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fāng zhōu
Ark Scroll

方舟 is the Chinese, Japanese, and old Korean name for an ark (as in Noah's Ark).

The literal translation is the square boat.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Ark方舟hakobunefāng zhōu
fang1 zhou1
fang zhou
fang chou

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
fāng zhōu / fang1 zhou1
fang chou
 houshuu / hoshu / ほうしゅう
Ark Scroll
ark (i.e. Noah's); (given name) Houshuu


see styles
 saruboo / さるぼお (1) cheek pouch (monkey, squirrel, etc.); (2) iron mask that covers the chin and cheeks (worn by samurai); (3) (abbreviation) Anadara kagoshimensis (species of ark clam)


see styles
 hakobune / はこぶね ark (i.e. Noah's)


see styles
 hakobune / はこぶね ark (i.e. Noah's)



see styles
yuē guì / yue1 gui4
yüeh kuei
Ark of the Covenant


see styles
 seihitsu / sehitsu / せいひつ (1) Ark of the Covenant (Judaism); (2) tabernacle (Catholicism)


see styles
 funagai / ふながい (kana only) Arca avellana (species of ark shell); (surname) Funagai


see styles
 funegai / ふねがい (kana only) Arca avellana (species of ark shell)


see styles
 akagai;akagai / あかがい;アカガイ (kana only) blood clam (Scapharca broughtonii); ark shell; (personal name) Akagai


see styles
 shunohako / しゅのはこ Ark of the Lord


see styles
 saruboogai / さるぼおがい    sarubougai / sarubogai / さるぼうがい (kana only) Anadara kagoshimensis (species of ark clam)


see styles
 akagai / アカガイ (kana only) blood clam (Scapharca broughtonii); ark shell


see styles
 funegai / フネガイ (kana only) Arca avellana (species of ark shell)


see styles
 keiyakunohako / keyakunohako / けいやくのはこ (exp,n) Ark of the Covenant


see styles
 noanohakobune / ノアのはこぶね Noah's ark


see styles
 noanohakobune / ノアのはこぶね Noah's ark


see styles
 sedaiuchuusen / sedaiuchusen / せだいうちゅうせん generation ship (science fiction); interstellar ark


see styles
 saruboo / さるぼお (1) cheek pouch (monkey, squirrel, etc.); (2) iron mask that covers the chin and cheeks (worn by samurai); (3) (abbreviation) (See 猿頰貝) Anadara kagoshimensis (species of ark clam)


see styles
 funegai;funegai / ふねがい;フネガイ (kana only) Arca avellana (species of ark shell)


see styles
 sarubougai / sarubogai / サルボウガイ (kana only) Anadara kagoshimensis (species of ark clam)


see styles
 saruboogai / サルボオガイ (kana only) Anadara kagoshimensis (species of ark clam)


see styles
 noanohakobunegai;noanohakobunegai / ノアのはこぶねがい;ノアノハコブネガイ Noah's ark (Arca noae)


see styles
 sarubougai;saruboogai;sarubougai;saruboogai / sarubogai;saruboogai;sarubogai;saruboogai / さるぼうがい;さるぼおがい;サルボウガイ;サルボオガイ (kana only) Anadara kagoshimensis (species of ark clam)


see styles
 hakobune / はこぶね ark (i.e. Noah's)


see styles
 akasakaaakuhiruzu / akasakaakuhiruzu / あかさかアークヒルズ (place-name) Akasaka Ark Hills


see styles
 akasakaaakumoribiru / akasakaakumoribiru / あかさかアークもりビル (place-name) Akasaka Ark Forest Building


see styles
 noanohakobunegai / ノアノハコブネガイ Noah's ark (Arca noae)


see styles
 noanohakobune / ノアのはこぶね Noah's ark


see styles
 akasakaakasakaaakuhiruzuaakumoribiru / akasakakasakaakuhiruzuakumoribiru / あかさかあかさかアークヒルズアークもりビル (place-name) Akasakaakasaka Ark Hills Ark Forest Building


see styles
 akasakaakasakaaakuhiruzu aakumoribiru / akasakakasakaakuhiruzu akumoribiru / あかさかあかさかアークヒルズ・アークもりビル (place-name) Akasakaakasaka Ark Hills Ark Forest Building

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