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fū ren
    fu1 ren5
fu jen
 fujin(p); bunin(ok); hashikashi(ok)
    ふじん(P); ぶにん(ok); はしかし(ok)
lady; madam; Mrs.; CL:位[wei4]
(1) (ふじん, はしかし only) (honorific or respectful language) wife; Mrs; madam; (2) (ふじん only) (archaism) wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.); (3) (ふじん, ぶにん only) (archaism) consort of the emperor
A wife; the wife of a king, i. e. a queen, devi.


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fēn yuàn
    fen1 yuan4
fen yüan
branch (of an institution); branch temple; detached building
branch temples



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wú rén
    wu2 ren2
wu jen
 mujin(p); bunin; munin
    むじん(P); ぶにん; むにん
unmanned; uninhabited
(adj-no,n) (1) (ant: 有人) unmanned; uninhabited; unattended; deserted; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) (ぶにん, むにん only) (むにん only adj-no) shorthandedness; lack of help; (given name) Mujin
absence of individual existence


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 honin; bunin; funin
    ほにん; ぶにん; ふにん
(noun/participle) appointment to office


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 buunin / bunin
(personal name) Bunin



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shèng mán fū rén
    sheng4 man2 fu1 ren2
sheng man fu jen
 Shōman Bunin
Mālyaśrī, daughter of Prasenajit, wife of the king of Kośala (Oudh), after whom the Śrīmālādevi-siṃhanāda 會 and 經 are named; Queen Śrīmālā


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mò lì fū rén
    mo4 li4 fu1 ren2
mo li fu jen
 mari bunin
The wife of Prasenajit, king of Kośala, so called because she wove or wore jasmine chaplets, or came from a jasmine garden, etc; *Mallikā

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