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One Heart / One Mind / Heart and Soul

yī shì dài
One Heart / One Mind / Heart and Soul Vertical Wall Scroll

This literally reads as "one heart" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Colloquially or figuratively, it means: wholeheartedly; heart and soul; of one mind; wholeheartedness; one's whole heart; with the whole mind or heart; one mind of heart.
I'm not kidding, all of those came right from the dictionary for this one title. In Buddhism, this can refer to the bhūtatathatā, or the whole of things; the universe as one mind, or a spiritual unity.

In Japanese this can be the female given name, Hitomi.

Isshin-Ryu / Isshinryu

i sshin ryuu
Isshin-Ryu / Isshinryu Vertical Wall Scroll

一心流 is the title for Isshin-Ryu Karate.

The literal meaning is "one heart method". You could also translate it as "unified hearts methods". It implies people doing things as if with one heart and mind.
The second Kanji can be defined as heart, mind, or the essence of your being. Clearly, there's a multitude of ways you can define this title in English.

Isshin-Kai / Isshinkai

isshin kai
Isshin-Kai / Isshinkai Vertical Wall Scroll

一心会 is the Japanese martial arts title "Isshinkai" or "Isshin-Kai".

It literally means "One Heart Association" or "Single-Heart Club". This title is often associated with Isshin-Ryu Aikido and Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do. This title is appropriate for the name for a dojo that teaches these styles.

Isshin Ryu Karate Do

i sshin ryuu kara te dou
Isshin Ryu Karate Do Vertical Wall Scroll

This is the full title for Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do.

The literal meaning is "one heart method empty hand way".

There are also other ways you can translate this, but if you are looking for this title, you already know that.

This would make a great wall scroll for your dojo or private studio, if you study this form of Japanese (technically from Okinawa) Karate.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
One Heart
One Mind
Heart and Soul
一心isshin / ishinyī shì dài
yi1 shi4 dai4
yi shi dai
i shih tai
一心流i sshin ryuu
i shin ryu
一心会 / 一心會
isshin kai / isshinkai / ishin kai / ishinkai
Isshin Ryu Karate Do一心流空手道i sshin ryuu kara te dou
i shin ryu kara te do
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
yī xīn / yi1 xin1
i hsin
 isshin / いっしん
wholeheartedly; heart and soul
(adv,n) (1) one mind; (2) (See 一心に) wholeheartedness; one's whole heart; (female given name) Hitomi
With the whole mind or heart; one mind of heart; also the bhūtatathatā, or the whole of things; the universe as one mind, or a spiritual unity.


see styles
 isshinni / いっしんに (adverb) (See 一心) wholeheartedly; single-mindedly; fervently; intently


see styles
 kazumiko / かずみこ (female given name) Kazumiko


see styles
 isshinji / いっしんじ (personal name) Isshinji


see styles
 isshinchou / isshincho / いっしんちょう (place-name) Isshinchō



see styles
tǒng yī xīn / tong3 yi1 xin1
t`ung i hsin / tung i hsin
a state of mental concentration


see styles
yī xīn yī dé / yi1 xin1 yi1 de2
i hsin i te
of one heart and one mind (idiom)


see styles
yī xīn yī yì / yi1 xin1 yi1 yi4
i hsin i i
concentrating one's thoughts and efforts; single-minded; bent on; intently


see styles
yī xīn sān huò / yi1 xin1 san1 huo4
i hsin san huo
 isshin sanwaku
同體三惑The Tiantai "three doubts' in the mind of a bodhisattva, producing fear of illusion, confusion through multiplicity of duties, and ignorance, i.e. 見思; 塵沙 and 無明 q.v; three disturbances in one thought


see styles
yī xīn sān zhì / yi1 xin1 san1 zhi4
i hsin san chih
 isshin sanchi
One mind and three aspects of knowledge. The 別教 separates the three aspects into 空, 假, and 中 q.v.; Tiantai unifies them into one immediate vision, or regards the three as aspects of the one mind; one mind and three aspects of knowledge


see styles
 isshinsangan / いっしんさんがん {Buddh} (See 三諦) simultaneous contemplation of the threefold truth (form of Tendai meditation)



see styles
yī xīn sān guān / yi1 xin1 san1 guan1
i hsin san kuan
 isshin sangan
The Tiantai insight 一心三智; also simultaneous vision of past, present, and future; also called 圓融三觀; 不可思議三觀; three insights in one thought


see styles
 isshinfuran / いっしんふらん (noun or adjectival noun) (yoji) wholeheartedly; with heart and soul; intently; with undivided attention; with intense concentration; single-mindedly



see styles
yī xīn bú luàn / yi1 xin1 bu2 luan4
i hsin pu luan
 isshin furan
one-pointed concentration without scattering


see styles
yī xīn èr yòng / yi1 xin1 er4 yong4
i hsin erh yung
to do two things at once (idiom); to multitask; to divide one's attention



see styles
yī xīn èr mén / yi1 xin1 er4 men2
i hsin erh men
 isshin nimon
one mind, two aspects


see styles
yī xīn zhì yì / yi1 xin1 zhi4 yi4
i hsin chih i
 isshin seii
to focus the mind and control thoughts


see styles
yī xīn chàn à / yi1 xin1 chan4 a4
i hsin ch`an a / i hsin chan a
 isshin setsuna
one thought-moment


see styles
yī xīn hé zhǎng / yi1 xin1 he2 zhang3
i hsin ho chang
 isshin gasshō
single-mindedly joins palms


see styles
 isshindoutai / isshindotai / いっしんどうたい (yoji) being one in body and soul; of one flesh; two hearts beating as one


see styles
yī xīn duō yòng / yi1 xin1 duo1 yong4
i hsin to yung
to multitask



see styles
yī xīn zhuān niàn / yi1 xin1 zhuan1 nian4
i hsin chuan nien
 isshin sennen
concentrate fully [on Amitâbha] for one thought


see styles
yī xīn niàn fó / yi1 xin1 nian4 fo2
i hsin nien fo
 ichishin nembutsu
single-mindedly chanting the Buddha name



see styles
yī xīn chēng míng / yi1 xin1 cheng1 ming2
i hsin ch`eng ming / i hsin cheng ming
 isshin shōmyō
With undivided mind to call on the name (of Guanyin); with undivided mind to call on the name (of Avalokitêśvara)


see styles
 isshininminami / いっしんいんみなみ (place-name) Isshin'inminami



see styles
yī xīn dǐng lǐ / yi1 xin1 ding3 li3
i hsin ting li
 isshin chōrai
to bow with wholehearted reverence


see styles
sān jiè yī xīn / san1 jie4 yi1 xin1
san chieh i hsin
 sangai isshin
three worlds are (nothing other than the) one mind


see styles
dàn shì yī xīn / dan4 shi4 yi1 xin1
tan shih i hsin
 dan ze isshin
only this one mind



see styles
jué dìng yī xīn / jue2 ding4 yi1 xin1
chüeh ting i hsin
 ketsujō isshin
determined single-mindedness


see styles
 inudouisshin / inudoisshin / いぬどういっしん (person) Inudou Isshin (1960.6.24-)

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