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Devotion / Diligence / Vigorous / Energetic

jīng jìn
Devotion / Diligence / Vigorous / Energetic Vertical Wall Scroll

精進 is a wide-ranging word that is used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

It can mean devotion, diligence, concentration, aggressive, enterprising, vigorous, energetic, purification, pushing, asceticism, assiduity, or virility. 精進 is deep, and these two characters can express ideas that take a full English phrase to describe such as, "concentration of mind," "to forge ahead vigorously," or "to dedicate oneself to progress."

Used in the context of Buddhism, it means, "making earnest efforts to cultivate virtue and get rid of evil," or "zeal in one's quest for enlightenment."

6. Right Effort / Right Endeavor / Perfect Effort

Samyag Vyayama / Samma Vayama
zhèng jīng jìn
sei shou jin
6. Right Effort / Right Endeavor / Perfect Effort Vertical Wall Scroll

正精進 is one of the Noble Eightfold Paths of Buddhism. Right Effort, along with Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration constitute the path to Concentration or Perfect Thought.

Proper effort is not the effort to make something particular happen. It is the effort to be aware and awake in each moment, the effort to overcome laziness and defilement, the effort to make each activity of our day meditation. This concept is about pursuing wholesome things that promote good karma.

Another definition: Cultivation of what is karmically wholesome and avoidance of what is karmically unwholesome.

This term is exclusively used by devout Buddhists. It is not a common term, and is remains an unknown concept to most Japanese and Chinese people.

All Tenets of the Noble Eightfold Path

zhèng jiàn zhèng sī wéi zhèng yǔ zhèng yè zhèng mìng zhèng jīng jìn zhèng niàn zhèng dìng

shouken shoushiyui shougo shougo shoumyou shoushoujin shounen shoujou
All Tenets of the Noble Eightfold Path Vertical Wall Scroll

These are the eight tenets of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path written altogether.

Here's this list of tenets in English:
1. Right View / Right Understanding / Right Perspective / Perfect View
2. Right Resolve / Right Thought / Right Intention / Perfect Resolve
3. Right Speech / Right Talk / Perfect Speech
4. Right Action / Perfect Conduct
5. Right Living / Right Livelihood / Perfect Livelihood
6. Right Effort / Right Endeavor / Perfect Effort
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration / Perfect Concentration

Tang Soo Do Tenets

Tang Soo Do Tenets Vertical Wall Scroll

廉耻精進忍耐遵守克己謙遜百折不屈 are the tenets of Tang Soo Do

EnglishOld HanjaModern HangulPronunciation
1. Integrity廉耻렴치 or 염치yeom ci
2. Concentration精進정진jeong jin
3. Perseverence忍耐인내in nae
4. Respect & Obedience遵守준수jun su
5. Self-Control克己극기geug gi
6. Humility謙遜겸손gyeom son
7. Indomitable Spirit百折不屈백절불굴baeg jeor bur gur

After some research, it appears this list was compiled in English based on Taekwondo tenets. We filled in a few of the words that did not have a corresponding Hanja or Hangul. If someone else has a better list with characters included, please contact me.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
jīng jìn / jing1 jin4
ching chin
 shōjin / しょうじん(P);そうじん(ok);しょうじ(ok);そうじ(ok)
to forge ahead vigorously; to dedicate oneself to progress
(noun/participle) (1) concentration; diligence; devotion; (2) (See 六波羅蜜) asceticism; zeal in one's quest for enlightenment; (3) adherence to a vegetarian diet; (surname) Shoujin
vīrya, one of the seven bodhyaṅga; 'vigour,' 'valour, fortitude,' 'virility' (M.W.); 'welldoing' (Keith). The Chinese interpretation may be defined, as pure or unadulterated progress, i.e. 勤 zeal, zealous, courageously progressing in the good and eliminating the evil.; vīrya, zeal, unchecked progress; effort



see styles
zhèng jīng jìn / zheng4 jing1 jin4
cheng ching chin
 shō shōjin
samyagvyāyāma, right effort, zeal, or progress, unintermitting perseverance, the sixth of the 八正道; 'right effort, to suppress the rising of evil states, to eradicate those which have arisen, to stimulate good states, and to perfect those which have come into being. ' Keith; correct effort



see styles
qín jīng jìn / qin2 jing1 jin4
ch`in ching chin / chin ching chin
 gon shōjin
intensive exertion


see styles
 kitashoujin / kitashojin / きたしょうじん (place-name) Kitashoujin


see styles
 minamishoujin / minamishojin / みなみしょうじん (place-name) Minamishoujin



see styles
dà jīng jìn / da4 jing1 jin4
ta ching chin
 dai shōjin
great zeal



see styles
cháng jīng jìn / chang2 jing1 jin4
ch`ang ching chin / chang ching chin
 jō shōshin
to make constant effort



see styles
jīng jìn lì / jing1 jin4 li4
ching chin li
 shōjin riki
vīryabala. The power of unfailing progress, one of the five moral powers; effort


see styles
 shoujinya / shojinya / しょうじんや (place-name) Shoujinya


see styles
 shoujingawa / shojingawa / しょうじんがわ (personal name) Shoujingawa



see styles
jīng jìn dù / jing1 jin4 du4
ching chin tu
 shōjin do
perfection of zeal


see styles
 shoujinbi / shojinbi / しょうじんび day of abstinence



see styles
jīng jìn gēn / jing1 jin4 gen1
ching chin ken
 shōjin kon
faculty of zeal


see styles
 shojinike / しょじんいけ (place-name) Shojin'ike


see styles
 shoujiko / shojiko / しょうじこ (personal name) Shoujiko


see styles
 shoujinmono;soujimono / shojinmono;sojimono / しょうじんもの;そうじもの (obscure) (See 生臭物) vegetable-based food (incl. nuts, berries, etc., but excl. all meat and fish)



see styles
jīng jìn kǎi / jing1 jin4 kai3
ching chin k`ai / ching chin kai
 shōjin gai
the armor of perseverance



see styles
xíng jīng jìn / xing2 jing1 jin4
hsing ching chin
 gyō shōjin



see styles
qǐ jīng jìn / qi3 jing1 jin4
ch`i ching chin / chi ching chin
 ki shōjin
to arouse zeal



see styles
yī qiè jīng jìn / yi1 qie4 jing1 jin4
i ch`ieh ching chin / i chieh ching chin
 issai shōjin
all kinds of zeal


see styles
 isshoushoujin / isshoshojin / いっしょうしょうじん (expression) {Buddh} striving to adopt ascetic practices for one's whole life


see styles
 kamishoujingawa / kamishojingawa / かみしょうじんがわ (place-name) Kamishoujingawa



see styles
bù xià jīng jìn / bu4 xia4 jing1 jin4
pu hsia ching chin
 fuges hōshin
undaunted exertion



see styles
wǔ zhǒng jīng jìn / wu3 zhong3 jing1 jin4
wu chung ching chin
 goshu shōjin
five kinds of exertion


see styles
 kokkishoujin / kokkishojin / こっきしょうじん (noun/participle) (yoji) self-control and close application; self-denial and diligent devotion


see styles
 kokkushoujin / kokkushojin / こっくしょうじん (noun/participle) (yoji) being arduous; working diligently enduring hardships; making a strenuous effort



see styles
jiā xíng jīng jìn / jia1 xing2 jing1 jin4
chia hsing ching chin
 kegyō shōjin
the exertion of application



see styles
yǒng měng jīng jìn / yong3 meng3 jing1 jin4
yung meng ching chin
 yūmō shōjin / ゆうみょうしょうじん;ゆうもうしょうじん
(noun/participle) (yoji) engage in ascetic practices with dauntless spirit
Bold advance, or progress; vigorously applied to exertion



see styles
qín xiū jīng jìn / qin2 xiu1 jing1 jin4
ch`in hsiu ching chin / chin hsiu ching chin
 gonshu shōjin
energetic vigor



see styles
qín jiā jīng jìn / qin2 jia1 jing1 jin4
ch`in chia ching chin / chin chia ching chin
 gonke shōjin
to apply oneself vigorously

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Tang Soo Do Tenets Vertical Wall Scroll
Tang Soo Do Tenets Vertical Wall Scroll
Tang Soo Do Tenets Vertical Wall Scroll

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
shoujin / shojinjīng jìn / jing1 jin4 / jing jin / jingjinching chin / chingchin
6. Right Effort
Right Endeavor
Perfect Effort
sei shou jin
sei sho jin
zhèng jīng jìn
zheng4 jing1 jin4
zheng jing jin
cheng ching chin
All Tenets of the Noble Eightfold Path正見正思唯正語正業正命正精進正念正定
shouken shoushiyui shougo shougo shoumyou shoushoujin shounen shoujou
shoken shoshiyui shogo shogo shomyo shoshojin shonen shojo
zhèng jiàn zhèng sī wéi zhèng yǔ zhèng yè zhèng mìng zhèng jīng jìn zhèng niàn zhèng dìng
zheng4 jian4 zheng4 si1 wei2 zheng4 yu3 zheng4 ye4 zheng4 ming4 zheng4 jing1 jin4 zheng4 nian4 zheng4 ding4
zheng jian zheng si wei zheng yu zheng ye zheng ming zheng jing jin zheng nian zheng ding
cheng chien cheng ssu wei cheng yü cheng yeh cheng ming cheng ching chin cheng nien cheng ting
Tang Soo Do Tenets廉耻精進忍耐遵守克己謙遜百折不屈 / 廉恥精進忍耐遵守克己謙遜百折不屈
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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