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The name Balance Equilibrium in Chinese / Japanese...

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Balance / Equilibrium

 kin kou
Balance / Equilibrium Scroll

均衡 means balance or equilibrium.

This title is best for a Japanese audience where the word suggests that your life is in balance in all matters (or is a reminder for you to try and keep all matters in balance).

Life in Balance / Balancing Life

The art of balancing your life

 píng héng rén shēng
 hei kou jin sei
Life in Balance / Balancing Life Scroll

This 平衡人生 title suggests that you are actively trying to keep your life in balance.

Think of this as the action verb of seeking or having a balanced life.

The first two characters mean balance, equilibrium, or keeping things equal.

The last two characters mean “life.” Literally “human life.”

Nature in Balance / Balanced Nature

 shizenkai no kinkou
Nature in Balance / Balanced Nature Scroll

自然界の均衡 is a verbose way to say “nature in balance” in Japanese.

The first three Kanji have the meaning of “the natural world” or “the natural kingdom” (kind of like the animal kingdom but including plants and all things biological).
The third character is a Hiragana that acts to connect the two ideas here.
The last two Kanji mean equilibrium or balance.

The Universe in Balance / Balanced Universe

 yǔ zhòu píng héng
 u chuu hei kou
The Universe in Balance / Balanced Universe Scroll

宇宙平衡 is a proverb that is simply Universe Balanced (we might say “Balanced Universe” in English).

The first two characters mean the Universe. However, in some contexts, it can mean cosmic, cosmos, or outer space.
The second two characters mean balance or balanced (can also mean equilibrium).

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your balance equilibrium search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
jun héng
    jun1 heng2
chün heng
 kinkou / kinko

More info & calligraphy:

Balance / Equilibrium
equal; balanced; harmony; equilibrium
(n,vs,vi) equilibrium; balance


see styles
ān dìng
    an1 ding4
an ting
 antei / ante
stable; calm; settled; to stabilize; Valium; diazepam
(n,vs,vi) (1) stability; steadiness; consistency; equilibrium; balance; composure; (adj-na,n,vs,vi) (2) {physics;chem} stable; (surname, given name) Yasusada



see styles
jun shì
    jun1 shi4
chün shih
 kinsei / kinse
equilibrium of forces; balance of power
uniformity; balance (equilibrium) of power


see styles
píng jun
    ping2 jun1
p`ing chün
    ping chün
 heikin(p); heigin(ok) / hekin(p); hegin(ok)
    へいきん(P); へいぎん(ok)
average; on average; evenly; in equal proportions
(noun/participle) (1) average; mean; (noun/participle) (2) balance; equilibrium


see styles
píng héng
    ping2 heng2
p`ing heng
    ping heng
 heikou / heko
balance; equilibrium
(noun/participle) even scale; equilibrium; balance; equalization; equalisation


see styles
balance; equilibrium


see styles
(noun/participle) equilibrium; good balance; poise



see styles
píng héng tài
    ping2 heng2 tai4
p`ing heng t`ai
    ping heng tai
balance; (state of) equilibrium


see styles
 chouseiben / choseben
(1) control valve; regulating valve; (2) something that maintains equilibrium or balance


see styles
balance; equilibrium


see styles
(v5u,vi) (1) to balance; to be in harmony; to be in equilibrium; (2) to suit; to go well together; to be a good match


see styles
(v5u,vi) (1) to balance; to be in harmony; to be in equilibrium; (2) to suit; to go well together; to be a good match


see styles
(noun/participle) equilibrium; good balance; poise


see styles
 kokunaikinkou / kokunaikinko
domestic equilibrium; internal balance; internal equilibrium


see styles
 heikoukankaku / hekokankaku
(yoji) sense of equilibrium; sense of balance


see styles
 shukushoukinkou / shukushokinko
{econ} balanced contraction; diminishing equilibrium; reductive balance


see styles
balance; equilibrium


see styles
(v5u,vi) (1) to balance; to be in harmony; to be in equilibrium; (2) to suit; to go well together; to be a good match


see styles
(noun/participle) equilibrium; good balance; poise


see styles
(v5u,vi) (1) to balance; to be in harmony; to be in equilibrium; (v5u,vi) (2) to suit; to go well together; to be a good match


see styles
balance; equilibrium

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
均衡kin kou / kinkou / kin kohéng / jun1 heng2 / jun heng / junhengchün heng / chünheng
Life in Balance
Balancing Life
平衡人生hei kou jin sei
hei ko jin sei
píng héng rén shēng
ping2 heng2 ren2 sheng1
ping heng ren sheng
p`ing heng jen sheng
ping heng jen sheng
Nature in Balance
Balanced Nature
自然界の均衡shizenkai no kinkou
shizenkai no kinko
The Universe in Balance
Balanced Universe
宇宙平衡u chuu hei kou
u chu hei ko
yǔ zhòu píng héng
yu3 zhou4 ping2 heng2
yu zhou ping heng
yü chou p`ing heng
yü chou ping heng


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