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Wisdom / Brilliance

cái zhì
sai chi
Wisdom / Brilliance Scroll

In Chinese, this means "ability and wisdom" or "ability and intelligence".
It can also be defined as brilliance, or genius.

In Japanese, it takes on a meaning more of "wit and intelligence".

才智Note that the ancient/traditional form is shown above. After WWII, in both Japan and China, the first character was simplified. If you want this reformed/simplified version, just click on the characters to the right, instead of the button above. This is a good choice if your audience is Japanese.


hakkou ryuu
Hakko-Ryu Scroll

八光流 (Hakkō-Ryū) is a style of jujutsu associated with Daito-Ryu.

The title Hakko-Ryu comes from the Japanese phrase which translates as "The Style of the Eighth Light", or more literally "Eighth Light Style".

The 光 character is associated with brightness or brilliance. It can be a used to describe someone of great talent or potential. So the meaning goes far beyond just light.


guāng cǎi
Radiance Scroll

光彩 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for radiance.

Other meanings include: luster; splendor/splendour; brilliance.

光彩 is the kind of radiance you see when a person's arrival brings happiness and joy to the room. Or the radiance on the face of a new bride etc.

If you delve into the dictionary, other forms of radiance will refer to isotopes emitting radiation. 光彩 is not related to radiation and is not the kind that causes cancer.

In Japanese, this can be several female given names such as Misa, Hikari, Hiiro, Teresa or Arisa. And a more unisex given name of Kousai or Kosai.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
sai chi / saichicái zhì / cai2 zhi4 / cai zhi / caizhits`ai chih / tsaichih / tsai chih
Hakko-Ryu八光流hakkou ryuu
hako ryu
Radiance光彩kousai / kosaiguāng cǎi
guang1 cai3
guang cai
kuang ts`ai
kuang tsai
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
huá / hua2
 ka / か
magnificent; splendid; flowery
(1) flashiness; showiness; brilliance; splendor; (2) bloom; flowers; (female given name) Ririka
kusuma; puṣpa; padma; a flower, blossom; flowery; especially the lotus; also 花, which also means pleasure, vice; to spend, waste, profligate. 華 also means splendour, glory, ornate; to decorate; China.


see styles
guāng cǎi / guang1 cai3
kuang ts`ai / kuang tsai
 kousai / kosai / こうさい
Radiance Scroll
luster; splendor; radiance; brilliance
brilliance; splendour; splendor; lustre; luster; (female given name) Misa

see styles
jiǒng / jiong3
(literary) bright; shining; brilliance


see styles
/ li4
brilliance (pearls)


see styles
 koutaku / kotaku / こうたく brilliance; polish; lustre; luster; glossy finish (of photographs); (surname) Mitsuzawa



see styles
guāng huá / guang1 hua2
kuang hua
 mika / みか
brilliance; splendor; magnificence
(female given name) Mika


see styles
 kanpatsu / かんぱつ (noun/participle) brilliance



see styles
dì lì / di4 li4
ti li
brilliance of pearls


see styles
 seisai / sesai / せいさい (1) brilliance; luster; lustre; colorfulness; colourfulness; (2) vividness; life


see styles
 eisai / esai / えいさい (1) genius; brilliance; unusual talent; (2) gifted person; person of unusual talent


see styles
jīng cǎi / jing1 cai3
ching ts`ai / ching tsai
 seisai / sesai / せいさい
wonderful; marvelous; brilliant
(1) brilliance; luster; lustre; colorfulness; colourfulness; (2) vividness; life


see styles
 kagayaki / かがやき brightness; brilliance; brilliancy; radiance; glitter


see styles
 eisai / esai / えいさい (1) genius; brilliance; unusual talent; (2) gifted person; person of unusual talent; (given name) Eisai


see styles
 kagayaki / かがやき brightness; brilliance; brilliancy; radiance; glitter


see styles
 kiki / きき brilliance; (female given name) Kiki


see styles
 kagayaki / かがやき brightness; brilliance; brilliancy; radiance; glitter


see styles
 kiki / きき brilliance


see styles
 eisai / esai / えいさい (1) genius; brilliance; unusual talent; (2) gifted person; person of unusual talent



see styles
péi chèn / pei2 chen4
p`ei ch`en / pei chen
to enhance by contrast; to set off; to serve as a background in order to bring out the subject with greater brilliance; to serve as a prop; a foil



see styles
tóu jiǎo / tou2 jiao3
t`ou chiao / tou chiao
 toukaku / tokaku / とうかく
youngster's talent; brilliance of youth
(See 頭角を現す) top of the head



see styles
wǔ fó dǐng / wu3 fo2 ding3
wu fo ting
 go butchō
(五佛頂尊); 五頂輪王 Five bodhisattvas sometimes placed on the left of Śākyamuni, indicative of five forms of wisdom: (1) 白傘佛頂輪王 (白蓋佛頂輪王); 白 M027897佛頂, Sitāta-patra, with white parasol, symbol of pure mercy, one of the titles of Avalokiteśvara; (2) 勝佛頂 Jaya, with sword symbol of wisdom, or discretion; (3) 最勝佛頂 (一字最勝佛頂輪王); 金輪佛頂 (最勝金輪佛頂); 轉輪王佛頂 Vijaya, with golden wheel symbol of unexcelled power of preaching; (4) 火聚佛頂; 光聚佛頂 (or 放光佛頂 or 火光佛頂) ; 高佛頂 Tejorāṣi, collected brilliance, with insignia of authority 如意寶 or a fame; (5) 捨除佛頂; 除障佛頂; 摧碎佛頂; 除業佛頂; 除蓋障佛頂; 尊勝, etc. Vikīrṇa, scattering and destroying all distressing delusion, with a hook as symbol; five buddha attendants



see styles
pēn bó yù chū / pen1 bo2 yu4 chu1
p`en po yü ch`u / pen po yü chu
to be on the verge of eruption (idiom); (of the sun) to emerge in all its brilliance


see styles
 saikihatsuratsu / さいきはつらつ (adj-t,adv-to) (yoji) resourceful and quick-witted; showing a flash of brilliance; having a keen (sparkling) intellect


see styles
 saikikanpatsu / さいきかんぱつ (adj-na,adj-no,n) (yoji) quick-witted; a flash of brilliance; great wisdom


see styles
 saichijuuou / saichijuo / さいちじゅうおう (adj-no,n) (yoji) (obscure) resourceful and quick-witted; showing a flash of brilliance; having a keen intellect


see styles
 hanaakari / hanakari / はなあかり the brilliance of cherry blossoms which illuminate the evening



see styles
huā dé pú sà / hua1 de2 pu2 sa4
hua te p`u sa / hua te pu sa
 Ketoku Bosatsu
Padmaśrī, Lotus-brilliance Bodhisattva, tr. as Lotus-virtue, name of Śubhavyūha, v. 妙, when incarnated as a member of Śākyamuni's retinue.


see styles
 kiki / きき brilliance


see styles
 seisai / sesai / せいさい (1) (esp. 精彩) brilliance; luster; lustre; colorfulness; colourfulness; (2) vividness; life


see styles
 eisai / esai / えいさい (1) genius; brilliance; unusual talent; (2) gifted person; person of unusual talent

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