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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
bad move (in chess, shogi, etc.)


see styles
 akushuu / akushu
bad habit; bad custom; evil practice; vice


see styles
 akushuu / akushu
(noun - becomes adjective with の) stink; bad odor; bad odour; stench


see styles
cheap liquor



see styles
è qǔ
    e4 qu3
o ch`ü
    o chü
evil attachment



see styles
è qù
    e4 qu4
o ch`ü
    o chü
The evil directions, or incarnations, i. e. those of animals, pretas, and beings in purgatory; to which some add asuras; evil destinies


see styles
wò shǒu
    wo4 shou3
wo shou
to shake hands
(noun/participle) (1) handshake; (noun/participle) (2) reconciliation; joining hands; cooperation



see styles
wǔ è qù
    wu3 e4 qu4
wu o ch`ü
    wu o chü
 go akushu
idem 五趣 and 五道; five evil destinies



see styles
sì è qù
    si4 e4 qu4
ssu o ch`ü
    ssu o chü
 shi akushu
(or 四惡道) The four apāya, or evil destinies: the hells, as hungry ghosts, animals, or asuras. The asuras are sometimes evil, sometimes good, hence the term 三惡道 'three evil destinies' excepts the asuras; four evil destinies



see styles
duò è qù
    duo4 e4 qu4
to o ch`ü
    to o chü
 da akushu
falls into negative rebirths



see styles
wǎng è qù
    wang3 e4 qu4
wang o ch`ü
    wang o chü
 ō akushu
go to evil rebirths



see styles
è qǔ kōng
    e4 qu3 kong1
o ch`ü k`ung
    o chü kung
To have evil ideas of the doctrine of voidness, to deny the doctrine of cause and effect; wrong attachment to emptiness



see styles
è qù yīn
    e4 qu4 yin1
o ch`ü yin
    o chü yin
 akushu in
causes of negative rebirth



see styles
è qù yè
    e4 qu4 ye4
o ch`ü yeh
    o chü yeh
the karma of disadvantageous rebirths



see styles
è qù kǔ
    e4 qu4 ku3
o ch`ü k`u
    o chü ku
 akushu ku
suffering of the negative rebirths



see styles
gǎn è qù
    gan3 e4 qu4
kan o ch`ü
    kan o chü
 kan akushu
undergo negative rebirth



see styles
zhū è qù
    zhu1 e4 qu4
chu o ch`ü
    chu o chü
 sho akushu
the negative rebirths



see styles
yī qiè è qù
    yi1 qie4 e4 qu4
i ch`ieh o ch`ü
    i chieh o chü
 issai akushu
all negative rebirths



see styles
bù gēn gè qù
    bu4 gen1 ge4 qu4
pu ken ko ch`ü
    pu ken ko chü
 fukyō akushu
not reborn into evil destinies



see styles
duò yú è qù
    duo4 yu2 e4 qu4
to yü o ch`ü
    to yü o chü
 da o akushu
falls into evil rebirths



see styles
duò xiǎn è qù
    duo4 xian3 e4 qu4
to hsien o ch`ü
    to hsien o chü
 daken akushu
falling into the misfortune of a bad rebirth



see styles
è qù fán nǎo
    e4 qu4 fan2 nao3
o ch`ü fan nao
    o chü fan nao
 akushu bonnō
afflictions of negative rebirths



see styles
è qù kǔ kǔ
    e4 qu4 ku3 ku3
o ch`ü k`u k`u
    o chü ku ku
 akushu kuku
ordinary suffering in the evil destinies



see styles
lí zhū è qù
    li2 zhu1 e4 qu4
li chu o ch`ü
    li chu o chü
 risho akushu



see styles
bù gēng è qù yuàn
    bu4 geng1 e4 qu4 yuan4
pu keng o ch`ü yüan
    pu keng o chü yüan
 fukyō akushu gan
The second of Amitābha's forty-eight vows, that those born in his kingdom should never again enter the three evil lower paths of transmigration; vow to prevent rebirth in the evil destinies



see styles
rěn bù duò è qù
    ren3 bu4 duo4 e4 qu4
jen pu to o ch`ü
    jen pu to o chü
 nin fuda akushu
The stage of patience ensures that there will be no falling into the lower paths of transmigration.



see styles
è qù zá rǎn yú chī
    e4 qu4 za2 ran3 yu2 chi1
o ch`ü tsa jan yü ch`ih
    o chü tsa jan yü chih
 akushu zōzen guchi
delusion from the stain of evil destinies



see styles
qì yú zhòng shēng yī qiè è qù
    qi4 yu2 zhong4 sheng1 yi1 qie4 e4 qu4
ch`i yü chung sheng i ch`ieh o ch`ü
    chi yü chung sheng i chieh o chü
 ki o shūjō issai akushu



see styles
è qù fán nǎo yè shēng zá rǎn zhàng
    e4 qu4 fan2 nao3 ye4 sheng1 za2 ran3 zhang4
o ch`ü fan nao yeh sheng tsa jan chang
    o chü fan nao yeh sheng tsa jan chang
 akushu bonnō gō shō zōzen shō
hindrances of defilement by afflictions in the negative destinies, karma, and rebirth

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