanzō
Great Tang Trepiṭaka


see styles
Japanese daitouboushoku / daitoboshoku / だいとうぼうしょく Japanese (c) Daito Woolen Spinning & Weaving Company, Limited



see styles
Mandarin tí dēng xíng liè / ti2 deng1 xing2 lie4
Taiwan t`i teng hsing lieh / ti teng hsing lieh
Japanese daitō gyōretsu
lantern procession [celebrating the birth of the Buddha]


see styles
Japanese takahashidaito / たかはしだいと Japanese (person) Takahashi Daito



see styles
Mandarin dà táng nèi diǎn lù / da4 tang2 nei4 dian3 lu4
Taiwan ta t`ang nei tien lu / ta tang nei tien lu
Japanese Daitō naitenr roku
Catalogue of Buddhist Works in the Great Tang


see styles
Japanese daitouookoumori;daitouookoumori / daitoookomori;daitoookomori / だいとうおおこうもり;ダイトウオオコウモリ Japanese (kana only) Daito flying fox (Pteropus dasymallus daitoensis)


see styles
Japanese daitoubunkadaigaku / daitobunkadaigaku / だいとうぶんかだいがく Japanese (place-name) Daito Bunka University


see styles
Japanese okinawahenkankyoutei / okinawahenkankyote / おきなわへんかんきょうてい Japanese Okinawa Reversion Agreement (1971); Agreement between Japan and the United States of America Concerning the Ryukyu Islands and the Daito Islands



see styles
Mandarin bǐng zǐ jiào lín tóng dà dāo / bing3 zi3 jiao4 lin2 tong2 da4 dao1
Taiwan ping tzu chiao lin t`ung ta tao / ping tzu chiao lin tung ta tao
Japanese heishi shōrin dō daitō
Heishi-Mountain Ash-Grove-Copper-Large-Sword

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Hakko-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll
Hakko-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)
Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu大東流合氣柔術
dai tou ryuu ai ki ju jutsu
dai to ryu ai ki ju jutsu
Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu大東流合気柔術
dai tou ryuu ai ki juu jutsu
dai to ryu ai ki ju jutsu
ai ki jutsu
Hakko-Ryu八光流hakkou ryuu
hako ryu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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