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Perseverance in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Perseverance
  2. Patience / Perseverance / To Endure / Tolerant
  3. Perseverance / Will-Power
  4. Patience / Perseverance
  5. Perseverance / Indomitable / Invincible Fortitude
  6. Perseverance / Fortitude
  7. Perseverance is the Key
  8. Determination to Achieve
  9. Fortitude / Strength of Character
10. Determination to Achieve / Will-Power
11. Stamina / Tenacity
12. Unswerving Determination / Firm and Persistent
13. Determination
14. Esprit de Corps / Determination
15. Indomitable / Persistence / Fortitude
16. Tenacious / Tenacity


China jiān rèn bù bá
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Perseverance is being steadfast and persistent. You commit to your goals and overcome obstacles, no matter how long it takes. When you persevere, you don't give keep going. Like a strong ship in a storm, you don't become battered or blown off course. You just ride the waves.

The translation of this proverb literally means, "something so persistent or steadfast, that it is not uprootable / movable / surpassable".

See Also...  Tenacious | Devotion | Persistence | Indomitable


(2 characters)
China jiān rèn
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This is a simpler version that just holds the meaning of "fortitude", "steadfast" and "persistent".


(single character)
Japan see note
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This is the simplest way to express perseverance in Chinese and Korean Hanja.
This single-character version leaves a bit of mystery about what kind of perseverance you might want to convey.

In Korean, this is usually associated with "strength of character".

In Japanese, this character can be pronounced about a dozen different ways (so we have left out the Japanese pronunciation guide that normally appears above). In Japanese this Kanji would usually be translated "strong" (perhaps strong-willed).

See Also...  Tenacity | Fortitude | Strength | Undaunted

Patience / Perseverance / To Endure / Tolerant

China rěn nài
Japan nin tai
ribbon top
Patience / <mark>Perseverance</mark> / To Endure / Tolerant

Patience is quiet hope and trust that things will turn out right. You wait without complaining. You are tolerant and accepting of difficulties and mistakes. You picture the end in the beginning and persevere to meet your goals.

These characters can also mean "to endure", "restrain oneself" and in some context it can mean "perseverance" or "endurance".

This is also used as a tenet of Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, and other Korean martial arts where it's titled "Endurance" and romanized as "In Neh".

忍Note that when writing this as Kanji, Japanese will tend to write the first character in the form shown to the right. If you select our Japanese master calligrapher, please expect this Kanji form (yes, it's just one stroke that is slightly different in location, crossing another stroke in the Japanese Kanji form).

See Also...  Peace | Harmony

Perseverance / Will-Power

China yì lì
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<mark>Perseverance</mark> / Will-Power

These two characters are a way to express "perseverance" with the idea of "willpower" in Chinese and old Korean Hanja. It can also mean "strong willed".

The first character means "strong" and "persistent", while the second means "strength" and "power".

Patience / Perseverance

China rěn
Japan nin
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Patience / <mark>Perseverance</mark>

This character contains the ideas of patience, equanimity, perseverance and endurance. Alone, this single character can be a bit ambiguous or flexible. It can also mean to endure, to bear, to put up with or to conceal. If you want to simply decide what this character means to you within the general meaning, but keep it a mystery to others, this is a good choice.

If you want to be more direct, you may want to choose one of our other selections that mean perseverance or patience (you will see this character within those larger words/phrases).

There is a secondary meaning in Japanese, since this is the first character of the word ninja.

忍Note that when writing this as Kanji, Japanese will tend to write it in the form shown to the right. If you select our Japanese master calligrapher, please expect this Kanji form (yes, it's just one stroke that is slightly different in location, crossing another stroke in the Japanese Kanji form).

See Also...  Patience | Tenacious

Perseverance / Indomitable / Invincible Fortitude

China jiān rěn bù bá
Japan kenninfubatsu
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<mark>Perseverance</mark> / Indomitable / Invincible Fortitude

This means determined, steadfast, unswerving, or unshakable in Japanese.

This is the Japanese version of an old Chinese 4-character perseverance proverb.
This would be understood in Chinese but it's not commonly written this way in Chinese.

忍Note that when writing this as Kanji, Japanese calligraphers sometimes write the second Kanji in the form shown to the right. Yes, it's just one stroke that is slightly different in location, crossing another stroke in this alternate Japanese Kanji form. If you have a preference, let us know when you order.

Due to some odd computer coding conventions, these two character forms were combined/merged into the same code point - thus you will not see Kanji images of more Japanese form as you select options for your scroll.

Perseverance / Fortitude

China jiǎn rěn
Japan ken nin
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<mark>Perseverance</mark> / Fortitude

The first character means "strong", "solid", "firm", "unyielding" or "resolute".
The second character means "to beat", "to endure", or "to tolerate".
Together they speak of the strength from within yourself. Some may also translate this as "long-suffering" in a more Biblical sense.

This is a common term in Chinese and Korean Hanja, but a little less commonly-used in modern Japanese Kanji. For that reason, this selection is best if your audience is Chinese or Korean.

忍忍 Note that when writing this as Kanji, Japanese will tend to write the second Kanji a little differently. If you select our Japanese master calligrapher, please expect the form where the little horizontal stroke crosses the vertical stroke. See differences in the images to the right. Technically, they are both the same character, and will be read the same in either language.

Perseverance is the Key

Skills cannot be perfected without perseverance in practice
China bú pà liàn bù chéng jiù pà xīn bù héng
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<mark>Perseverance</mark> is the Key

This literally translates as: Do not worry about not being able to master [a skill]; What [one should] be concerned about is lack of perseverance.

Figuratively, this means: One's skills cannot be perfected without perseverance in practice.

For me, I've learned that you can only get so much from school or studying. You've really got to do "on-the-job training" to perfect your ability and skill.

For martial arts students: You can read about a kick in a book, or someone can tell you about a certain kick, but until you practice the kick, there's no way you'll master it.

Determination to Achieve

Ichinen Hokki
Japan ichi nen ho kki
ribbon top
Determination to Achieve

This Japanese proverb suggests being resolved to do something or having a wholehearted intention to accomplish something.

Some will translate this as, "the determination to accomplish something", "turning over a new leaf and being determined to find success".

Fortitude / Strength of Character

China gāng yì
Japan gouki
ribbon top
Fortitude / Strength of Character

This Japanese and Chinese word means, "resolute and firm", "fortitude", "firmness of character", "hardihood", "manliness" or "macho".

See Also...  Strength | Tenacity

Determination to Achieve / Will-Power

China yì zhì
Japan ishi
ribbon top
Determination to Achieve / Will-Power

This Chinese, Korean, and Japanese word means, "determination to achieve". It can also be translated as: will; willpower; determination; volition; intention; intent.

In Japanese, this can also be the given name Ishi.

Stamina / Tenacity

Japan jikyuuryoku
ribbon top
Stamina / Tenacity

This means tenacity or stamina in Japanese Kanji.

Unswerving Determination / Firm and Persistent

China jiān yì
ribbon top
Unswerving Determination / Firm and Persistent

The title really says it all. This single Chinese word means, "firm and persistent" and/or "unswerving determination".


China jué xīn
Japan kesshin
ribbon top

You focus your energy and efforts on a task and stick with it until it is finished. Determination is using your will power to do something when it isn't easy. You are determined to meet your goals even when it is hard or you are being tested. With determination we make our dreams come true.

The first characters means "to determine" or "determined". The second character means "heart", "mind" or "soul", so you can imagine that this form of "determination" partially means to put your heart into something. It can also be translated as resolve, resolution, or decision (as in a decision made and followed).

See Also...  Devotion | Tenacious | Passion | Dedication | Will-Power

Esprit de Corps / Determination

Japan shiki
ribbon top
Esprit de Corps / Determination

This Japanese word can mean, "esprit de corps" or "determination to achieve".

When this is pronounced "Shige", it can refer to a place in Japan.

Indomitable / Persistence / Fortitude

China bù qū
Japan fukutsu
ribbon top
Indomitable / Persistence / Fortitude

This is the short form of a longer Chinese word, and also a word used in Korean and Japanese to express the idea of being indomitable. It literally means, "will not bend", "will not crouch", "will not yield", "will not flinch", or "will not submit".

Note: Some will translate this as "indomitable spirit"; however, technically, there is no character to suggest the idea of "spirit" in this word.

See Also...  Tenacity | Fortitude | Strength | Undaunted

Tenacious / Tenacity

China wán qiáng
Japan gan kyou
ribbon top
Tenacious / Tenacity

These two characters together mean "Tenacious", "Hard to Defeat", or "Dogged".

Alone, the first character means mischievous, obstinate or stubborn. But it loses some of the mischievous meaning when the second character is added.

The second character means strength, force, powerful or better.

See Also...  Determination | Dedication | Devotion | Never Give Up

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
n/ajiān rèn bù bá
jian ren bu ba
chien jen pu pa
jian1 ren4 bu4 ba2
n/ajiān rèn
jian ren
chien jen
jian1 ren4
see note
se note

Patience / Perseverance / To Endure / Tolerant忍耐
nin tai
rěn nài
ren nai
jen nai
ren3 nai4
Perseverance / Will-Power毅力
n/ayì lì
yi li
i li
yi4 li4
Patience / Perseverance
Perseverance / Indomitable / Invincible Fortitude坚忍不拔
堅忍不抜 / 堅忍不拔
kenninfubatsujiān rěn bù bá
jian ren bu ba
chien jen pu pa
jian1 ren3 bu4 ba2
Perseverance / Fortitude坚忍
ken nin
jiǎn rěn
jian ren
chien jen
jian3 ren3
Perseverance is the Key不怕练不成就怕心不恒
n/abú pà liàn bù chéng jiù pà xīn bù héng
bu pa lian bu cheng jiu pa xin bu heng
pu p`a lien pu ch`eng chiu p`a hsin pu heng
bu2 pa4 lian4 bu4 cheng2 jiu4 pa4 xin1 bu4 heng2
pu pa lien pu cheng chiu pa hsin pu heng
Determination to Achieve一念発起
ichi nen ho kki
ichi nen ho ki
Fortitude / Strength of Character刚毅
gāng yì
gang yi
kang i
gang1 yi4
Determination to Achieve / Will-Power意志
ishiyì zhì
yi zhi
i chih
yi4 zhi4
Stamina / Tenacity持久力
Unswerving Determination / Firm and Persistent坚毅
n/ajiān yì
jian yi
chien i
jian1 yi4
jué xīn
jue xin
chüeh hsin
jue2 xin1
Esprit de Corps / Determination志気
Indomitable / Persistence / Fortitude不屈
fukutsubù qū
bu qu
pu ch`ü
bu4 qu1
pu chü
Tenacious / Tenacity顽强
gan kyou
gan kyo
wán qiáng
wan qiang
wan ch`iang
wan2 qiang2
wan chiang

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