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ài dé
Aide Scroll

艾德 is the name Aide in Chinese (Mandarin).

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Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
Aide艾德ài dé / ai4 de2  / ai de  / aide ai

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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ài dé
    ai4 de2
ai te
Aide Scroll
Aide (brand)

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to assist; assistant; aide; to accompany
(surname) Hamasa


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rén shǒu
    ren2 shou3
jen shou
manpower; staff; human hand
(1) someone else's hands; someone else's possession; (2) hand (worker); aide; (3) labor; labour; work; manpower; effort; (4) help; assistance; (5) (human) hand; human act
a person's hand


see styles
close associate; close aide; brains-truster


see styles
fù guān
    fu4 guan1
fu kuan
 fukukan; fukkan
    ふくかん; ふっかん
adjutant; aide; aide-de-camp


see styles
xīn fù
    xin1 fu4
hsin fu
trusted aide; confidant; reliable agent; to confide
chest and stomach; one's innermost being


see styles
(surname) Aide


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gǔ gōng
    gu3 gong1
ku kung
 kokou / koko
trusted aide
one's right-hand man; one's trusted henchman



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qīn xìn
    qin1 xin4
ch`in hsin
    chin hsin
trusted aide
(personal name) Chikamasa



see styles
hù gōng
    hu4 gong1
hu kung
nurse's aide; nursing assistant; care worker


see styles
(personal name) Eide; Eyde


see styles
aide; caregiver; carer; helper



see styles
shì cóng guān
    shi4 cong2 guan1
shih ts`ung kuan
    shih tsung kuan



see styles
bèi wàng lù
    bei4 wang4 lu4
pei wang lu
memorandum; aide-memoire; memorandum book


see styles
(1) dial (on timepiece, meter, etc.); (2) letter board (e.g. on typewriter, writing aide for the disabled, etc.); character board


see styles
assistant; aide; curator


see styles


see styles
assistant; aide; curator


see styles
 aiide / aide
(personal name) Aide


see styles
 jijuubukan / jijubukan
emperor's aide-de-camp


see styles
 seifuiin / sefuin
ministerial aide; government delegate


see styles
 daitouryouhosakan / daitoryohosakan
presidential aide



see styles
sī tè fán nuò pǔ luò sī
    si1 te4 fan2 nuo4 pu3 luo4 si1
ssu t`e fan no p`u lo ssu
    ssu te fan no pu lo ssu
Stephanopoulos (e.g. former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos)


see styles
assistant; aide; curator


see styles
 naasueido; naasu eido / nasuedo; nasu edo
    ナースエイド; ナース・エイド
nurse's aide

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