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Kai Zen / Kaizen

gǎi shàn
kai zen
Kai Zen / Kaizen Scroll

改善 means betterment, improvement, to make better, or to improve - specifically incremental and continuous improvement.

改善 became very important in post-war Japan when Edwards Deming came to Japan to teach concepts of incremental and continuous improvement (for which the big 3 auto-makers did not want to hear about at the time - even kicking Deming out of their offices). The Japanese workforce absorbed this concept at a time with their culture was in flux and primed for change.

This kaizen term is closely associated with the western title "Total Quality Management". Perhaps dear to my heart since I spent years studying this at university before I moved to China where TQM did not seem to exist. Slowly, this concept has entered China as well (I've actually given lectures on the subject in Beijing).

If you are trying to improve processes at your business or need to remind yourself of your continuous TQM goals, this would be a great wall scroll to hang behind your desk, or in your workplace.

See Also:  Kansei

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Kai Zen
改善kai zen / kaizengǎi shàn / gai3 shan4 / gai shan / gaishankai shan / kaishan

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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
to stop; to prohibit; until; only
(given name) Tomeru
To stop, halt, cease; one of the seven definitions of 禪定 dhyāna described as 奢摩他 śamatha or 三摩地 samādhi; it is defined as 靜息動心 silencing, or putting to rest the active mind, or auto-hypnosis; also 心定止於一處 the mind centred, lit. the mind steadily fixed on one place, or in one position. It differs from 觀 which observes, examines, sifts evidence; 止 has to do with 拂妄 getting rid of distraction for moral ends; it is abstraction, rather than contemplation; see 止觀 In practice there are three methods of attaining such abstraction: (a) by fixing the mind on the nose, navel, etc.; (b) by stopping every thought as it arises; (c) by dwelling on the thought that nothing exists of itself, but from a preceding cause; to stop


see styles
lì fān
    li4 fan1
li fan
Lifan Group (auto manufacturer in Chongqing)


see styles
qì xiū
    qi4 xiu1
ch`i hsiu
    chi hsiu
auto repair


see styles
qì pèi
    qi4 pei4
ch`i p`ei
    chi pei
auto parts



see styles
lián xiǎng
    lian2 xiang3
lien hsiang
 rensou / renso
to associate (cognitively); to make an associative connection; mental association; word prediction and auto-complete functions of input method editing programs
(n,vs,adj-no) association (of ideas); being reminded (of something); suggestion



see styles
sài chē
    sai4 che1
sai ch`e
    sai che
auto race; cycle race; race car


see styles
(1) small car dealership; auto repair shop selling cars; (2) wheelwright; cartwright; (3) rickshawman; rickshaw station; (place-name, surname) Kurumaya



see styles
bǎn jīn
    ban3 jin1
pan chin
sheet metal working; auto body repair work; panel beating
sheet metal; metal plate


see styles
(1) (See オートフォーカス) autofocus; auto focus; (noun/participle) (2) (slang) (See アナルファック) anal sex


see styles
(1) {sports} (See イン・1) out (of a ball, in tennis, etc.); outside the line; (2) {baseb} (See セーフ・1) out; putout; (can act as adjective) (3) (See イン・2) outer; external; outside; (4) {sports} (See イン・3) front nine (golf); (adjectival noun) (5) (ant: セーフ・3) no good; unacceptable; out of line; over; finished; disqualified; (personal name) Oud


see styles
(1) auto; automobile; automatic; (2) oat; oats


see styles
sì kōng dìng
    si4 kong1 ding4
ssu k`ung ting
    ssu kung ting
 shi kūjō
四無色定 The last four of the twelve dhyānas; the auto-hypnotic, or ecstatic entry into the four states represented by the four dhyāna heavens, i. e. 四 空 處 supra. In the first, the mind becomes void and vast like space; in the second, the powers of perception and understanding are unlimited; in the third, the discriminative powers of mind are subdued; in the fourth, the realm of consciousness or knowledge) without thought is reached, e. g. intuitive wisdom. These four are considered both as states of dhyāna, and as heavens into which one who practices these forms of dhyāna may be born; four formless concentrations



see styles
zì dòng dǎng
    zi4 dong4 dang3
tzu tung tang
automatic transmission; auto gear shift



see styles
zì dòng chē
    zi4 dong4 che1
tzu tung ch`e
    tzu tung che
 jidousha / jidosha
automobile; motorcar; motor vehicle; car; auto


see styles
final color (e.g. in auto paint shop)


see styles
 soubihin / sobihin
(item of) equipment; accessories (bike, auto)


see styles
(1) demolition contractor; wrecker; (2) scrapyard; junkyard; auto wrecker; vehicle dismantler


see styles
 kurumadorobou / kurumadorobo
auto theft; car thief


see styles
(1) {sports} (See イン・1) out (of a ball, in tennis, etc.); outside the line; (2) {baseb} (See セーフ・1) out; putout; (can act as adjective) (3) (See イン・2) outer; external; outside; (unc) (4) (on (parking) exit signs) exit; exit here; (5) {sports} (See イン・4) front nine (golf); (adjectival noun) (6) (ant: セーフ・3) no good; unacceptable; out of line; over; finished; disqualified


see styles
qī pú tí fēn
    qi1 pu2 ti2 fen1
ch`i p`u t`i fen
    chi pu ti fen
 shichi bodai bun
saptabodhyaṅga, also 七菩提寶, 七覺分, 七覺支, 七等覺支. Seven characteristics of bodhi; the sixth of the 七科七道品 in the seven categories of the bodhipakṣika dharma, v. 三十七菩提分 it represents seven grades in bodhi,viz,(1)擇法覺支(or 擇法菩提分 and so throughout), dharma-pravicaya-saṃbodhyaṇga, discrimination of the true and the fa1se : (2) 精進 vīrya-saṃbodhyaṇga, zeal, or undeflected progress;(3) 喜prīti-saṃbodhyaṇga., joy, delight; (4) 輕安 or 除 praśrabdhi-saṃbodhyaṇga. Riddance of all grossness or weight of body or mind, so that they may be light, free, and at ease; (5) 念 smrti-saṃbodhyaṇga, power of remembering the various states passed through in contemplation; (6) 定 samādhi-saṃbodhyaṇga.the power to keep the mind in a given realm undiverted; (7) 行捨 or 捨 upekṣā-saṃbodhyaṇga or upekṣaka, complete abandonment, auto-hypnosis, or indifference to all disturbances of the sub-conscious or ecstatic mind; seven factors of enlightenment



see styles
xiá dào fēi chē
    xia2 dao4 fei1 che1
hsia tao fei ch`e
    hsia tao fei che
Grand Theft Auto (video game series)



see styles
ān quán qì náng
    an1 quan2 qi4 nang2
an ch`üan ch`i nang
    an chüan chi nang
safety airbag (auto.)



see styles
qì chē jì gōng
    qi4 che1 ji4 gong1
ch`i ch`e chi kung
    chi che chi kung
auto mechanic


see styles
huǒ shēng sān mèi
    huo3 sheng1 san1 mei4
huo sheng san mei
 kashō zanmai
A flame-emitting samādhi, the power to emit flames from the body for auto-holocaust, or other purposes. It is especially associated with 不動尊 q. v. and Shingon practice of the yoga which unites the devotee to him and his powers; fire-generating concentration


see styles
 jidoudousa / jidodosa
{comp} auto-action


see styles
 jidoukaisou / jidokaiso
{comp} auto-forward


see styles
 jidououtou / jidooto
{comp} auto-answer; automatic answering


see styles
 jidouchakushin / jidochakushin
{comp} auto answer (e.g. modem)


see styles
 jidoukeihou / jidokeho
{comp} auto-alert


see styles
auto-hypnosis; self-hypnosis; self-induced hypnotism

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Kai Zen / Kaizen Scroll
Kai Zen / Kaizen Scroll
Kai Zen / Kaizen Scroll

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A professional Chinese Calligrapher

Professional calligraphers are getting to be hard to find these days.
Instead of drawing characters by hand, the new generation in China merely type roman letters into their computer keyboards and pick the character that they want from a list that pops up.

There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

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