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無我 in Chinese / Japanese...

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wú wǒ
Selflessness Vertical Wall Scroll

無我 is a more common way to say selflessness in Japanese. This literally means "no self" or a better translation might be "not thinking of oneself." 無我 is also understood in Chinese and Korean. 無我 is a very old word in CJK languages.

無我 is the word a Buddhist would use express the idea of selflessness or unselfishness. For Korean Buddhists it can mean self-renunciation.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
mugawú wǒ / wu2 wo3 / wu wo / wuwo
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



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wú wǒ / wu2 wo3
wu wo
 muga / むが
Selflessness Vertical Wall Scroll
anatta (Buddhist concept of "non-self")
(1) selflessness; self-effacement; self-renunciation; (2) {Buddh} anatta; anatman; doctrine that states that humans do not possess souls; (female given name) Muga
anātman; nairātmya; no ego, no soul (of an independent and self-contained character), impersonal, no individual independent existence (of conscious or unconscious beings, anātmaka). The empirical ego is merely an aggregation of various elements, and with their disintegration it ceases to exist; therefore it has nm ultimate reality of its own, but the Nirvāṇa Sūtra asserts the reality of the ego in the transcendental realm. The non-Buddhist definition of ego is that it has permanent individuality 常一之體 and is independent or sovereign 有主宰之用. When applied to men it is 人我, when to things it is 法我. Cf. 常 11; no-self



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èr wú wǒ / er4 wu2 wo3
erh wu wo
 ni muga
The two categories of anātman: — 人無我 no (permanent) human ego, or soul; 法無我 no (permanent) individuality in or independence of self or of things; two forms of selflessness



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rén wú wǒ / ren2 wu2 wo3
jen wu wo
 nin muga
Man as without ego or permanent soul; cf. 人我 and 二無我. Other similar terms are 衆生無我; 生空; 人空 and我空; selflessness of person



see styles
fǎ wú wǒ / fa3 wu2 wo3
fa wu wo
 hō muga
dharmanairātmya. Things are without independent individuality, i.e. the tenet that things have no independent reality, no reality in themselves. 法無我智 The knowledge or wisdom of the above; dharmas are devoid of inherent nature



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wú wǒ xiū / wu2 wo3 xiu1
wu wo hsiu
 muga shu
cultivation of selflessness



see styles
wú wǒ xìng / wu2 wo3 xing4
wu wo hsing
 muga shō



see styles
wú wǒ xiǎng / wu2 wo3 xiang3
wu wo hsiang
 muga sō
conception of selflessness



see styles
wú wǒ suǒ / wu2 wo3 suo3
wu wo so
 mu gasho
no objects of self



see styles
wú wǒ zhì / wu2 wo3 zhi4
wu wo chih
 muga chi
cognition of selflessness



see styles
wú wǒ lǐ / wu2 wo3 li3
wu wo li
principle of selflessness



see styles
wú wǒ kōng / wu2 wo3 kong1
wu wo k`ung / wu wo kung
 muga kū
emptiness of no-self



see styles
wú wǒ yì / wu2 wo3 yi4
wu wo i
 muga gi
meaning of no-self



see styles
wú wǒ jiàn / wu2 wo3 jian4
wu wo chien
 mu gaken
lacking the view of self



see styles
wú wǒ guān / wu2 wo3 guan1
wu wo kuan
 muga kan
contemplation of selflessness



see styles
kōng wú wǒ / kong1 wu2 wo3
k`ung wu wo / kung wu wo
 kū muga
Unreal and without ego. 空無邊處. v. 空處; emptiness and no-self



see styles
èr wú wǒ zhì / er4 wu2 wo3 zhi4
erh wu wo chih
 ni muga chi
The wisdom that recognizes the two categories of anātman, v. 四諦; cognition of the two kinds of selflessness



see styles
wǔ yùn wú wǒ / wu3 yun4 wu2 wo3
wu yün wu wo
 goun muga
five aggregates are without self



see styles
rén fǎ wú wǒ / ren2 fa3 wu2 wo3
jen fa wu wo
 ninbō muga
selflessness of persons and dharmas



see styles
rén wú wǒ zhì / ren2 wu2 wo3 zhi4
jen wu wo chih
 nin muga chi
The knowledge, or wisdom, of anātman, cf. 人無我; awareness of selflessness of persons



see styles
sī liáng wú wǒ / si1 liang2 wu2 wo3
ssu liang wu wo
 shiryō muga
to contemplate selflessness



see styles
xìng kōng wú wǒ / xing4 kong1 wu2 wo3
hsing k`ung wu wo / hsing kung wu wo
 shō kū muga
nature [of phenomena] is empty of self



see styles
fǎ wú wǒ xìng / fa3 wu2 wo3 xing4
fa wu wo hsing
 hō muga shō
selflessness of phenomena



see styles
fǎ wú wǒ zhì / fa3 wu2 wo3 zhi4
fa wu wo chih
 hō muga chi
cognition of the fact that dharmas lack their own distinct identity


see styles
 muganokyou / muganokyo / むがのきょう state of complete self-effacement; trance


see styles
 mugamuchuu / mugamuchu / むがむちゅう (noun - becomes adjective with の) (yoji) being absorbed in; losing oneself in



see styles
wú wǒ miào zhì / wu2 wo3 miao4 zhi4
wu wo miao chih
 muga myōchi
marvelous no-self cognition



see styles
wú wǒ wǒ suǒ / wu2 wo3 wo3 suo3
wu wo wo so
 mu ga gasho
no I or mine



see styles
wú wǒ wú rén / wu2 wo3 wu2 ren2
wu wo wu jen
 muga munin
neither self nor person



see styles
wú wǒ lì wǒ / wu2 wo3 li4 wo3
wu wo li wo
 muga ryūga
to posit a self when there is no self



see styles
kōng wú wǒ shēng / kong1 wu2 wo3 sheng1
k`ung wu wo sheng / kung wu wo sheng
 kūmuga shō
sound of selflessness of person

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