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蜘蛛 in Chinese / Japanese...

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zhī zhū
Spider Vertical Wall Scroll

蜘蛛 is a common way to write "spider" in Chinese and Japanese.

There are other titles for specific species of spider. Check our dictionary: Spider

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Spider蜘蛛kumozhī zhū / zhi1 zhu1 / zhi zhu / zhizhuchih chu / chihchu

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
zhī zhū / zhi1 zhu1
chih chu
 kumo(p);chichu(ok);chichuu(ok);chishu(ok);kumo / kumo(p);chichu(ok);chichu(ok);chishu(ok);kumo / くも(P);ちちゅ(ok);ちちゅう(ok);ちしゅ(ok);クモ
Spider Vertical Wall Scroll
(kana only) spider


see styles
 tsuchigumo / つちぐも (1) (kana only) Atypus karschi (Asian species of mygalomorph spider); (2) tsuchigumo (people of ancient Japan who were not subjects of the Yamato court)


see styles
 jigumo;jigumo / じぐも;ジグモ (kana only) Atypus karschi (Asian species of mygalomorph spider)


see styles
 oogumo / おおぐも (surname) Oogumo


see styles
 himegumo;himegumo / ひめぐも;ヒメグモ (kana only) Parasteatoda japonica (species of tangle-web spider)


see styles
 hiratagumo / ひらたぐも    hiragumo / ひらぐも (kana only) Uroctea compactilis (species of araneomorph spider)


see styles
 tanagumo / たなぐも (kana only) araneomorph funnel-web spider (any spider of family Agelenidae)


see styles
 hiratagumo / ひらたぐも    hiragumo / ひらぐも (kana only) Uroctea compactilis (species of araneomorph spider)


see styles
 madaragumo / まだらぐも (obscure) (See 女郎蜘蛛) Nephila clavata (Oriental species of golden orb-weaving spider)


see styles
 asagumo / あさぐも spider that appears in the morning (said to be good luck)


see styles
 tanagumo / たなぐも (kana only) araneomorph funnel-web spider (any spider of family Agelenidae)


see styles
 dokugumo / どくぐも (1) poisonous spider; venomous spider; (2) (obsolete) wolf spider


see styles
 mizugumo / みずぐも (1) (kana only) water spider (Argyroneta aquatica); (2) ninja water-walking shoes


see styles
 umigumo / うみぐも sea spider


see styles
 mekuragumo / めくらぐも (kana only) (See 大蚊) harvestman; daddy longlegs (arachnid of order Opiliones)


see styles
 sasagumo;sasagumo / ささぐも;ササグモ (kana only) Oxyopes sertatus (species of lynx spider)


see styles
 hanagumo;hanagumo / はなぐも;ハナグモ (kana only) Misumenops tricuspidatus (species of crab spider)


see styles
 kusagumo;kusagumo / くさぐも;クサグモ (kana only) Agelena limbata (species of araneomorph funnel-web spider)


see styles
zhī zhū rén / zhi1 zhu1 ren2
chih chu jen
Spider-Man, see 蜘蛛俠|蜘蛛侠; nickname of French skyscraper climber Alain Robert (1962-); person who scales the outer walls of a building as a stunt or for building maintenance



see styles
zhī zhū xiá / zhi1 zhu1 xia2
chih chu hsia
Spider-Man, comic book superhero


see styles
 kumozaru;kumozaru / くもざる;クモザル (kana only) spider monkey


see styles
zhī zhū zhì / zhi1 zhu1 zhi4
chih chu chih
arterial spider



see styles
zhī zhū wǎng / zhi1 zhu1 wang3
chih chu wang
cobweb; spider web


see styles
 kumomaku / くもまく the arachnoid (membrane)


see styles
 kumoran;kumoran / くもらん;クモラン (kana only) Taeniophyllum glandulosum (species of orchid)



see styles
zhī zhū lèi / zhi1 zhu1 lei4
chih chu lei
 kumorui / くもるい
(1) arachnids; (2) araneids


see styles
 kanigumo;kanigumo / かにぐも;カニグモ (kana only) crab spider (any spider of family Thomisidae)


see styles
 arigumo;arigumo / ありぐも;アリグモ (kana only) Myrmarachne japonica (species of ant-mimicking spider)


see styles
 fukurogumo;fukurogumo / ふくろぐも;フクログモ (1) (kana only) sac spider (any spider of family Clubionidae); (2) (See 地蜘蛛) Atypus karschi (Asian species of mygalomorph spider)


see styles
 hashirigumo;hashirigumo / はしりぐも;ハシリグモ (kana only) fishing spider (Dolomedes spp.)

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