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China yún zhě
Japan geisha
Geisha Vertical Wall Scroll

芸者 is the real basis for the way we spell geisha.

However, there are many more ways to refer to a woman that fills the role that westerners think of when they hear the word geisha.

In Japanese, these characters literally mean "artful person." But in English, it might be better translated as "a person (woman) highly trained/accomplished in the arts."

However, my Japanese dictionary says "a singing and dancing girl."

Many will argue as to whether "geisha" = "prostitute" or not. My Japanese friends seem to have the opinion that a geisha is so highly trained in the art playing musical instruments and dancing that the fact she might also be a prostitute is secondary to her performance on stage.

芸者 is a "Japanese only" term, they use a slightly different first character to express "geisha" in Chinese. Since this is a Japanese term, I have not included the Chinese version.

Martial Arts Master

China wǔ yún zhě
Japan bugeisha
Martial Arts Master Vertical Wall Scroll

武芸者 is the Japanese Kanji title for "Martial Arts Master." It suggests that you have reached at least the level of black belt, and are probably to the level where you are ready to become an instructor.

Please consider carefully where you stand before ordering this phrase on a wall scroll. If you are not a master, this will make you look a bit foolish.

If you want to get this as a gift for your master at the dojo. Try to discreetly make sure this term is used in your school. Different schools and styles of Japanese martial arts use different terms. You may notice in the Romaji and the characters, this has the same characters as "geisha" which means "person skilled in arts" (what a geisha girl really is). The title here has the character for "martial," "warrior," and/or "military" in front of it. Therefore the literal translation is "martial art person."

These Kanji are valid Chinese characters and Korean Hanja but this title does not really make sense in Chinese and not often used in Korean, though a Chinese or Korean would be able to guess the meaning by looking at the first and last characters.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Japanese geisha / gesha / げいしゃ
Martial Arts Master Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese geisha; Japanese singing and dancing girl


see styles
Japanese bugeisha / bugesha / ぶげいしゃ
Martial Arts Master Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (1) master of martial arts; (2) practitioner of martial arts


see styles
Japanese uchigeisha / uchigesha / うちげいしゃ Japanese geisha living in the establishment


see styles
Japanese onnageisha / onnagesha / おんなげいしゃ Japanese (See 男芸者) female entertainer; geisha


see styles
Japanese makurageisha / makuragesha / まくらげいしゃ Japanese (1) (untalented) geisha who sells sex; (2) geisha who steals money from sleeping travellers


see styles
Japanese otokogeisha / otokogesha / おとこげいしゃ Japanese (See 太鼓持ち・1) male entertainer


see styles
Japanese geishaya / geshaya / げいしゃや Japanese (See 置屋) geisha house


see styles
Japanese kenbangeisha / kenbangesha / けんばんげいしゃ Japanese (See 検番) geisha belonging to a call-office (usually a skilled geisha)


see styles
Japanese haorigeisha / haorigesha / はおりげいしゃ Japanese (colloquialism) (See 辰巳芸者) geisha from the Fukagawa red light district in Edo (Edo period)


see styles
Japanese tatsumigeisha / tatsumigesha / たつみげいしゃ Japanese (archaism) geisha from the Fukagawa red-light district in Edo


see styles
Japanese mizutengeisha / mizutengesha / みずてんげいしゃ Japanese loose geisha


see styles
Japanese geishaoageru / geshaoageru / げいしゃをあげる Japanese (exp,v1) to call in a geisha


see styles
Japanese makurageisha / makuragesha / まくらげいしゃ Japanese (1) (untalented) geisha who sells sex; (2) (See 枕探し) geisha who steals money from sleeping travellers

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Geisha芸者geishayún zhě / yun2 zhe3 / yun zhe / yunzheyün che / yünche
Martial Arts Master武芸者bugeishawǔ yún zhě
wu3 yun2 zhe3
wu yun zhe
wu yün che

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