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Sky / Void

xū kōng
Sky / Void Vertical Wall Scroll

虛空 means void, hollow, empty, space, sky, atmosphere, heaven, or ether.

虛空 is the Chinese and Japanese version of the Sanskrit word ākāśa (or akasa / akash) which beyond the sky or space meaning can be the immaterial universe behind all phenomena in the Buddhist context.

Nothingness / Empty / Void

xū kōng
Nothingness / Empty / Void Vertical Wall Scroll

虛空 means empty space, empty sky, or void.

In the Buddhist context, it can mean "emptiness of the material world". This can also be used as an adjective to modify other words with a meaning of unreal or insubstantial.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
kokūxū kōng / xu1 kong1 / xu kong / xukonghsü k`ung / hsükung / hsü kung
kokuu / kokuxū kōng / xu1 kong1 / xu kong / xukonghsü k`ung / hsükung / hsü kung
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
xū kōng / xu1 kong1
hsü k`ung / hsü kung
Nothingness / Empty / Void Vertical Wall Scroll
void; hollow; empty
śūnya; empty, void, space; ākāśa, in the sense of space, or the ether; gagana, the sky, atmosphere, heaven; kha, space, sky, ether, 虛 is defined as that which is without shape or substantiality, 空 as that which has no resistance. The immaterial universe behind all phenomena.



see styles
tóng xū kōng / tong2 xu1 kong1
t`ung hsü k`ung / tung hsü kung
 dō kokū
same as space



see styles
tài xū kōng / tai4 xu1 kong1
t`ai hsü k`ung / tai hsü kung
 tai kokū
Space, where nothing exists; also 頑空; 偏空; space



see styles
rú xū kōng / ru2 xu1 kong1
ju hsü k`ung / ju hsü kung
 nyo kokū



see styles
jìn xū kōng / jin4 xu1 kong1
chin hsü k`ung / chin hsü kung
 jin kokū
throughout all of space



see styles
děng xū kōng / deng3 xu1 kong1
teng hsü k`ung / teng hsü kung
 tō kokū
like space



see styles
ruò xū kōng / ruo4 xu1 kong1
jo hsü k`ung / jo hsü kung
 nya kokū
to like space



see styles
xū kōng zhōng / xu1 kong1 zhong1
hsü k`ung chung / hsü kung chung
 kokū chū
in space; the sky



see styles
xū kōng zhù / xu1 kong1 zhu4
hsü k`ung chu / hsü kung chu
 Kokū jū
Ākāśapratiṣṭhita, abiding in space, the fifth son of Mahābhijña, a bodhisattva to the south of our universe.



see styles
xū kōng yù / xu1 kong1 yu4
hsü k`ung yü / hsü kung yü
 kokū no yu
metaphor of space



see styles
xū kōng tiān / xu1 kong1 tian1
hsü k`ung t`ien / hsü kung tien
 kokū ten
The four heavens of desire above Meru in space, from the Yama heaven upwards; heavens of empty space



see styles
xū kōng yùn / xu1 kong1 yun4
hsü k`ung yün / hsü kung yün
 kokū yō
The womb of space, ākāśagarbha, idem虛空藏 infra.



see styles
xū kōng jiè / xu1 kong1 jie4
hsü k`ung chieh / hsü kung chieh
 kokū kai
The visible vault of space; realm of space



see styles
xū kōng yǎn / xu1 kong1 yan3
hsü k`ung yen / hsü kung yen
 kokū gen
The eye of space, or of the immaterial; name of the mother of Buddhas in the garbhadhātu group.



see styles
xū kōng shén / xu1 kong1 shen2
hsü k`ung shen / hsü kung shen
 kokū shin
Śūnyatā, the god of space.



see styles
xū kōng jiàn / xu1 kong1 jian4
hsü k`ung chien / hsü kung chien



see styles
xū kōng huā / xu1 kong1 hua1
hsü k`ung hua / hsü kung hua
 kokū ge
Spots before the eyes, Muscœ volitantes; sky-flowers



see styles
xū kōng zàng / xu1 kong1 zang4
hsü k`ung tsang / hsü kung tsang
 Kokū Zō
Ākāśagarbha, or Gaganagarbha, the central bodhisattva in the court of space in the garbhadhātu group; guardian of the treasury of all wisdom and achievement; his powers extend to the five directions of space; five forms of him are portrayed under different names; he is also identified with the dawn, Aruṇa, and the 明星 or Venus.



see styles
xū kōng shēn / xu1 kong1 shen1
hsü k`ung shen / hsü kung shen
 kokū shin
The body which fills space, Vairocana; body of space



see styles
yóu rú xū kōng / you2 ru2 xu1 kong1
yu ju hsü k`ung / yu ju hsü kung
 yunyo kokū
just like space



see styles
jìn xū kōng jiè / jin4 xu1 kong1 jie4
chin hsü k`ung chieh / chin hsü kung chieh
 jinko kūkai
throughout the entire universe



see styles
xū kōng fǎ shēn / xu1 kong1 fa3 shen1
hsü k`ung fa shen / hsü kung fa shen
 kokū hosshin
The dharmakāya as being like space which enfolds all things, omniscient and pure; immaterial reality-body



see styles
xū kōng wú wéi / xu1 kong1 wu2 wei2
hsü k`ung wu wei / hsü kung wu wei
 kokū mui
ākāśa, one of the asaṃskṛta dharmas, passive void or space; two kinds of space, or the immaterial, are named, the active and passive, or phenomenal and non-phenomenal (i.e. noumenal). The phenomenal is differentiated and limited, and apprehended by sight; the noumenal is without bounds or limitations, and belongs entirely to mental conception; absence of hindrance



see styles
xū kōng wú biān / xu1 kong1 wu2 bian1
hsü k`ung wu pien / hsü kung wu pien
 kokū muhen
space has no limit



see styles
yóu xū kōng tiān / you2 xu1 kong1 tian1
yu hsü k`ung t`ien / yu hsü kung tien
 yu kokū ten
To roam in space, as do the devas of the sun, moon, stars, etc.; also the four upper devalokas; roam through the heavens



see styles
xū kōng zàng pú sà / xu1 kong1 zang4 pu2 sa4
hsü k`ung tsang p`u sa / hsü kung tsang pu sa
 Kokūzō Bosatsu
Akasagarbha Bodhisattva



see styles
xū kōng yùn pú sà jīng / xu1 kong1 yun4 pu2 sa4 jing1
hsü k`ung yün p`u sa ching / hsü kung yün pu sa ching
 Kokū yō bosatsu kyō



see styles
xū kōng zàng pú sà jīng / xu1 kong1 zang4 pu2 sa4 jing1
hsü k`ung tsang p`u sa ching / hsü kung tsang pu sa ching
 Kokū zō bosatsu kyō
Xukongzang pusa jing



see styles
xū kōng zàng qiú wén chí fǎ / xu1 kong1 zang4 qiu2 wen2 chi2 fa3
hsü k`ung tsang ch`iu wen ch`ih fa / hsü kung tsang chiu wen chih fa
 Kokūzō kumon jihō
Xukongzang qiuwen chifa



see styles
xū kōng zàng pú sà shén zhòu jīng / xu1 kong1 zang4 pu2 sa4 shen2 zhou4 jing1
hsü k`ung tsang p`u sa shen chou ching / hsü kung tsang pu sa shen chou ching
 Kokū zō bosatsu jinju kyō

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Nothingness / Empty / Void Vertical Wall Scroll
Nothingness / Empty / Void Vertical Wall Scroll

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