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Endless / Without Limit

wú jìn
mu jin
Endless / Without Limit Vertical Wall Scroll

無盡 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for endless; inexhaustible; without limits; infinite.

In Buddhist context, this can refer to the infinitude of living beings, of worlds, of space, of the dharmadhātu, of nirvāṇa, etc.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Without Limit
mu jin / mujinwú jìn / wu2 jin4 / wu jin / wujinwu chin / wuchin
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Simple Dictionary Definition



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wú jìn / wu2 jin4
wu chin
 mujin / むじん
Endless / Without Limit Vertical Wall Scroll
endless; inexhaustible
(given name) Mujin
Inexhaustible, without limit. It is a term applied by the 權教 to the noumenal or absolute; by the 實教 to the phenomenal, both being considered as infinite. The Huayan sūtra 十地品 has ten limitless things, the infinitude of living beings, of worlds, of space, of the dharmadhātu, of nirvāṇa, etc; inexhaustible



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wú jìn yì / wu2 jin4 yi4
wu chin i
 Mujin i
Inexhaustible intention, or meaning, name of Akṣayamati, a bodhisattva to whom Śākyamuni is supposed to have addressed the Avalokiteśvara chapter in the Lotus Sūtra.



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wú jìn fǎ / wu2 jin4 fa3
wu chin fa
 mujin hō
inexhaustible teaching



see styles
wú jìn hǎi / wu2 jin4 hai3
wu chin hai
 mujin kai
The Buddha-truth as inexhaustible as the ocean.



see styles
wú jìn dēng / wu2 jin4 deng1
wu chin teng
 mujin tō
The one lamp which is yet limitless in the lighting of other lamps; the influence of one disciple may be limitless and inexhaustible; also limitless mirrored reflections; also an altar light always burning; inexhaustible lamp



see styles
wú jìn cáng / wu2 jin4 cang2
wu chin ts`ang / wu chin tsang
 mujin zō
The inexhaustible treasury; inexhaustible storehouse



see styles
wú jìn cái / wu2 jin4 cai2
wu chin ts`ai / wu chin tsai
 mujin zai
endowment for the departed



see styles
shí wú jìn jiè / shi2 wu2 jin4 jie4
shih wu chin chieh
 jū mujin kai
idem 十重禁戒; ten inexhaustible prohibitions



see styles
shí wú jìn zàng / shi2 wu2 jin4 zang4
shih wu chin tsang
 jūmujin zō
The ten boundless treasuries of a bodhisattva: (1) 信 belief and faith; (2) 戒 the commandments; (3) 慚 shame of past misdeeds; (4) 愧blushing over the misdeeds of others; (5) hearing and knowledge of the truth; (6) giving; (7) wisdom; (8) memory; (9) keeping and guarding the sūtras; (10) powers of expounding them. 華 嚴經 20; ten boundless stores



see styles
wú jìn fǎ xìng / wu2 jin4 fa3 xing4
wu chin fa hsing
 mujin hosshō
inexhaustible nature of reality



see styles
wú jìn fǎ jiè / wu2 jin4 fa3 jie4
wu chin fa chieh
 mujin hokkai
infinite dharma-realm



see styles
wú jìn yuán qǐ / wu2 jin4 yuan2 qi3
wu chin yüan ch`i / wu chin yüan chi
 mujin engi
法界緣起 Unlimited causation, or the unlimited influence of everything on all things and all things on everything; one of the Huayan 四種緣起; inexhaustible conditioned arising



see styles
wú qióng wú jìn / wu2 qiong2 wu2 jin4
wu ch`iung wu chin / wu chiung wu chin
endless; boundless; infinite



see styles
wú biàn wú jìn / wu2 bian4 wu2 jin4
wu pien wu chin
 muhen mujin
changeless and inexhaustible



see styles
wú biān wú jìn / wu2 bian1 wu2 jin4
wu pien wu chin
 muhen mujin
limitless, inexhaustible



see styles
biàn cái wú jìn / bian4 cai2 wu2 jin4
pien ts`ai wu chin / pien tsai wu chin
 benzai mujin
limitlessly eloquent



see styles
chóng chóng wú jìn / chong2 chong2 wu2 jin4
ch`ung ch`ung wu chin / chung chung wu chin
 jūjū mujin
again and again, without limit



see styles
wú jìn gōng dé zàng / wu2 jin4 gong1 de2 zang4
wu chin kung te tsang
 mujin kudoku zō
inexhaustible treasury of merit



see styles
sān wú jìn zhuāng yán zàng / san1 wu2 jin4 zhuang1 yan2 zang4
san wu chin chuang yen tsang
 san mujin shōgon zō
The treasury of the three inexhaustible adornments or glories, i.e. the 身, 口, 意, deeds, words, and thoughts of a Buddha.



see styles
chóng chóng wú jìn dì wǎng / chong2 chong2 wu2 jin4 di4 wang3
ch`ung ch`ung wu chin ti wang / chung chung wu chin ti wang
 jūjū mujin taimō
the endlessly multi-meshed net of Indra



see styles
chóng chóng wú jìn fǎ jiè / chong2 chong2 wu2 jin4 fa3 jie4
ch`ung ch`ung wu chin fa chieh / chung chung wu chin fa chieh
 jūjū mujin hokkai
endlessly interdependent dharma realm



see styles
fǎ mén wú jìn shì yuàn xué / fa3 men2 wu2 jin4 shi4 yuan4 xue2
fa men wu chin shih yüan hsüeh
 hōmon mujin seigan gaku
however inexhaustible the teachings may be, I vow to study them



see styles
fán nǎo wú jìn shì yuàn duàn / fan2 nao3 wu2 jin4 shi4 yuan4 duan4
fan nao wu chin shih yüan tuan
 bonnō wa mujin na richi katte danzen koto wo negau
however inexhaustible afflictions may be, I vow to extinguish them

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