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Water Horse

The Year of the Water Horse

 shuǐ mǎ
Water Horse Scroll

水馬 is Water Horse in Chinese.

In the Chinese zodiac and sexagenary (60-year) cycle, this combination occurs in years that include 1882, 1942, 2002, and 2062.

In the sexagenary cycle, this year is represented by 壬午.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
shuǐ mǎ
    shui3 ma3
shui ma

More info & calligraphy:

Water Horse
water-filled barrier
crossing water with a horse; (surname) Mizuma

see styles
(surname) Ban
Translit. vaṃ, associated with water and the ocean; also, the embodiment of wisdom.


see styles
xiān tuó
    xian1 tuo2
hsien t`o
    hsien to
(先陀婆) Saindhava, interpreted as salt, a cup, water, and a horse; born or produced in Sihdh, or near the Indus; also a minister of state in personal attendance on the king.



see styles
sì dá
    si4 da2
ssu ta
(surname) Yotsudachi
saindhava, 先陀婆 rock-salt, but intp. as salt, water, a utensil, and a horse, the four necessaries, i. e. water for washing, salt for food, a vessel to contain it, and a horse for progress; also called 四實.


see styles
rén wǔ
    ren2 wu3
jen wu
 mizunoeuma; jingo
    みずのえうま; じんご
nineteenth year I7 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 2002 or 2062
(See 干支・1) Water Horse (19th term of the sexagenary cycle, e.g. 1942, 2002, 2062)



see styles
mǎ tí
    ma3 ti2
ma t`i
    ma ti
 batei / bate
horse's hoof; horseshoe; Chinese water chestnut (Eleocharis dulcis or E. congesta)
horse's hooves


see styles
 dododou / dododo
(adv-to,adv) (1) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) with a roaring sound (of water or wind); sound of feet stamping on the ground; (interjection) (2) (See どう) whoa! (command used to stop or quieten down a horse, etc.); (personal name) Dudow



see styles
wǔ zhì rú lái
    wu3 zhi4 ru2 lai2
wu chih ju lai
 gochi nyorai
五智五佛; 五佛; 五如來 The five Dhyāni-Buddhas, or Wisdom-Tathāgatas of the Vajradhātu 金剛界, idealizations of five aspects of wisdom; possibly of Nepalese origin. The Wisdom Buddha represents the dharmakāya or Buddha-mind, also the Dharma of the triratna, or trinity. Each evolves one of the five colours, one of the five senses, a Dhyani-bodhisattva in two forms onegracious, the other fierce, and a Mānuṣi-Buddha; each has his own śakti, i. e. feminine energy or complement; also his own bīja, or germ-sound 種子or 印 seal, i. e. 眞言 real or substantive word, the five being for 大日 aṃ, for 阿閦 hūṃ, for 寶生 ? hrīḥ, for 彌陀 ? aḥ, for 不 空 ? āḥ. The five are also described as the emanations or forms of an Ādi-Buddha, Vajrasattva; the four are considered by others to be emanations or forms of Vairocana as theSupreme Buddha. The five are not always described as the same, e. g. they may be 藥師 (or 王) Bhaiṣajya, 多寶 Prabhūtaratna, Vairocana, Akṣobhya, andeither Amoghasiddhi or Śākyamuni. Below is a classified list of the generally accepted five with certain particulars connected with them, butthese differ in different places, and the list can only be a general guide. As to the Dhyāni-bodhisattvas, each Buddha evolves three forms 五佛生五菩薩, 五金剛, 五忿怒, i. e. (1) a bodhisattva who represents the Buddha's dharmakāya, or spiritual body; (2) a vajra ordiamond form who represents his wisdom in graciousness; and (3) a fierce or angry form, the 明王 who represents his power against evil. (1) Vairocanaappears in the three forms of 轉法輪菩薩 Vajra-pāramitā Bodhisattva, 遍照金剛 Universally Shining Vajrasattva, and 不動明王 Ārya-Acalanātha Rāja; (2) Akṣobhya's three forms are 虛空藏 Ākāśagarbha, 如意 complete power, and 軍荼利明王 Kuṇḍalī-rāja; (3 ) Ratnasaṃbhava's are 普賢 Samantabhadra, 薩埵Sattvavajra, and 孫婆 or 降三世明王 Trailokyavijayarāja; (4) Amitābha's are 觀世音 Avalokiteśvara, 法金剛 Dharmarāja, and 馬頭明王 Hayagrīva, thehorse-head Dharmapāla; (5) Amoghasiddhi's are 彌勒 Maitreya, 業金剛Karmavajra, and 金剛夜叉 Vajrayakṣa. The above Bodhisattvas differ from those in the following list:
aṃlionSamantabhadra 普賢Krakucchanda
hūṃelephantVajrapāṇi 金剛力士Kanakamuni
?aḥhorseRatnapāṇi 寶手Kāśyapa
? hrīḥgoose or peacockAvalokiteśvara 觀音Śākyamuni

Arrival of the five wise Buddhas



see styles
niú bù hē shuǐ nán àn jiǎo
    niu2 bu4 he1 shui3 nan2 an4 jiao3
niu pu ho shui nan an chiao
(idiom) you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink


see styles
 doudou; doodoo / dodo; doodoo
    どうどう; ドードー
(adv-to,adv) (1) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) with a roaring sound (of water or wind); sound of feet stamping on the ground; (interjection) (2) (See どう) whoa! (command used to stop or quieten down a horse, etc.)



see styles
shī fu lǐng jìn mén , xiū xíng zài gè rén
    shi1 fu5 ling3 jin4 men2 , xiu1 xing2 zai4 ge4 ren2
shih fu ling chin men , hsiu hsing tsai ko jen
the master leads you to the door, the rest is up to you; you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to pull; to tug; to lead (e.g. a horse); (transitive verb) (2) (See 惹く・ひく,注意を引く) to draw (attention, sympathy, etc.); to attract (e.g. interest); (transitive verb) (3) to draw back (e.g. one's hand); to draw in (one's chin, stomach, etc.); to pull in; (transitive verb) (4) to draw (a card, mahjong tile, etc.); (transitive verb) (5) (See 図面を引く) to draw (a line, plan, etc.); (transitive verb) (6) (See 風邪を引く) to catch (a cold); (transitive verb) (7) (See 弾く・ひく) to play (a stringed or keyboard instrument); (transitive verb) (8) (See 辞書を引く) to look up (in a dictionary, phone book, etc.); to consult; to check; (transitive verb) (9) (esp. 牽く) to haul; to pull (vehicles); (transitive verb) (10) to subtract; to deduct; (transitive verb) (11) to recede; to ebb; to fade; (transitive verb) (12) to be descend from; to inherit (a characteristic); (transitive verb) (13) to quote; to cite; to raise (as evidence); (transitive verb) (14) to lay on (electricity, gas, etc.); to install (e.g. a telephone); to supply (e.g. water); (transitive verb) (15) to hold (e.g. a note); (transitive verb) (16) to apply (e.g. lipstick); to oil (e.g. a pan); to wax (e.g. a floor); (v5k,vi) (17) (See 退く・ひく・1) to move back; to draw back; to recede; (v5k,vi) (18) (See 退く・ひく・2) to lessen; to subside; to ebb; to go down (e.g. of swelling); (v5k,vi) (19) (See 退く・ひく・3) to resign; to retire; to quit



see styles
qiān mǎ dào hé yì , qiǎng mǎ yǐn shuǐ nán
    qian1 ma3 dao4 he2 yi4 , qiang3 ma3 yin3 shui3 nan2
ch`ien ma tao ho i , ch`iang ma yin shui nan
    chien ma tao ho i , chiang ma yin shui nan
You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. (idiom)

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
Water Horse水馬
shuǐ mǎ / shui3 ma3 / shui ma / shuima
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Water Horse Scroll
Water Horse Scroll
Water Horse Scroll

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