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zhēn jié
Chastity Scroll

In Chinese, 貞節 would be defined as "The state of being sexually pure" or "chaste".

Culturally, this especially applies to young women. 貞節 is not actually far off from our western view on this subject. In Japanese and Korean, this could also be used to express virtue, faithfulness, and fidelity.

See Also:  Modesty

Personal Integrity

zhì cāo
shi sou
Personal Integrity Scroll

志操 / 誌操 is personal integrity - basically, holding yourself to a higher standard of honesty and reliability. These two characters also contain the ideas of constancy, principles, and faithfulness.

Note: In Japanese, this just means "principle".

Honor and Integrity

jié cāo
Honor and Integrity Scroll

節操 means honorable, integrity of principle, constancy, honor, and in a certain context, chastity.

Please note that there are a few ways to relay the idea of integrity in Asian languages, and more than one way to define honor in English. 節操 is far from the only way to express "honor and integrity".

Fidelity / Personal Integrity / Honor

cāo shǒu
Fidelity / Personal Integrity / Honor Scroll

操守 is the Chinese and Japanese Kanji for personal integrity, constancy, fidelity, and honor/honour.

The original meaning of the first character is chastity, fidelity, honor/honour, and/or faith.

The second character means to defend, guard, keep watch, be observant.

So, this is about being observant of, and guarding your integrity and honor.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
teisetsuzhēn jié / zhen1 jie2 / zhen jie / zhenjiechen chieh / chenchieh
Personal Integrity志操 / 誌操
shi sou / shisou / shi so / shisozhì cāo / zhi4 cao1 / zhi cao / zhicaochih ts`ao / chihtsao / chih tsao
Honor and Integrity節操
sessou / sesojié cāo / jie2 cao1 / jie cao / jiecaochieh ts`ao / chiehtsao / chieh tsao
Personal Integrity
操守soushu / soshucāo shǒu / cao1 shou3 / cao shou / caoshouts`ao shou / tsaoshou / tsao shou
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
rěn / ren3
 nin / にん
Fidelity / Personal Integrity / Honor Scroll
to bear; to endure; to tolerate; to restrain oneself
(archaism) endurance; forbearance; patience; self-restraint; (given name) Nin
kṣānti, 羼提 (or 羼底); patience, endurance, (a) in adverse circumstances, (b) in the religious state. There are groups of two, three, four, five, six, ten, and fourteen, indicating various forms of patience, equanimity, repression, forbearance, endurance, constancy, or "perseverance of the saints," both in mundane and spiritual things; to endure


see styles
cāo shǒu / cao1 shou3
ts`ao shou / tsao shou
 soushu / soshu / そうしゅ
personal integrity
constancy; fidelity



see styles
jié cāo / jie2 cao1
chieh ts`ao / chieh tsao
 sessou / sesso / せっそう
Fidelity / Personal Integrity / Honor Scroll
integrity; moral principle
constancy; integrity; fidelity; principle; faithfulness; honor; honour



see styles
zhēn jié / zhen1 jie2
chen chieh
 teisetsu / tesetsu / ていせつ
Fidelity / Personal Integrity / Honor Scroll
chastity; virginity (of women); moral integrity (of men); loyalty; constancy
(noun or adjectival noun) chastity; fidelity; faithfulness; virtue

see styles
cào / cao4
ts`ao / tsao
 misao(p);sou / misao(p);so / みさお(P);そう
variant of 肏[cao4]
(1) fidelity; honour; honor; constancy; (2) chastity (of a woman); faithfulness (e.g. to one's husband); (female given name) Misao (Misawo)
to take


see styles
bù yì / bu4 yi4
pu i
 fueki / ふえき
not easy to do something; difficult; unchanging
(noun or adjectival noun) constancy; immutable; (given name) Fueki
not easy; not simple


see styles
cháng zhù / chang2 zhu4
ch`ang chu / chang chu
 joujuu / joju / じょうじゅう
long-term resident; permanent residence; eternalism (permanence of soul, Sanskrit Sassatavada)
(adverb) (1) always; constantly; eternally; (noun/participle) (2) {Buddh} (orig. meaning) (ant: 無常) constancy; eternity; (noun/participle) (3) permanent residence; (surname) Tokosumi
Permanent, always abiding, eternal; eternally abiding


see styles
cháng lì / chang2 li4
ch`ang li / chang li
Unfailing powers; power of constancy


see styles
héng cháng / heng2 chang2
heng ch`ang / heng chang
 koujou / kojo / こうじょう
constancy; permanence
Constant, regular.


see styles
 koushin / koshin / こうしん steadiness; constancy; (personal name) Hisami


see styles
 kousei / kose / こうせい constancy


see styles
sōng bǎi / song1 bai3
sung pai
 shouhaku;matsukae / shohaku;matsukae / しょうはく;まつかえ
pine and cypress; fig. chaste and undefiled; fig. tomb
(1) evergreen tree; conifer; coniferous tree; (2) pine and cypress; (3) duty; constancy; faithfulness; (place-name) Matsukaya



see styles
sān zhǒng cháng / san1 zhong3 chang2
san chung ch`ang / san chung chang
 sanshu jō
A Buddha in his three eternal qualities: (a) 本性常 in his nature or dharmakāya; (b) 不斷常 in his unbroken eternity, saṃbhogakāya; (c) 相續常 in his continuous and eternally varied forms, nirmāṇakāya; three kinds of constancy


see styles
cháng zhù xiàng / chang2 zhu4 xiang4
ch`ang chu hsiang / chang chu hsiang
 jōjū sō
characteristic of constancy; characteristic of constancy


see styles
 koujousei / kojose / こうじょうせい (1) homeostasis; homoeostasis; (2) constancy


see styles
 juunenichijitsu;juunenichinichi / junenichijitsu;junenichinichi / じゅうねんいちじつ;じゅうねんいちにち (yoji) without intermission for ten (long) years; with constancy of purpose for ten (long) years; in the same old rut for years on end


see styles
 sennenichijitsu / せんねんいちじつ (yoji) without intermission for many years; with constancy of purpose for many years; in the same old rut for years on end



see styles
cháng bō luó mì / chang2 bo1 luo2 mi4
ch`ang po lo mi / chang po lo mi
 jō haramitsu
The first of the four pāramitās, eternity; perfection of constancy


see styles
 shisoukengo / shisokengo / しそうけんご (noun or adjectival noun) (yoji) being faithful to one's principles; being of firm purpose and deep commitment; constancy; true blue

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Fidelity / Personal Integrity / Honor Scroll
Fidelity / Personal Integrity / Honor Scroll
Fidelity / Personal Integrity / Honor Scroll

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A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

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