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China tún
Japan shiri
Butt Vertical Wall Scroll

臀 is the most simple way to write butt, buttocks, behind, rump, bottom, last place, or end in Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

臀 is not appropriate for calligraphy. Also, the two-character word 屁股 or pigu, is also very common in China for butt or ass.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin tún / tun2
Taiwan t`un / tun
Japanese shiri / しり
Butt Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese butt; buttocks
Japanese (1) buttocks; behind; rump; bottom; (2) undersurface; bottom; (3) last place; end; (4) consequence
buttocks; buttocks

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Mandarin féng / feng2
Taiwan feng
Chinese to butt (as horned animals)

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Mandarin/ di3
Taiwan ti
Chinese to butt; resist

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Mandarin dìng / ding4
Taiwan ting
Chinese buttocks; butt

see styles
Mandarin/ di3
Taiwan ti
Chinese to butt; resist

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Mandarin chù / chu4
Taiwan ch`u / chu
Japanese fure / ふれ
Chinese to touch; to make contact with something; to stir up sb's emotions
Japanese (surname) Fure
To butt, strike against; contact. sparśa, touch, contact, collision, the quality of tangibility, feeling, sensation. M.W. Eleven kinds of sensation are given— hot, cold, hard, soft, etc. sparśa is one of the twelve nidānas, cf. 十二因緣, and of the sadāyatana, cf. 六入. It is also used with the meaning of 濁 unclean.

see styles
Mandarin/ cu4
Taiwan ts`u / tsu
Chinese to butt against

see styles
Mandarin zūn / zun1
Taiwan tsun
Chinese butt end of spear


see styles
Japanese daijiri / だいじり Japanese butt of a gun


see styles
Japanese suigara / すいがら Japanese cigarette end; cigarette butt; tobacco ashes


see styles
Japanese futomomo / ふともも Japanese (1) thigh; (2) (colloquialism) buttocks; arse; ass; butt


see styles
Japanese futomomo / ふともも Japanese (1) thigh; (2) (colloquialism) buttocks; arse; ass; butt


see styles
Japanese shirige / しりげ    shirike / しりけ    ketsuge / けつげ Japanese butt hair; buttock hair; ass hair; (place-name) Shikke


see styles
Mandarin pì gu / pi4 gu5
Taiwan p`i ku / pi ku
Chinese buttocks; bottom; butt; back part


see styles
Mandarin chā kǒu / cha1 kou3
Taiwan ch`a k`ou / cha kou
Chinese socket (for an electric plug); to interrupt (sb speaking); to butt in


see styles
Mandarin chā zuǐ / cha1 zui3
Taiwan ch`a tsui / cha tsui
Chinese to interrupt (sb talking); to butt in; to cut into a conversation



see styles
Mandarin qiāng tuō / qiang1 tuo1
Taiwan ch`iang t`o / chiang to
Chinese butt of a gun; stock



see styles
Mandarin yān pì / yan1 pi4
Taiwan yen p`i / yen pi
Chinese cigarette butt



see styles
Mandarin yān dì / yan1 di4
Taiwan yen ti
Chinese cigarette butt



see styles
Mandarin yān tóu / yan1 tou2
Taiwan yen t`ou / yen tou
Chinese cigarette butt; fag-end; CL:根[gen1]


see styles
Japanese meita / meta / めいた Japanese panel strip; butt strap; batten; fishplate


see styles
Mandarin xiào liào / xiao4 liao4
Taiwan hsiao liao
Chinese source of laughter; laughing stock; butt; joke (person)



see styles
Mandarin gǔ gōu / gu3 gou1
Taiwan ku kou
Chinese buttock cleavage; butt crack


see styles
Japanese udenuki / うでぬき Japanese (1) arm glove; arm warmer; sleevelet; (2) bracelet; (3) leather thread on guard or pommel of a sword; (4) hole in the butt end of a Chinese spear


see styles
Mandarin tún bù / tun2 bu4
Taiwan t`un pu / tun pu
Japanese denbu / でんぶ
Chinese butt; buttocks
Japanese (1) buttocks; (can be adjective with の) (2) gluteal; rear


see styles
Mandarin yān dì / yan1 di4
Taiwan yen ti
Chinese variant of 煙蒂|烟蒂[yan1 di4]; cigarette butt


see styles
Mandarin dǐ tū / di3 tu1
Taiwan ti t`u / ti tu
Japanese teitotsu
To butt against, gore, as an angry bull.


see styles
Japanese ketsuge / ケツげ Japanese butt hair; buttock hair; ass hair


see styles
Mandarin qī lǐ xiāng / qi1 li3 xiang1
Taiwan ch`i li hsiang / chi li hsiang
Chinese orange jasmine (Murraya paniculata); "chicken butt", popular Taiwan snack on a stick, made of marinated "white cut chicken" butt


see styles
Japanese decchiri / でっちり Japanese protruding buttocks; big butt

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Buttshiritún / tun2 / tunt`un / tun

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